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The Prostate called the second man's heart. This organ is located below the bladder in the center of a male pelvis. Another of his name – the prostate. It is an important organ of male urogenital system. Unfortunately, quite common are diseases of this organ. Among them include BPH, prostate cancer, stones, prostate gland, and of course prostatitis. These diseases complicate the lives of men and threaten the health. One of the methods of treatment of diseases of the prostate is prostate massage. This procedure can be applied in a few cases.

Prostate Massage is used in the following situations:

for the purpose of obtaining prostate secretion, a similar analysis is palpation rectal examination;
- as a procedure for treatment of prostatitis;
- for fun - some people use self-massage prostate for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

Massage of the prostate – a very common remedy for the prevention and treatment prostatitis, which is known for a long time. This procedure increases the potency, improves blood circulation, increases the sharpness of sensations when you orgasm, decreases venous stasis, improves the penetration into the body of antibiotics, facilitates urination. Prostate massage not only has a beneficial effect and allows you to take the juice of the prostate, but also allows your doctor to monitor changes happening to the body during treatment.


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Prostate Massage is carried out with the index finger through the anus. Provision for this process – Bozeman (or not all fours) or lying on its side. In any case you can not make too strong pressure  – gentle treatment is one of the main conditions of success of the procedure. Another important element is the individual approach, because the structure of the prostate in each case may be slightly different. The duration of the massage should be about one minute. It is held daily or every other day for 15 – 20 sessions in total, the number and frequency of sessions depends on the individual. At the end the patient has to urinate in order to remove the secret that stood out during the massage.

The Question of whether you can massage the prostate itself is controversial. Some recommend in case of illness with chronic prostatitis to carry out the procedure yourself in the shower, pre-lathered index finger. In addition, today is spread the idea that prostate massage can be used for pleasure. But some experts strongly disagree with the idea of the procedure. For example, Michael Levin, in his book on the treatment of prostatitis suggests that such actions can only be done by a specialist, and in any case it is impossible to do it without special education.

In addition, he mentions more and procedure you can perform it yourself – Oriental self-massage. He is massaging the point between the anus and the base of the genitals. You first need to be a hundred times to press this point, and then 36 times to produce the pressure from behind forward. Also a positive effect on the prostate has a clenching of the anus-an exercise that can be conducted in almost any environment. This action comes to us from yoga.

Massage is contraindicated for cancer of the prostate, acute prostatitis, adenoma of this organ, fissures, large cysts of the prostate. Massage in the presence of the above mentioned illnesses are very dangerous to human health.


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