The symptoms of rickets in infants. Prevention


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Rickets is a common disease among infants and young children. It is associated with impaired formation of bones due to calcium deficiency. According to doctors, this illness the most part infants as well as toddlers aged 2-3 years. rickets symptoms photoThat is why pediatricians prescribe to all children without exception to take to prevent vitamin D. Before it was the fish oil in its pure form, but only in our childhood. Now the medicine developed to such an extent that even the nasty drugs you can make a syrup with a pleasant taste, which will assess any child.

The Symptoms of rickets in infants

  • Excessive sweating during sleep or feeding. The face and the head become moist. Pot has an unpleasant sour smell. The baby usually is very concerned about itching, as a result he rubs his head on the pillow. May even appear receding hairline at the nape of the child.
  • Sleep disturbance, irritability.
  • Rarely there are seals on the edges. They are called "rosary".
  • Baby startles to loud sound or bright flash of light.
  • There is decreased muscle tone - hypotonia.
  • With a little pressure on the baby's skin appear red spots.
  • Deformation of the head.

It is only the very first signs and symptoms of rickets in infants. rickets symptoms in infantsThen everything is much worse: there is a change in the functionality of the internal organs, the deformation of the skeleton, slows the growth of the teeth, and also there is a delay in psychomotor and neurological development of the child. But don't worry, this is unlikely to reach a deal. For now, the doctors are able to identify the symptoms of rickets in infants at an early stage of its development. So, momma, never miss a scheduled pediatrician!


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Symptoms of rickets among infants, as you already know, it is possible to determine at an early stage of the disease. Here are a few rules that must be followed:

1. Since months of age, give your baby vitamin D in the dosage, which will prescribe the doctor.

2. Organize proper nutrition. The best prevention of such diseases as rickets - symptoms, pictures presented in this article - can be considered breastfeeding.

3. Do the baby massage and gymnastics. the symptoms of rickets in infantsDo not swaddle Tightly, arrange air baths, enabling the child to freely move his arms and legs. Muscle activity significantly improves the blood supply to the bones, which means that they will quickly get stronger. Take frequent walks, especially in summer, because vitamin D is produced in the sun.

4. In the spring and winter, a pediatrician can prescribe to undergo UV - ultraviolet irradiation. Please note, after these treatments not recommended to take vitamin D for one month.

5. Very useful bath with pine extract or sea salt. It is best if you alternate. In total the treatment lasts for 15 bath for 5-10 minutes at a temperature not above 37 degrees.

Well, now you are a little acquainted with this disease, like rickets. Symptoms in infants is usually pronounced, and you will not see them. Health to you and your baby!

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In the photo - not rickets, but unilateral Blount disease

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