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Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by parasites affecting the human liver cells. They have very small dimensions, but their reproduction leads to the death of cells, causing the inflammatory process in the liver-viral hepatitis C. In most cases, this disease can pass on their own and becomes chronic.


A Feature of hepatitis C is that for a very long period of time it is asymptomatic. But the infection continues its development, and people, even unaware, is a source of infection. The number of patients with this disease are quite high, so everyone should know, how is hepatitis C


There are the following ways  of hepatitis b With:

  • In contact with infected blood or its components;
  • Sex;
  • Mother-to-child during pregnancy and birth.


Exposure to blood may occur not only during her transfusion. Very often it is through used syringes, filters, needles, etc. Can be transmitted when using scissors and other manicure implements, razors, or toothbrushes. To infection use can lead improperly handled tool in piercing, tattooing, and even dental treatment.


Also, how is hepatitis b that is sexually transmitted, is an infection of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis b virus is Particularly high risk of infection in people who have indiscriminate contact with multiple partners.


The transmission of the virus from a sick mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth is not more than 5%, with approximately half of these children can be cured from it yourself.


Knowing how is hepatitis C and observing is not very complicated rules, you can protect yourself from this disease. In medical institutions control over the used tools are very strict, which suggests minimal risk of infection. Often, the infection occurs through contaminated syringes used by drug addicts. This fact is another reason to leave this addiction.


Personal hygiene Items, including tools for manicure, a toothbrush, a razor, should be stored separately. If you come to the salon to get a manicure, pedicure, body piercing or tattoo, please note the tools that are going to use a specialist. If they are not disposable, turn around 180 degrees and walk away. Hepatitis C virus has high pathogenicity, so you can become infected by contact even with a minimal amount of blood that is almost not visible.


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During intercourse need to protect themselves by using condoms and to monitor the state of the mucous membranes. If they have minor injuries or cracked, the risk of infection increases significantly.


In order to avoid intrauterine infection of the fetus, the expectant mother should be observed in infectious diseases, which will give detailed recommendations in order to avoid exacerbation of the disease and give birth to a healthy baby.


The effects of hepatitis C is very serious. In this disease the liver is very complicated, and any additional load, such as  alcohol, drugs, poor nutrition, can lead to such diseases as cirrhosis of the liver, and sometimes  to cancer. In addition,  may damage the kidneys, nervous system, skin, joints, lungs and other organs and systems.


Knowing  how is hepatitis C, and the observance of accepted rules can significantly reduce the risk of infection. But if you or your loved ones diagnosed with this disease, do not despair. In the treatment of chronic hepatitis C can achieve sustained remission and in the acute form  20% of patients recover completely. 

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