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Looking for ways to combat colds and maintain the body's own many of us tried almost everything. At the beginning of the cold season we are reminded of the magic power of lemon, pollen, and carefully brought by the mother alien miracle supplements. When it becomes clear that against attack, constantly acquiring new forms of viruses, they are powerless, think about immunomodulators. And then the questions and doubts only multiplied, because incoming information is often contradictory. Well, if in the next RAID on the pharmacies you got any Disease. Instructions for use are quite convincing.

You May have already heard about homeopathic medicines and how they work. They do not cure the common cold, do not fight against the particular virus. They help to cure the specific painful condition. In this case, we are talking about States in acute respiratory, including viral diseases, influenza, and rheumatoid diseases. Reliable way to prevent many of them, and also the assistant in the treatment – proved to be a fake. Instructions for use indicates its ability to stimulate protective functions of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and lower respiratory tract, relieve fevers, enhance the nonspecific local immunity. It also helps the body to get rid of toxic toxins.


  homeopathic components, which have a natural origin. This herb Gentiana, lactic acid, Aconite, bryony is dioecious and phosphate. It should be noted that these are used in homeopathy, substances are chosen in the most effective and safe concentrations. Depending on the method of production contains a drug and excipients. Each form has its advantages, however, for example, for children and babies will be better fit. Instruction permits their use even in children up to one year. Drops are easier to dose and give it to children in diluted form.


The drug

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All do drops Aflubin?

Instructions for use pills recommend if you have an intolerance to a specific smell drops of ethanol. Drops can not be used patients with alcohol dependence. In diabetes, kidney and liver failure requires prior approval with your doctor. A contraindication to taking the drug in any form is already established any adverse reaction to any of the ingredients. During pregnancy it is permitted, however, no matter how effective any Disease, it may not be enough to treat severe disease. Therefore, it is advisable to pick one, perhaps less safe, but guaranteed effective drug. Of course, strictly by appointment specialist.

How to take Aflubin?

Instruction for use describes the use of for treatment of acute respiratory infections and its prevention. Prevention starts a month before the “threat” period. Drops take pure or diluted in water (for toddlers to breed a must!), tablets – resolves under the tongue. If we are dealing with a child under the year, breed in the water and the pill, in this case to give the drug will have one drop. An important condition is the regularity of application (timing and number of receptions on the day for each category of patients will prompt the user manual). Being a homeopathic remedy Aflubin not be combined with other medications, and therefore in the complex treatment conducted maintain between them at least an hour. The same goes for food.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that Aflubin instructions for use called a homeopathic remedy, it rather refers to the so-called chelators. This means that it combines several active ingredients, what we talked about above. One point of view, it increases their efficiency. Another homeopathic treatment involves a more personal approach, and one remedy from the pharmacy can not help everyone. Indeed, used separately, Aflubin, instruction manual confirms it, does not guarantee instant healing. But it really helps a lot, and let it be healthy and your family.

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