Treatment of genital warts in women


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Genital warts – it's kind of genital warts, which appear under the influence of the HPV (human papilloma virus), is dangerous because some of its varieties can cause the development of such terrible diseases as cancer of the cervix. You should know that the treatment of genital warts in women is mandatory and it should be held at the first that it finds.

Treatment of condyloma from Wome

It is Worth noting that in our days already invented the vaccine against papilloma virus, but it is only a prophylactic. On this basis, it should be entered only when growths are there, and not after they were discovered.

Treatment of warts in women

This disease is a proliferation of solid color. They can be in the anus, and also appear on the external genitals. Less are formed on the cervix and in the vagina.

Genital condylomatous – a disease that causes discomfort, because it often causes burning, itching and discomfort during intercourse. So if you have such symptoms, it is recommended to make an appointment with the doctor. Treatment of genital warts in women should, not only because they may cause the development of cancer, but are the source of emotional problems.

What to do?

If a woman was discovered condylomas of the vulva, first of all, she will need to be examined for the presence of viruses, which lead to the development of cancer.

genital warts treatment

Why do I get warts

Early sexual activity, poor environmental conditions, poor immune system, irregular sex partners – all this causes of this unpleasant disease. Therefore, upon detection of growths they not only remove, but also are assigned in parallel medications that can boost immunity. Also, if genital warts, the treatment of which necessarily was discovered the woman, the man must pass the examination even if he has no complaints.


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Treatment of warts in women

Sometimes genital warts disappear without any treatment. The reason is that the immune system copes with the virus. However, some growths are not only not disappear on their own, but can even increase with time. As a rule, in this case, it is assigned to solutions and ointments, which are used to treat the affected area. If such treatment is ineffective, then they are removed surgically.

Remember that even disappeared warts are not a sign that you have overcome the disease, as human papillomavirus remains in the body and reducing the immunity they may appear again.

If left untreated warts

condyloma of the vulva

As mentioned above, the disease causing HPV. If not treated these growths, it is quite possible that over time they can cause a cancer called cervical cancer. It is a change in which normal cells begin to grow incorrectly. In the early stages to identify the disease only in the gynecological examination, as usually no signals about its development does not happen.

Thus, the treatment of genital warts in women is mandatory and it should pass as quickly as possible, so you can get rid of this disease, avoiding serious consequences.

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