Flanel: what's the fabric? Characteristics, types, application, care


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In the cold season, in the innascence naturally the desire of a person to surround himself with soft, cozy, and most importantly, warm tissues. Ideal for this purpose flannel. What's the fabric? The question is perhaps superfluous. But for those who do not know - it is a fairly dense material with a pile, which can be located on both sides, and only from the wrong.

The flanel has long been used as a fabric for warm linen. Since Peter's time it has been an indispensable attribute of the Russian (and Soviet) army - it was made of porticos.


The flannel can be cotton and wool, linen and serge weave. The threads of the fabric are intertwined so tightly that they have no gaps. The flannel is natural, eco-friendly. It has steam resistance, so it is said that the skin in it "breathes." Buying a fabric flannel, the photo of it is better to view in advance. On them you can see the correctness of cutting and tailoring. In its heat-saving properties, the flannel is not inferior to wool, but it does not prick and does not cause irritation. The material absorbs moisture well, however, it dries long enough.
There are the following varieties of flannel:

  • It's sloppy.
  • Smooth-painted.
  • Bleached.

Now it became clear what advantages the flannel has, what kind of fabric and what it is. Now you can pay attention to the picture. If it is applied on both sides, it means that pre-painted threads were used, from which the flannel canvas was created. If the picture is present only from the front side, it was applied to the finished canvas. The cost of the first type of fabric is higher, however, and the drawing will not fade after many washes.

Types of flannel

The nabic flannel can be both cotton and wool. It's tight, sturdy at the break. This type of flannel got its name thanks to the way the drawing is applied to the fabric. It is stuffed, printed with special equipment on the finished canvas. Each color is applied separately to a pre-bleached or painted flannel on one side.
The nabic flannel can be white-earthed when the pattern on the bleached surface occupies a small area. Usually the fabric painted in this way is used to make diapers to reduce the risk of developing dyswork allergies in newborns. In addition to the white earth, there is an indoor and unpaved flannel. The area occupied by the drawing is enlarged in these types.


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It is quite common to find a smooth-painted flannel. What is the fabric and how is the image applied to it? The pattern on the smooth-painted flannel is created by threads of different colors. This method of coloring is more durable than padded. Flannely bleaching is the initial stage of "painting" work. With the help of special technologies it is possible to achieve a monochrome, smooth, light shade. Bleached flannel is the most environmentally friendly and cheap, but somewhat faded.

Use flannel

For a long time, before the advent of modern synthetic underwear, flannel fabric was used as a material from which the underwear was made for men, women and children. However, even today many prefer it. People working in the open air (builders, lumberjacks), who are fond of winter sports (skiers, skaters), fans of winter fishing appreciate the flannel for its naturalness, high heat-saving properties.

In cold weather, especially in the off-season, when the heating is not yet on, flannel bedding becomes in demand. Even sweating in his sleep, the person will not chill and will not catch a cold after a while, because the underwear perfectly absorbs moisture and has the optimal vapor resistance factor. In other words, the cold from the room will not reach the human body, and excess moisture in the form of steam will be brought out, contributing to the creation of a cozy and useful "microclimate" in bed.

For sewing home clothes (hats, nightgowns) natural fabrics are used: sith, flannel. Sitts are worn in the warm season, and flannel home clothes are a real salvation on cold days.

Flank for children

Young mothers try to answer the question before the birth of the crumbs: flannel, what kind of fabric, what things for a baby sew from it? It's the perfect material for children's things, it's soft, warm, hypoallergenic. All this makes it the best material for sewing children's things. Flannel sliders, semi-combines, plows and caps, traditionally become the first clothes of the baby. Such things can be put as the first layer under a tighter suit or jumpsuit, for example, for a walk. In any case, you can be sure that the crumb is warm and cozy.
If you need a warm cloth for diapers, flannel is also the best option. In addition to softness and eco-friendliness, it should be noted high absorbing properties of flannel matter, which is important when sewing diapers.

Care for flannel tissue

It is not burdensome to care for this material. Interestingly, it after the washes becomes even softer, more pleasant to the touch. Flannel products can be washed as if automatically,and manually, using warm water, because the hot contributes to the shrinkage of the fabric. Pre-00 thing you need to soak in cold water, after that the fabric will become soft.

It is not necessary to strenuously rub the products, because the material quickly formed reels that give things a sleazy look. To get rid of the contaminated pollution is better to use a stain remover.

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