Why should I buy a holofiber blanket?


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Healthy sleep depends on the right choice of bedding. It is especially important what kind of blanket a person sleeps under. It should be warm, but breathable, light and cozy. All these requirements are met by a blanket made of holofiber. This modern filler is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Bedding with it meets all the requirements of a healthy sleep. More and more people are choosing a holofiber blanket not only for themselves, but also for their children. Reviews about it are mostly positive. Those who bought it, emphasize that it is not only warm and light, but also easy to care for.

What is a holofiber?

This is a modern high-tech synthetic fiber developed in Russia. Now it is the most popular substitute for down and other natural insulation. High quality is combined with a small price. This filler compares favorably with all other synthetic fillers. In the production of holofiber, no glue is used, since the fibers are glued together under the influence of high temperature. The peculiarity of this material is that its fibers are twisted and have the shape of a hollow spring. Therefore, this material retains heat well and is resistant to creasing. In addition, the hollow fibers allow air to pass through. Holofiber is now used as a filler for clothing, mattresses and blankets, upholstered furniture and even for wall insulation.

Holofiber types

1. Soft. This material is soft and stretchy. The fibers in the form of hollow springs are evenly arranged in the fabric, which provides lightness to the products made of it and the ability to"breathe".

2. Medium. It combines the softness of natural down and the durability of synthetic materials. It holds its shape easily and does not crumple. Because of its ability to maintain the microclimate of the human body, it is often used in the manufacture of children's bedding.


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3. Holofiber balls are very often used in children's blankets. It is very light and keeps the heat well. In addition, it can be washed frequently and does not support gorenje.

Holofiber blanket

Reviews of those who used such bedding, mnogochilennye, as these products have many advantages. Such blankets can be used both in summer and in winter. They are easy to wash and dry quickly. The disadvantages of this filler, users almost did not notice. However, some note that the blanket is very hot. And, of course, over time, especially after frequent washing, the structure of the material is destroyed. Holofiber is chosen by those who value comfort and convenience in use and care about health. It is especially important that such qualities have a baby blanket. Holofiber is the best choice for this. Light and warm, this blanket will make the baby sleep soundly. And the bright colors will please him and attract him to the crib in time. Sleep under such a blanket will be healthy, because it not only "breathes", but also does not electrify, and it does not start ticks and various parasites.

Advantages of such blankets

- Holofiber is a very elastic and elastic material, so it holds its shape well and does not crumple. This is especially important for children's bed coverings, which are often exposed to various physical influences.

- The holofiber blanket is very light and soft. It is even lighter than those filled with natural down, and the quality is not inferior to them.

- This is a completely synthetic material, so it is hypoallergenic. Having such a blanket, you will be sure that it is free of ticks and other parasites.

- The hollow structure of the holofiber fiber provides good ventilation. Under such a blanket, the microclimate of the body is preserved, and the person is not hot.

- Such bedding is safe, because it has the property of antistatic and, in addition, does not ignite at all.

- The holofiber blanket absorbs moisture well and dries very quickly. Therefore, under it, a person does not sweat, does not feel wet. This is very important for children's bedding.

How to choose the right holofiber blanket?

In general, such bedding is suitable for all people, this filler is very good for children. Choosing a blanket with a holofiber is easy. First of all, you need to decide what season you are buying it for. There are lightweight, all-season and warm blankets. It depends on the amount of filler. You should also pay attention to the fabric from which the blanket is made. It can be either synthetic or natural. For a baby blanket, it is better to choose bright colors with your favorite fairy tale characters. What else should you pay attention to when buying a holofiber blanket? Its price usually varies slightly and depends on the manufacturer. In general, this filler is one of the cheapest, so it is in such demand. On average, such a blanket costs about two thousand, but, depending on the amount of filler and the quality of the material, you can buy it much cheaper.

Holofiber blankets are the best choice for those who care about their health. This filler is also called "ecofiber", because in quality it is not inferior to natural materials.

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