Which watch is better - quartz or mechanical? Comparative characteristics of mechanisms and tips for choosing


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To date, the most popular watch movements are either quartz or mechanical. When it comes to any models of wristwatches, not only the appearance, but also the quality of the mechanism is subject to discussion here. The main characteristics (reliability, service life and stroke accuracy) should always be high. Now those "failed novelties" that the designers boasted about so much, and the technicians assured of their prospects, have already come to naught. Mechanical-electronic watches or watches with bilyants have not become a worthy replacement for the classics. Quartz or mechanical watches remain the standard.

which watch is better quartz or mechanical

What are quartz and mechanical watches?

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question about which watch is better - quartz or mechanical. Mechanical watches are classics of art. In terms of prestige and reliability, modern mechanical watches are slightly higher than quartz ones. By the way, many people like them more aesthetically. The smooth movement of the clock hands on the dial, coupled with a pleasant weight on the wrist, makes many fall in love with mechanics. Quartz watches are more convenient to use. One of their most pleasant features is that there is no need to start them and constantly worry that they will suddenly stop. Quartz has a higher stroke accuracy than mechanical models. The functions of the quartz movement itself allow you to create a lighter and thinner watch.

quartz or mechanical

The principle of operation of quartz and mechanical watches

The main difference between quartz watches and mechanical ones is the principle of operation. The role of the motor in mechanical watches is assigned to the spiral spring. It is twisted in a special way during the watch winding procedure. Triggers the clockwork mechanism of its gradual unwinding. In this way, a drum with small teeth is driven. The stroke error may occur due to uneven unwinding of the spring. The car factory is equipped with all mechanical Swiss watches, the price category of which starts from three hundred dollars.

Quartz watches are powered by a special battery designed for a period of two to seven years of operation. A quartz generator transfers energy to an electric motor. It is he who turns the hands of the clock. Quartz watches are distinguished by excellent accuracy of movement. A quartz crystal generates an electric pulse when pressed, and when exposed to a current, it contracts. If the battery is of high quality, then you will need to wind up this watch only once every 2-3 years.

It is impossible to say with full confidence which watch is better. Quartz or mechanical watches have their advantages and disadvantages.


Mechanical watch

Mechanical watches are considered to be the most technologically advanced, more complex in development and production. Their mandatory quality is a complex mechanism. World manufacturers compete in skill, releasing the most complex versions of mechanical watches to the market. However, even the most budget models are reliable and accurate in their readings.

The mechanisms of mechanical watches are a true work of art and technical thought. Entire departments and heavy-duty computers are working on the creation of new watches. We have achieved a lot: the problems of spring response to temperature fluctuations have been overcome, systems that provide constant tension have been introduced, new resistant materials are used to eliminate friction in the mechanism. The result of the work is the highest accuracy. Another important point is aesthetic. There are models in the trend, the operation of the mechanism of which can be observed. Creating a mechanism is not only a matter of jewelry beauty. Do not forget that all materials of mechanical watches are difficult to process.

the difference between quartz watches and mechanical

Quartz watch

Quartz movement is a well–forgotten old one. There is such an innovation in the remake of the classic clockwork in a modern way. The idea of the movement of the dial hands, with which the time is shown, remains the same, but the battery and quartz itself act as a source of movement, and not a mechanical compressed spring. The complex gear system was replaced by a stepper motor. This mechanism is loyal for the price. In a light women's watch, a quartz movement is indispensable, because there simply is no room for a classic mechanism. Quartz watches do not require any frequent winding.

Which watch is better - quartz or mechanical?

For mechanical watches, the permissible margin of error is from 20 to 40 seconds in 24 hours. In the most expensive models, the difference is allowed only 1-2 seconds per day.

For quartz watches, a discrepancy of 15-20 seconds per month is acceptable. If the main parameter for you is accuracy, then it is better to choose models with a quartz movement. The accuracy of a mechanical watch directly depends on many factors: the ambient temperature, the position of the watch when worn, the level of wear of parts. Quartz ones are more unpretentious (there are no fragile parts in the mechanism). But quartz can suffer from magnetic fields. But such watches are less susceptible to all factors that can disable mechanics. That is why global manufacturers, answering the question "which watches are better - quartz or mechanical - in terms of service life," most often insist on quartz. Quartz movements dominate the global market. Every three years, both mechanical and quartz watches require lubrication, cleaning and adjustment.quartz and mechanical watches difference

The cost of mechanical watches is often more than quartz. Such a phenomenon is easy to explain: mechanics has more details.

Mechanical watch parts are subjected to constant load. Therefore, resistant materials are used in the manufacture of mechanisms: steel, brass, ruby. Details in quartz models are more free: they are loaded for a fraction of a second, at the moment when the engine turns the wheels. The softest materials, such as plastic, plastic, can be used for quartz models.


Quartz and mechanical watches are very popular. The difference is determined for each in its own way. If we are talking about male models, then we can recommend mechanics — it looks solid and statuesque. It's easier with women's watches — the quartz movement will easily fit into miniature models.

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