The cat's eye is festering, what should I do? Why do cats have festering eyes


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Cats have always been considered unpretentious and strong animals. But several centuries of breeding them and keeping them at home have made these pets as tender and painful as humans. Especially sensitive organs in cats are the eyes. They are often prone to injury and infection. Therefore, many owners are interested in: if a cat's eye is festering, what should I do to help her?

In which case the pet needs to be treated

cat's eye is festering what to do

Sometimes the discharge of fluid or even pus occurs in a healthy cat. This can happen after a long sleep, unsuitable food or allergies to household chemicals or perfumes. The eyes of a British cat often fester because of the features of the structure of the muzzle and a shortened tear duct. If the discharge of pus is isolated and passes after washing, then there is nothing to worry about. But you should consult a doctor if you notice such symptoms:

  • The cat is restless and rubs its eyes with its paws;
  • The eye is reddened or clouded;
  • The animal refuses food and hides in a dark place;
  • The cat's temperature has increased or vomiting and diarrhea have begun;
  • Pus flows strongly and the muzzle around the eyes is wet all the time;
  • The eyelids of the animal stick together and swell;
  • Due to constant after the pus, the fur on the muzzle began to come out.

The cat's eye is festering - what to do

why do cats have festering eyes

Every owner should know how to provide first aid to a pet. After all, many eye diseases are accompanied by itching or pain, and the animal suffers. Often the cat cannot open the eyelids because of the pus released. The task of the owner in this case is to gently rinse the eyes of the pet. To do this, take a warm solution of furacilin or boric acid. A decoction of chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, calendula or tea brew is also suitable. Moisten a cotton swab and gently squeeze it over the cat's eye. It is desirable that someone hold her at this time.


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You can gently, without pressing, erase the pus by moving the tampon from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one. Try not to touch the eyeball, so as not to injure it. Do not use cotton swabs and a very hot solution for washing. Try to carry out the procedure when the cat is not very excited and does not break out, otherwise it can be injured.

How can I treat a pet on my own

You noticed that the cat's eye is festering. What to do, you need to know to help the animal. If the cat feels well, pus is not released very much and its behavior has not changed, it is possible to start treating the animal yourself. Rinse the cat's eyes several times a day and bury them with special drops. For example, Ciprovet helps well, which can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy.

the eyes of a british cat are festering

If suppuration has occurred due to mechanical damage or a foreign body getting into the eye, try to drip levomecitin drops or "Iris" after washing. If you did not have veterinary drugs, you can use "Albucide" or 1% ocular tetracycline ointment, which is placed under the lower eyelid, and then gently massage the eye.

To wash the cat's eyes, purchase a special lotion for animal care. It is best to treat various diseases of "Phytoelita". Do not forget about immunostimulating drugs and vitamins, as well as a balanced diet.

But if the cat's eyes are suppurating for a long time, the doctor should prescribe treatment. After all, this condition can often be caused by various infectious or viral diseases or injuries. Therefore, before carrying out treatment, it is necessary to establish the cause of suppuration. And only after that, the veterinarian will prescribe medications, often antibacterial or antiviral.

Why do cats have festering eyes

  1. The most common cause of this is conjunctivitis. It can have an allergic or viral nature, and also occur due to infection in the injured eye. In a mild form, it is possible to cure the cat by washing the eyes and special drops. But if the temperature rises or the pus flows strongly, you should consult a sneezes and eyes fester
  2. A complication of untreated conjunctivitis may be blepharitis or keratitis. These are inflammations of the mucous membrane of the eye, which, with improper treatment, lead to loss of vision.
  3. Suppuration often also occurs due to injury or foreign body ingress into the cat's eye. This happens when careless games or fights with other cats. Infection quickly penetrates through the injured skin, and even more so the mucous membrane.
  4. Pets often have festering eyes due to allergic reactions to household chemicals or perfumes of the owners. This can also be caused by incorrectly selected food or detergents getting into the eye.
  5. Sometimes you get a pet and notice that the cat sneezes and the eyes fester. This is a common disease - rhinotracheitis, which affects animals in nurseries, pet stores and markets.
  6. Suppuration of the eyes can also be caused by common infectious or viral diseases: herpes, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis or toxoplasmosis. At the same time, the deterioration of the cat's condition, refusal to eat and fever are added to the inflammation of the eyes.

What treatment does the doctor prescribe

cat's eyes are suppurating treatment

After carrying out the necessary tests, the veterinarian prescribes drugs that will cure exactly the disease that caused the suppuration. For example, without eliminating the cause of an allergic reaction, it is useless to wash the cat's eyes and drip them, pus will still appear. And if the suppuration is caused by toxoplasmosis or chlamydia, it is necessary to conduct antibiotic therapy.

For local treatment , such drugs are most often prescribed: "Leopard", "Iris", "Misophen", "Neoconjunctivet" or "Anandin". You can also wash your eyes from pus with special solutions purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. It is best to use "Lakrimin" or "Medkinos".

How to protect a cat from eye diseases

Eye diseases are very dangerous because they can lead to vision loss. Many of them are treated for a very long time and require frequent washing and instillation, which is unpleasant for the cat and causes problems for the owners. Therefore, it is easier to warn them. To do this, monitor the nutrition of your pet, wash the eyes daily with hygienic solutions or simply boiled water, trim the cat's claws and play with it more carefully so as not to injure the eyes. It is necessary to maintain immunity with vitamins and carry out deworming and vaccination in time. Then you will not have to worry about the question: the cat's eye is festering - what to do?

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