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September 1 is a holiday that everyone is looking forward to. First-graders who open doors to a new world are happy. Their parents are also happy – the children are already quite adults and soon, maybe, they will achieve such success and conquer such peaks that they themselves did not dream of. The older students are happy, because they meet with friends for the first time in three difficult months of separation, how much there is to tell! The teachers are also satisfied, who also missed the children and enriched their professional baggage. And in general, everyone is pleased to see the rivers of flowers and bows flooding the streets.

portfolio title page

Why do I need a portfolio?

Innovations and reforms have not bypassed the field of education. And there are explanations for this. Remember yourself, say, in the first grade, and compare it with an advanced child who got Internet access from the cradle and understands the computer better than his parents, and how much he knows is just a walking encyclopedia! Precisely because the child does not stand still and is constantly developing, becoming more modern and more "digital", the education system is also developing. And many parents grab their heads when they demand to have a special folder at school: the title page of the portfolio and further down the list. In fact, a portfolio is a very useful thing. This is a kind of passport of a child's learning and development, which, like a mirror, reflects his studies. Such documents may be useful for admission to higher educational institutions. The title page of the portfolio can immediately say a lot about the child, so his choice and design of the folder in general should be approached very responsibly. Such a folder is not a waste of time. It will help the child to be organized, independent. He will prove himself as a creative person, determine his priorities and goals, and besides, he will learn a lot about himself! And an important role, of course, is played by the design of the title page.

portfolio title page design

Portfolio: how to start it?

First, understand the importance of drawing up such a document and explain it to the child. Surely he will be pleased to realize that he will do this mostly on his own and that this is a very responsible occupation. Go with him to the stationery store and choose the most beautiful folder in his opinion. It should be big enough. Buy A4 paper, too – if you have it, you can have it specially designed. This option is suitable if the student liked this particular paper, in extreme cases – you do not want to mess with templates. Choose pens, pencils, markers, highlighters and other cute little things for decoration.

Are there any mandatory recommendations?

At the moment, not all schools have realized the importance of such a document as a portfolio. Accordingly, the maintenance of this folder is generally optional, but strictly recommended as a guarantee of the creative growth of the child and his promotion, as well as preparation for adulthood. In addition, the portfolio is requested in many higher educational institutions, as it reflects the study throughout the years. It is also a great way to organize a child's achievements: diplomas, certificates – so that the child feels confident in his abilities and is proud of small victories. Currently, the design of a portfolio is not regulated by any rules. The main thing is that it maximally reflects the inner world of the child and contains basic information. Many schools introduce their own design, but even it can be made unique and individual. For samples, you can contact the administration or find them on the school's website. Don't be afraid if the children's portfolios are different. After all, they are all different, they are all small personalities, and when growing up they need help in realizing their individuality.


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first grader's portfolio title page

How to fill in the title page portfolio sheet and other pages?

The title is the face of the portfolio, and it is very important that it makes a good impression. Here, as a rule, basic information is written: full name, school, class, phone number – his, parents and class teacher. There should also be a photo of the student, but only the one that he himself wants to show to the world. Then there are pages about his city, family, about himself; pages of his creativity, achievements, impressions and hobbies; about his school, class and his best friends; the most necessary information and emergency phone numbers; his route from school to home; proverbs and sayings; suggestions and teacher marks – everything a child lives. It will be good if all the pages are executed in the same style that the student liked. Let your child decorate it at his discretion – you only direct his activities in the right direction. Pay attention to his diplomas and achievements, events where your child "lit up". But do not bring this to the fore: the main thing is not the desire for the first prize, but the desire to test yourself.portfolio title page for girls

Portfolio title page: different approach

All children are different, so put maximum creativity into your portfolio. For example, the title page of a first-grader's portfolio will differ from the title of a graduate. How you set up your child – so he will learn. A lot of ideas can be found if you need a beautiful title page of a portfolio for a girl – flowers, toys, sweets, dolls, pink or purple for young princesses or sports equipment for athletes. Hooligans or forest fairies will also not be left without an individual design. Boys will like cars or computer games. Or maybe your child is a book lover, a movie fan, a musician or an artist? Then find something that will best reflect his world.

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