Modern PU material: what is it?


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When buying clothes, accessories and other goods, buyers pay attention to the material from which the product is made. For example, often in the product description it appears: the upper material is PU. What it is, many do not know. And then people have doubts about buying a new thing they like.

Modern PU material. What's it?

pu material what is itThis material is used quite widely and, despite the fact that it appeared recently, it is already well known to many for its high quality and has managed to earn popularity. PU leather has a natural base and, importantly for the buyer, a democratic price. Its cost is about five times lower than genuine leather. This material has excellent operational properties, it is very light, it is perfectly washed in a typewriter, does not require further ironing, since after drying it recovers itself in a straightened form.

PU material. What is it: dermantine or leatherette?

Many still believe that PU leather is an ordinary leatherette or dermantine. This is a completely erroneous opinion. Artificial PVC leather is polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer and some other components. But the PU material has a completely different basis, in addition, it is twice as light as leatherette. PU, from the English word polyurethane, is comparable in quality to leather, and even surpasses it in some properties. It combines the advantages of both synthetic and natural materials.

basic pu materialsPU leather has a top coating of polyurethane, which is the most resistant to stretching and abrasion. The polymer applied to the base of the material gives a number of excellent characteristics: wear resistance, environmental friendliness, absence of cracks and sprains, resistance to low and high temperatures, softness and strength. Thanks to the through pores, the polyurethane coating is able to pass air, which is a very important hygienic indicator. The upper breathable and hygroscopic coating has another important property: it is hypoallergenic.


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It is important to know about the pu material, that it is a raw material with a cotton fabric base. This makes it more resistant to stretching, mechanical loads. The most modern new technologies are used for the manufacture of microfibres and polyurethane, which are part of PU.

Production process

upper material pu what is itIn the manufacture of PU leather, the inner layers of genuine leather with defects that have been processed are used. The external polyurethane layer allows you to paint in any color and apply a pattern, embossing. Eco—leather is also a pu material, that this name is also widespread and often found on the labels of goods, it is useful to know when making purchases. Ample opportunities for the implementation of designers' ideas, which are provided by eco-leather, make products from it relevant and attractive, as appropriate as possible to the changing fashion.

Today, the characteristics of many products indicate: the main materials are PU. Indeed, PU leather is often used in the manufacture of wristwatch straps, mobile phone cases and other equipment, women's bags. To explain this fact is simple. The material has a low price and is almost as good as natural leather in terms of quality and functionality.

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