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Vintage is back in fashion today, so don't rush to part with the things you inherited. The great-grandmother's wardrobe, having visited the restoration procedure, will become the subject of your pride and envy of the guests. Of course, such things should be correctly entered into the interior so that they do not look like a foreign spot. But not everyone got such an inheritance, but vintage frames, boxes and other trinkets are in almost every house. If you have not received this as a gift from relatives, then you can do something yourself. In addition, such an activity can be very exciting and creative.

vintage frames

How to make vintage frames for photos or paintings

For example, take a ready-made frame and artificially age it. To begin with, its entire surface must be covered with white acrylic paint, not forgetting the ribs. It is convenient to apply whitewash with a brush, while you do not need to achieve perfect smoothness and an even layer, let the texture from staining with lint be visible, we create vintage frames, and they are never perfect. If the workpiece has carved details or modeling, then patting movements of the brush need to paint over all the pits and bulges. The paint should dry well, only after that you should proceed to the second stage. When the base is ready, we take a primer for metal (it can be colored with gray or brown paint) and generously spread it over the whitewash. The movements of the brush should be sliding, light, it is not necessary to cover the relief too carefully. In the corners, vintage frames can be painted in two or three layers, so the result will be more realistic, we tampon the relief with a brush and remember about the ribs. We are waiting for the complete drying of the layer. For the third stage, we again take white acrylic paint and a new foam sponge. We dip it in white, remove the excess with claps on paper, and then we process the frame with the same claps. Paint should be applied to the most prominent parts. When the entire workpiece is processed, the sponge can be turned over and walked with the hard side, as if smearing the layer. All – vintage frames are ready. If desired, you can apply a layer of varnish, preferably choose matte coatings.


vintage photo frames

Beautiful frames for paintings or photographs are obtained from construction foam skirting boards. The material is easily cut, glued and painted. A rich selection of patterns makes it possible to embody any idea. Vintage frames made of this material turn out like real, vintage ones. By combining flat and concave baseboards, you can make three-dimensional compositions in which the aged reproduction will resemble the original.

vintage gold frames

Using varnishes with the effect of craquelure (cracking coating) and gold acrylic paint, you can make vintage gold frames that are different in size and patterns, but identical in design. In such a frame, a series of photographs or paintings of the same subject can look great. In this case, the rules of composition will be observed, but each copy will turn out to be special and unique.

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