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Wanting to add grandeur and luxury to a residential or office space, designers very often use decorative elements that became fashionable in the XVI – XVII centuries. A real find for fans of the "regal" interior were the original reflective surfaces – Baroque mirrors.

The history of the style

The homeland of such a chic finish is Italy. It is here, in the decorationsBaroque Mirrors residences of the Catholic Church, for the first time there were pieces of furniture and decorations of smooth curving shapes, rich noble textures. Unique frescoes, expensive oriental fabrics, stucco molding and carved gilded mirrors – the Baroque became the hallmark of luxury and convenience of that era.

Over time, the fashion for a lush, rich interior has spread throughout Europe. France, Spain, the Czech Republic and many other countries plunged into the atmosphere of chic and brilliance. The aristocracy sought to emphasize power and wealth, expressing them in the design of their homes. And only by the end of the XVII century, the grandeur of the Baroque began to give way to the functionality and practicality of new trends.

Application in modern interior

Baroque mirrorsThe "Palace" style tends to be large, huge open space and very high ceilings. That is why all the elements of such decoration are rarely used in modern apartments. A Baroque mirror is the optimal solution for a small-sized room decorated expensively and tastefully.

Also, the "royal" decor cannot include only mirrors. Baroque dominates over other elements of the interior, but only in combination with a similar one. A single object of this style will not look harmoniously with the simple things surrounding it. The finished Baroque composition may include zoned wall decoration, original lighting fixtures in the form of candelabra, heavy curtains made of noble fabric or any piece of furniture.

Baroque MirrorsAn excellent example of the use of a Baroque mirror will be the reflective surface in the hallway. Tall, full-length, the decoration will look perfect in the subdued light of wall sconces made in a similar style. The combination of beauty with functionality will attract admiring glances from both owners and guests of the house.

Appearance of mirrors

The types of mirrors in the "royal" style are striking in their diversity. Small and large, round and square, suspended and outdoor. They have only one thing in common – the frames of inexpressible beauty, made with amazing subtlety and skill.

The materials used to frame Baroque mirrors should be dense and heavy. The ideal option would be carved natural wood, wood with stucco or metal. The patterns with which the authors decorate their creations most often imitate natural ornaments – flowers, sea shells, smooth waves.

The color scheme of mirror finishes includes a noble rich palette and all shades of white. Special attention is paid to the application of gilding or patina when creating such a frame. There are variants both with a surface finish with a mother-of-pearl gloss, and with details made entirely of precious metal.

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