Foil izolon: characteristics, application


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Private house has always been associated with warmth and comfort. Fireplace and large spacious rooms. All natural and environmentally friendly. But not so easy to achieve warmth without high quality and proven materials.

Winterizing the home is the most important issue during the repair. A wide assortment of heaters on the market of construction materials very often leads people into a stupor. What to choose, which material is better?

In any case, the choice needs to be done. I guess you should choose foil izolon. This material, which is suitable for all types of insulation. He is practical and versatile. And the article will help you make the right conclusions.


Foil izolon is the most popular material for insulation of private houses. Despite its relatively high cost, the use is only gaining momentum. It is used not only for sex, they are also insulated the walls and roof. The versatility of the material makes it possible to apply it completely in all areas of construction.


The Basis of izolon is polyethylene, which is recycled several times. Modern technologies allow to create a fine structure, the thickness of which can be adjusted. On the outer side of such material is a thin foil layer. This layer not only serves for additional heat insulation, but also plays the role of protection from environmental influences.


Izolon is divided into two main types: NPE - unsewn and PPE - stitched. The first type is produced in the following technologies: polyethylene goes through three stages of foaming and air in vertical form.


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Unsewn izolon is manufactured using the latest technology on the most modern equipment. It is produced by the liquid polymer, which is pre-heated and melted, after that it is filled with carbon dioxide. Due to this the closed pores are formed. The cloth turns out uniform.

Also izolon divided by the thickness of the base layer (the foil cover is not shown here). Minimum material thickness - 2 mm, but the maximum can often reach 5 cm, the Choice depends on applications - industrial, engineering, residential.

self-adhesive izolon


Foil insulation izolon has a lot of advantages. Because of this, he occupies a leading position in the market not only for homes, but also in industry, transport industry and even in medicine. Below is a list of benefits of izolon.

  1. High thermal insulation performance.
  2. Almost zero water vapor permeability.
  3. The use of izolon does not require any additional waterproofing, as the material does not absorb moisture.
  4. Has a sound absorbing properties.
  5. Installation does not require special knowledge, so to manufacture the insulation yourself very easily.
  6. The Material is stretchy and easy to cut.
  7. Non-toxic operation.
  8. Not limited by Time. Izolon resistant to any effects of climate rot. The time of operation of 100 years.
  9. If necessary, can be reused.
  10. Can be used in conjunction with other insulation materials.
  11. Do Not change their chemical composition over long periods of time, which cannot be said about other types of insulation.
  12. High coefficient of heat conductivity of foil izolon allows you to use it in different areas.
    warm floor


After Examining the list above, we can assume that the foil izolon is the perfect option for warming the house. This is the case.

Among the disadvantages of this material - only cost. Due to the fact that the material is not crumbling structure and environmentally friendly, its price may not be available to all.

The Cost is undoubtedly justified. Long performance data and recyclability is a quality possessed by few materials. The rest of the disadvantages of foil izolon do not exist.


Izolon Insulation foil can be made not only on the floor. He has a lot of properties. Therefore, the use of foil izolon very wide.

  • Insulation of premises: walls, floors, roof and even the Foundation.
  • Insulation and insulation workshops, ancillary facilities in the workplace.
  • Very often foiled izolon is used for car repair, they replace rubber pads or doing an add-on welding.
  • Orthopedic field of medicine applies this environmentally friendly material for the production of insoles, arch supports and anti-deformation of the ear. Due to its structure izolon has good cushioning performance.
  • In the Assembly of refrigerators, PPE is used as additional insulation. Used in the construction refrigerating equipment.
  • For the insulation of saunas. Commercial premises, warehouses.
  • Pipeline manufacturing - gas, ventilation.

The Areas where you apply the izolon, very much. This is due to its versatility and practicality. Soft and flexiblethe material allows us to give it any form.

insulation pipe

The workflow

In order For the material is not satisfactory during operation, they should remember the General rules of installation:

  1. Thickness of foil izolon is selected based on the characteristics of the surface that is isolated.
  2. On a pre-made size, cut material sharp construction knife.
  3. When laying self-adhesive izolon foil remove the protective film and lightly pressing down, put the material on the surface. In order to form voids, it is easier to do with a roller or brush in one direction.
  4. To concatenate izolon without the adhesive layer with the surface you need to use acrylic adhesive or solutions of type No. 888.
  5. The Joints for greater strength cover construction tape or staple the stapler. Tape is better to use metallic. This is the most durable material, and the joints just will not disperse.

As you can see, the work is simple, and deal with them. One has only to begin.

The Process of floor insulation

The key to a comfortable home - warm floor. Izolon will help you create that atmosphere. You can be sure.

Floor Insulation izolon foil can be produced as with other insulation or without it. It depends on the climate, weather conditions, and the desired result.

In the first case, often used mineral wool. The main rule here is to ensure that the joints of izolon is located on the rails and was taped with duct tape.

Before beginning work, is to remove the old insulation, and to place on the surface of the bars, which will be attached the material. Also, these bars will separate from each other the layers of mineral wool. The foil should be on top. Izolon is placed on top of the slats is perpendicular to the first row. Fit mineral wool, and on top spread another layer of izolon foil layer down. This method of insulation suited for Northern climates.

Self-izolon is spread on a wooden surface. To bond joints used a metallic duct tape. Izolon is covered with plywood and then install the final flooring.

The Process of insulating walls

wall insulation

If the process of insulating the floor is a common thing, then that's about the insulation izolon has become known relatively recently. Differences in the process of laying insulation is almost there. Therefore, the work can be managed independently.

Important! Pick up izolon is with the features of the surface under the insulation.

Wall Insulation is performed in the following order.

  1. The Walls are prepared: cleaned and, if necessary, aligned.
  2. At the distance of 50-60 cm stacked bars. They are fixed with screws which hats are.
  3. These bars construction tape izolon is attached to the foil inside. This is done to ensure that the material reflects heat.
  4. To cover the bars are installed perpendicular to the rails in two rows. Then you proceed to the installation of primary wall covering. It is worth remembering that Reiki is stacked in two rows for high-quality mounting of the main cover.

Tools for working with izolon

Foil izolon has a very elastic and flexible structure, so working with him is very easy. Tools need a bit. All the necessary always have on hand.

  1. Knife construction.
  2. Screwdriver.
  3. Construction stapler.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Metalized tape.

These are the basic tools needed to work with a foiled izolon. Depending on the situation and the space can be used additional materials.

izolon foiled

How to choose izolon

That means the insulation is not wasted (the material is very expensive), you should know which kind to choose, depending on space. Characteristics of izolon foil depends on its thickness, therefore, the main criterion of selection is based on this.

To cover the floor, the required thickness of 2-4 mm, for interfloor overlappings should use a 20-30 mm thickness. To isolate the large tubes can be 10-30 mm.

For work on the insulation of the roof should match the izolon, having a thickness of not less than 15 mm. This will allow you to use the attic as storage space. In the case of a residential attic insulation thickness should be 30 mm. For equipment such interiors izolon is required to use as an additional coating of mineral wool.

Reducing vibration and impact noise will help to achieve izolon thickness of 4-20 mm.

What kind of material you select depends on the General atmosphere in the house. Additional insulation can not hurt, if there, for example, there are railroad tracks or a busy highway. In any case, izolon, even thin, will help you to make the room more cozy and warm.

izolon roof


The Insulation of a house or other premises is responsible. If work is substandard, tainted not only the material, but also the mood. Re-insulation will take time.

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