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In our article we want to talk about a small town on the coast of Italy. Despite the fact that its population is only around six thousand people, for many years, Maiori (Italy) holding a solid brand of world-class resort.

A Little about the resort…

Maiori is part of the Amalfi Riviera. The town is located on the coast of the Gulf of Salerno 60 km from Naples, at the head of the Creek Regina Major.

Historians still not come to a consensus about when the town was founded. The opinions of experts differ. Some argue that Maiori (Italy) was founded by the Greeks, others – by the Romans, and some even mention the mythical Prince of Ricardo. The only thing that is certain is the fact that the city traces its history from ancient times. When he was one of the most important port of the Amalfi Republic. In the Middle ages here was located the headquarters of the fleet and arsenals throughout the country. Due to its favorable geographical location, Maiori flourished at all times. It was even called "Royal city". And in the last century, Maiori (Italy) was recognized as a world-class resort. Now the city boasts a beautiful modern Marina, well-equipped beaches and luxury hotels.

Maiori Italy

Many tourists are attracted to Maiori inimitable atmosphere of the past, beautiful architecture, white houses with flower pots on the Windows, old churches and beautiful mansions. And all this surrounded by stunning lemon trees.

How to get to the city?

In Maiori (Italy) preferred to travel from Naples as it is only 60 kilometers. Between the cities there is a direct bus. In addition, you can reach Salerno by train and transfer to one of the commuter shuttles Sita, which will overcome the 25 kilometers. In Salerno you can take a taxi, but his services will cost significantly more. If you plan to travel by own transport or rented car, then you need to move on the highway A3, then turn on SP2a.


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From Moscow you can fly to Naples. This option is more preferable. But if you decide to fly to Rome, then have a domestic flight to get to Naples. Or from Rome to get to the resort by bus or by train.

The resort

Accommodation in the resort no problems at all, because the city has plenty of establishments for tourists. Places to eat, even in high season. Hotels Maiori (Italy) are quite diverse, so guests of the resort there is always a large selection. You can choose the most suitable option depending on the hotel rating, distance to sea and range of services provided.Maiori Italy photo

In the center of town is a five star Botanico San Lazzaro, which is the most luxurious place. Maiori also has a huge selection of three - and four-star hotels, among which are the following: Club Due Torri, San Francesco, Panorama, Villa Pandora.

Almost all the hotels in the city offer good service, beautiful rooms with views of the sea and a developed infrastructure. If you are going to relax in Maiori (Italy) (photo in article) during the high season, rooms in hotels of higher level is to book in advance because the resort is deservedly popular.

However, the hotels – this is not the only accommodation option in town. In Maiori there are many mini-hotels, the accommodation in which will be much cheaper than a “stellar” institutions. Also, the resort is very common renting apartments in conventional residential buildings. Well, for the budget travelers can use the services of hostels.

In General, Majori can be attributed to the category of affordable resorts on the Amalfi coast. Therefore, it is always possible to find more affordable housing than in other coastal cities. So, as part of a budget holiday you can pay for a night at the hotel 35-40 euros, but the place is, of course, will be very far from the coast.Maiori Italy holiday

But the cost of staying a night in luxury complex on the beach ranges from 80-120 euros.

Climate in Maiori

Description Maiori (Italy) to the quality of the resort would be incomplete if not to mention the local climate. Largely thanks to him, the town gained popularity among tourists. The mild Mediterranean climate makes the resort very attractive for a beach holiday. The winter is not too cold and the season starts in April and lasts until the end of October. Average air temperature during the warmer time of the year ranges from 28 degrees. In General, for Maiori generally clear and Sunny weather almost throughout the year.

Best time for vacation in Maiori

What is the best time to choose to stay in Maiori (Italy)? Of course, vacation is not always possible to choose according to our desire. But in Major is really comfortable to rest from the beginning of April to June. At this time there is a real Mediterranean spring with an abundance of flowers and greenery. And the sea in Maiori (Italy) in this period is quite suitable for swimming. The water temperature reaches 18 degrees. And the temperature is quite comfortable and allows you not only to relax on the beaches, butand to pay attention to the sightseeing and walks. In July and August in the city there is a huge number of tourists who mostly come for beach holidays. The sea temperature at this time reaches 26 degrees. The weather is getting quite hot.Maiori Italy description

Of course, for trips to the Amalfi coast you should choose may, because in this period not so many tourists, the temperature is very comfortable, and the water temperature is acceptable for swimming

If you are interested in active night life, then, of course, is to go to the resort in August or July. Many holidays fall at this time. Almost every day you become a member of concerts and festivals. The habitues of fashionable resorts come to the coast at this time.

It is Worth noting that September is quite comfortable to stay in Maiori (Italy), reviews, more travelers direct proof. During this period, you can not only swim in the sea, but also to visit the most interesting places of the resort.

Local cuisine

Every tourist, traveling to Maiori (Italy) (photo in article), of course, interested in the local cuisine. It should be noted that selection of local residents and restaurants – it's the same Italian classics. In the local schools serve food prepared from vegetables grown in the region, and seafood. Of course, there are many special dishes that are worth a try.stay in Maiori Italy reviews

The Choice of dining at the resort is huge, especially in the season. Here there are pizzerias, cafes, restaurants. Such places can be found in almost every corner. Prices are much more acceptable than in the neighboring coastal cities. Traditional food served in each café-pasta, vegetables, pizzas, and various seafood. Among the local institutions it is difficult to highlight the best that each of them has its own charm and peculiarities. Therefore, the choice of a favorite café – the case of the gastronomic preferences of each tourist. In urban restaurants stunning selection of Italian wines, you should definitely try the drink Limoncello, which is made from the local lemons, it's grown an incredible amount.

Attractions of the resort

A Separate topic for conversation – is attractions Maiori (Italy). Despite the fact that the city is very ancient and has a rich history, attractions it is not much, compared to nearby Positano or Amalfi. And the reason for that were numerous floods that periodically ravaged the city. Crushing the forces of nature struck the city including in 1954. Then landslides and powerful streams of water destroyed a great part of the old district. But those buildings that have survived to the present day, worthy of attention of tourists.

Since the middle Ages, Maiori survived unique churches, watchtowers and caves. The main attractions are the monasteries of Santa Maria de Olearius and Santa Maria delle Grazie.Maiori Italy sights

In addition, the preserved Norman fortress on the coast, the monastery of the Dominican order and the castle of St. Nicholas (1400) on the hill Pentacle. Very interesting structure – the Church of Santa Maria a Mare, which was built in the twelfth century. The building has an unusual multi-colored roof composed of individual colored tiles majolica.

Numerous reviews on Maiori (Italy) say that the town is incredibly beautiful and picturesque place. The pride of the resort can be called a modern promenade decorated with flower beds, fountains and sculptures. Promenade – this is just the perfect place for walking residents and tourists. One of the main streets of Maiori are many shops with food and Souvenirs and cozy restaurants and cafes.

Events resort

The Resort of Maiori boasts a large variety of different events happening in the city during the high season. It colorful events make it attractive to active young people.

The Main and most important event of each season – the famous carnival, which is held annually during the celebration of Easter (Catholic). It is celebrated after Holy week - Settimana Santa. In one of the many days of celebration is an incredibly impressive torchlight procession, during which are staged in our theatre the key points of the Cross way of Jesus Christ.Maiori Italy beaches [1

It is Also worth noting that within each season the city hosts concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, art exhibits. And in late autumn (usually end of October) spend the festival with the participation of young Italian filmmakers. The festival is named “Roberto Rossellini”. It annually organizes the daughter of a famous Creator – Isabella, who dedicated the event to the first meeting of her parents (mother – Ingrid Bergman) that occurred in Maiori.

Beaches of Maiori (Italy)

As is the famous Maiori beach and sea resort, many tourists are attracted by local coast. All Amalfitani beach is beautiful and attractive in terms of recreation, and the beaches of Maiori many call the best in thesethe edges.

Local residents say that even Homer wrote about that on the Amalfi coast in ancient times was inhabited by sirens who touted here sailors. Perhaps the echoes of their magic votes somehow miraculously still make people from all over the world gather here to relax. Beautiful blue sea, picturesque cliffs, beautiful coves, vineyards and lemon groves, gleaming white houses, gardens fragrant with flowers and butterflies-all this is not footage of the movie, this is Maiori. That is such an unassuming and quiet beauty of the resort attracts tourists to it.

Maiori Beach is considered the widest and longest on the Amalfi coast. Beach has dark sand coating of volcanic sand. The local coast is divided into private beach areas. Of course, most of them are paid, although there are several free beaches. One of them is near the port, and another – at the end of the coast.Maiori Italy reviews about the resort

Paying for a stay at the beach, you get to use an umbrella and lounger. It is worth noting that the entire coast of the city is very clean and tidy, this is closely watched by special services. All beaches are perfectly equipped. They can rent catamarans, boats, scooters, bicycles for exploring the surroundings. All coast Maiori has a well-developed infrastructure. It is worth noting that a few of the hotels have their sites on the coast and they are a little out of town. In General, all campers will have the opportunity to use any beach resort.

Feedback about the resort of Maiori in Italy

Despite the modest size of the resort, it is popular with tourists. And there are a number of reasons. Positive feedback from tourists about Maiori in Italy are the best advertisement of the resort, in contrast to the slogans and leaflets of tour operators. The main advantage of the resort are quite affordable. Unlike the neighboring towns of the Amalfi coast stay in Maiori can be quite low. The local beach is the biggest and widest in the region. For the rest of the resorts are characterized by a rocky shore. In Maiori we take one step back toward the mainland as if it opened for tourists, beautiful coves suitable for swimming. It is worth noting that the Majori – the best choice for families with children because the beach here has a gentle entry into the water, and the sea is very warm and affectionate. The resort is surrounded by mountains from Northern winds, so there are practically no storms and waves, especially during high season.

A Small but beautiful promenade-a popular place for tourists and residents. Unfortunately, it's a bit overloaded with hotels built along it, but overall it's not too spoil the overall picture. The promenade is decorated with stunning palm trees, lending a romantic promenade.

Maiori Italy tourists

Maiori – a small but very cozy and nice town. It is not as noisy as the larger resorts. The town has a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Maiori is not only convenient for a family holiday with the kids, but for young people as a place of residence, because the prices here are much nicer than the other resorts of the Amalfi coast. Convenient location of the city gives you the opportunity to travel the entire coast and see all the sights. It is particularly convenient to travel by taking a car. This simple solution gives you the opportunity to travel all over all the Amalfi coast. Most experienced travelers prefer to rent a car from the Naples airport and already on it to get to Maiori. According to holidaymakers, the resort is perfect in all respects, it is definitely worth a visit.

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