Reservoir Vyshnevolotskiy, Tver oblast: history, description, leisure, fishing


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Many people have traveled all over the world in search of Paradise for rest and relaxation. Some people prefer the boundless sea. Someone enticing snow-capped mountain peaks. But some people like moist dense forests.

Our homeland has many beautiful and scenic places to stay for every taste, budget and preferences. One of such places to spiritual calm is Vyshnevolotsky reservoir, is the famous beautiful and expressive world of flora and fauna, gorgeous and colorful scenery, but also comfortable and refined systems for any type of holiday.Vishny Volochek

Where is the second regional Congress? What are its attractions? Is it possible to relax with the whole family and good for fishing? If you want to know the answers to these questions-then this article is for you!

The location of the reservoir

Reservoir – this is an artificially constructed reservoir formed in the valleys of the rivers due to the water system to conserve water for its further use in the economy.

To the Western border of the Russian Federation adjacent Tverskaya, the main water artery which is considered to be the Volga-one of the largest rivers in the world and the longest in Europe. The area also enjoys fame due to its hydrographic characteristics. Its territory is divided by many rivers, lakes and reservoirs. One of these reservoirs – Vyshny Volochek, Vyshnevolotskiy is the area, in the valleys of the rivers Tsna and Shlina. Vyshnevolotsky district, located on the borders of rivers of the Baltic and Caspian basin, since ancient times was famous for its water resources and open spaces. One of his most beautiful and charming towns and is the second regional Congress. How to get to this scenic beauty of the region?


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How to get to the attractions

119 km North-West of Tver is a small town of Vyshny Volochyok, with a population of forty-eight thousand people and with well-developed infrastructure. Just West from this city, and we are interested in is the reservoir.

You can Reach it very easy and simple. As Vyshniy Volochek located on the 297 km of Federal roads “Russia" (route Moscow-St. Petersburg), the roads are handy and convenient. In addition, the town has a railway station, which also eases the way for all who wish to visit the famous pond.vyshnevolotsky reservoir fishing

To Reach the reservoir can have their own transport or on urban. If you prefer to travel the second way, it is possible to sit on the bus with the registration number of symbols: 3, 5.4, 15, 6, routes which pass close to many places of the reservoir.

Settlements vyshnevolotsky reservoir in Tver region are not confined to Vishny Volochok. On the banks of the reservoir based large and small villages, such as village Krasnomayskiy, Kasarova village, village Rvenitsa, Ermacora, Asvia, Nikiforovo and other. As can be seen, the reservoir is not in the wild or extremely deserted place, so if you get lost, locals are happy to show you the way.

Basic settings

The Reservoir is one of the main reservoirs of the Tver region. In length it reaches twelve kilometers and a maximum width – nine, therefore, the area occupied by a water pool, quite an impressive and respectable – one hundred and eight square kilometers.

What are the depths of the vyshnevolotsky reservoir? The average water depth is about 3 m, although can sometimes reach a maximum value of 7 m. Interestingly, the total volume of water reservoir consists of three hundred twenty-two million cubic meters, while the usable volume is two hundred forty-two million cubic meters.

Referring to the official dimensions and parameters of the reservoir, it is necessary to mention its coastal length (51 km), the height above sea level (163,5 m), the area of flooded land (31 square kilometer).

It is Noteworthy that the second regional Congress is the sixth in the Tver region on the comprehensiveness and usefulness of the volume.

A Little history

In addition, this pond has an interesting and rich history, the beginning of which is conducted from the time of Peter I.

History vyshnevolotsky reservoir is truly fascinating. It began to take shape back in the XVIII century in agreement with the idea of Peter the Great about maintaining a navigable level throughout Russia. The idea of the Emperor carried out the famous hydraulic engineer and shipbuilder, merchant by profession – Mikhail Ivanovich Serdyukov, known for its significant contribution to the development of the whole Vyshnevolotskaya water system.

It all started here

At the beginning of 1700-ies Mikhail Ivanovich rented the spacious earth around Vyshny Volochok, for the construction of the plant. For better functioning of the enterprise, he needed to build a channel that because of the inexperience and youth of the owner, was constructed poorly and was intermittent. When in some years the spring floods had damaged water system, have already experienced and wise merchant wanted to personally oversee her repairs. Since the gateways were the important hydraulic structure for moving the ship from one water basin to another, Serdyukov decided to appeal personally to the Emperor with specific proposals for theirfix.vyshnevolotsky reservoir history

Vyshnevolotsky canal was an important strategic site for the supply of Saint-Petersburg food and other goods from the Central lands. Therefore, Peter the Great summoned the merchant to his, acquainted with his ideas and gave him the official right to engage in Vyshnevolotskiy shipping.

Serdyukov Mikhail Ivanovich proved to be a good specialist and leader. Under his watchful, wise supervision was built the channel had even more opportunities than the previous one, and was erected an artificial reservoir with an area of six square kilometers. A new reservoir, which provided the opportunity to maintain the water level throughout the channel, had the original name – Factory. It happened in 1741.

It is Noteworthy that construction of the reservoir, hydrotechnology acquired a lot of enemies. It was the monasteries lost their vast lands, which held of water Factory and the farm coachmen, lost izvozchika work. Whatever it was, guarded by the king Serdyukov graduated from the construction. In 1774, twenty years after the death of the merchant, Vyshnevolotsky reservoir and channels have been transferred to the state Treasury.

Approximately two hundred years later, in Natalie 1950-ies, the retaining structure of the reservoir was reconstructed.

Social value of the reservoir

The reservoir has a sufficiently high water level, it carries out the stabilization of seasonal runoff and used for local supply as well as energy, fisheries, timber floating and water transport.vyshnevolotsky reservoir Tver oblast

In addition, the reservoir supplies water to two small hydroelectric power station situated beside it.

Novo-Tveretskogo hydroelectric power plant, located between the reservoir and the river Tversoy, was established in 1947. Now it generates electricity in the amount of 8.8 million kWh a year. The HPP is equipped with two turbines, has a water flow rate of twenty cubic meters per second.

Another small hydroelectric power station – Novo-Cinska. It is located on the river Tsna and is designed for sanitary use water. Equipped with one turbine, hydro power stations consume from four to nine cubic metres of water per second.

Now that we briefly reviewed the history and technical features of the reservoir, let's talk about its aesthetic use.

Fishermen note

Richly or fish Vyshnevolotsky reservoir? Fishing here is truly interesting and varied. In the waters you can find pike and catfish, perch and pike-perch, bream and burbot, Rudd and gudgeon.

The best bite in the shallow places near the villages Deshevo, Pererva, Gradaully, Krasnomayskiy and around the numerous Islands and at the mouths of rivers Shlina, Ceramica, CNA.

Depending on your wishes and preferences, in the pond you can fish in the posting and fly-fishing as pretag and spinning, regardless of weather conditions and time of year.

Winter fishing

Since the ice is installed on the reservoir in early November and starts to melt as much in April, in this period we can safely make a winter fishing. The average thickness of the ice on the pond-about two feet, and the maximum – 120 cm, so don't be afraid of falling into the cold icy water. In some places the ice surface of the reservoir is adapted to travel by car. However, the ice there is a large snowpack, which can reach a meter in length.

In the Winter on the lake you can catch perch, pike and bream, and a good catch is achieved by angling the boxes and imitation fish. Of course, the fishing place you need to lure, as bait is better to use bloodworms.

Summer fishing

Summer fishing here, of course, more interesting and varied. vyshnevolotsky reservoirIn the warmer months you can catch on the boat, what is the most productive and effective method. As the nozzle should be used rye bread and worms.

You can Use different methods – fishing rod, fly fishing, trotlines, lures, spinning, and even live bait. Note that here you can catch bream weighing five pounds!

If you have forgotten or lost fishing tackle and bait, all you need can be purchased in the city shops and even the railway station.

Rest on the pond

Is it Possible to have a good rest on the reservoir? Yes, since the reservoir is a weakly overgrown pond (has no more than five percent of overgrown water area) and has in its waters the amount of oil products and phenols in limits for fisheries regulations.

Holidays on the Vyshnevolotsky reservoir suitable for both couples and spouses with children, as lovers of peace, and hunters for the noisy companies.

The splendid landscapes, the gurgling of the waves, the clean moist air – just some of the benefits of rest on the pond.vyshnevolotsky reservoir how to get

The reservoir is located various recreation centres (village Deshevo, village Rvenitsa, some Islands waters). Here you'll enjoy all kinds of entertainment and fun – riding on water transport and Cycling, fishing and BBQ facilities, Windsurfing, kite surfing and Wake boarding, barsand restaurants, privacy and great food.

The beaches of the reservoir is also well equipped and cleaned. They are good to sunbathe, swim and just enjoy nature.

It is Noteworthy that the bottom of the reservoir sand and gravel, sometimes silt. Although around the reservoir are livestock farms and industrial enterprises, discharge of sewage and wastewater in a reservoir is not possible.


On the territory of the reservoir is a small scenic islets, where you can also find inspirational solitude and refreshing rest.vyshnevolotsky reservoir stay

First of all, it – Alekhine Relka, Dergunov and a Large Shaft. You can also visit the Zhernovka, Luchino, Pine horn, Relco Kunin and others, which have special facilities for entertainment and recreation.

A Pleasant weekend to you!

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