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The Beginning of the growth popularity of social networks for most go unnoticed. Although the online Classmates to be known by many Internet users, a particular need to do so was not. Really, why reinvent the wheel if there are wonderful ways of communication across the Network – ICQ, Skype, e-mail. But soon the advantages of resources, created in the image of Classmates, become obvious. In such systems very easy to find friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work, what can be said about Skype and other where you need to initially know the contact details of the source. Shown on TV feature films (‘the Social network”) has served as a kind of advertising that attracted additional number of users. Currently, the most popular are the already mentioned home-grown Classmates, as well as In Contact (the name is sometimes written as one word, to avoid confusion), My world and foreign Facebook and Twitter.

In this distribution it is not surprising that the Network frequently asks the question “why can't you go Into the Contact on your page”. This is what we will talk today. There are several reasons why a user of a social network is forced to ask “why can't you go To the Contact”.

With such problems, first of all, you need to ensure that access to the Network is active. Many do not even believe that this could be…and absolutely vain. Even those providers who connect subscribers via an optical communication line, there may sometimes be difficulties with the equipment. So, open the browser to an arbitrary page if all goes well, then understand on. Just write on the forums “I can not go Into Contact" not necessary – everything can be solved independently.


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The Next reason – possible problems with a proxy server. Often access to the Network is performed using such a program (local or located on a remote server). You need to try to open the page In touch without a proxy. Each browser has its settings, so here is an example with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome (they have the same proxy settings). We follow in the control panel, where open Internet options. Select connection and network setting (LAN Settings). If the checkbox use proxies is, then temporarily remove it and check the operation of the Internet. This method is suitable for private use in companies in local networks without a proxy server often impossible to work (then ask the servicing administrator “why can't you go To the Contact”).

A Common problem with log in to your own social networking pages is often associated with the action of malware. Virus writers in some way seek to force the owner of the infected computer to transfer them money. The most common is the extortion by sending SMS. If the person says “I can not go Into Contact", then you need to check the hosts file in the system folder (looking search). No extra records in it should not be. Usually enough " localhost” and then, not necessarily. If there are links on the website To Contact, it is almost certainly the computer has a virus. Check the computer a good antivirus, restore hosts. Then change the password to the site.

Often you can find the question “can't come In Contact through the Opera”. Usually the reason is simple – errors are the mechanism for storing passwords. In the browser press Ctrl+F12, open the tab “Form” and click “Password”. Find here the right site (In Contact) and remove it from the list. As a result, when it is opened the user is asked to enter data on a page. Submit them to the appropriate forms, and the offer browser save them answer in the affirmative.

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