What low beam light bulb H7 is the best? Tips for choosing


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Any car enthusiast, even with little driving experience, well aware of the importance of good lighting on the road. Especially in poor visibility, which can be attributed to heavy rain, dense fog and other natural phenomena. While many drivers are interested in the question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best. The majority of car manufacturers are equipping their products in this type of lamps for head lighting. But what they represent, not everyone knows the owner of the vehicle.


Some time ago among the many motorists still enjoyed great popularity a H4 bulb with two filaments, which allows for the inclusion of distant or dim lighting. Now they were replaced by a good alternative – H7. She had one filament, and installed lamp in chetyrehosnuju head optics with split reflector system for far and near lighting. However, such elements are placed mainly in the headlamps. And optics for long distance lighting still uses H1 bulbs that are old but have low cost.

what low beam light bulb h7 best

A Characteristic feature of these products is the presence of the flange. The distance between him and the spiral is fixed and permanent. Due to this, the filament is in focus. What low beam light bulb H7 best on the "Kalina", or any other vehicle domestic and foreign production? Let's deal.

Sources near lighting

Modern technology of the automobile industry allow manufacturers to produce different products for head optics. Each company relies on own development and experience. For this reason, all lamp socket H7 have different parameters regarding the power and spectrum of lighting that can range from cool to warm tones.


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As for power, the standard H7 bulbs it is 55 watts. However, in the market there are models with higher values. Only purchase it is recommended to owners of SUVs when driving outside the city. Usually in Metropolitan areas of the road are well illuminated. The use of strong lights on the car which is used mainly for movement along city streets can cause congestion. And as a consequence – on-Board electrics fail.

what low beam light bulb h7 best in the rain

Many drivers, especially beginners, do not cease to worry about what the low beam light bulb H7 best. Today there are plenty to choose from, since modern market is filled with different types of lamps forward lighting:

  • Halogen;
  • Seats;
  • Led.

This bulb some brands are more luminous flux, the other producers assure consumers that their bulbs last three times longer than their competitors, and some even can only good idea to decorate head optics. It is necessary to consider each type in more detail.


As a rule, for the manufacture of the lamp bulb uses high strength glass, or quartz material. In the inner part has a filament and gas, with the inclusion of halogen additives. At present, such lamps are popular due to its wide distribution. The use of such products does not require any additional equipment. The lighting they create is correct and, most importantly, high quality.

There are Also a number of advantages that allow to answer the question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best on "Priora" or any other vehicle:

  • Compact size;
  • Long lifespan.
  • Light quartz shells have high strength and heat resistance;
  • High lumen output;
  • Extensive scope of application.

what low beam light bulb h7 best on the prior

However, there is a significant drawback, which lies in the strong heating of the lamps during operation and poor tolerance of thermal stress. When replacing bulbs do not touch the glass of the bulb. Fortunately, the cons are not many, and for this reason, today more than one million cars with these lamps dim lighting.

Xenon solutions

In appearance can be noticed the almost complete similarity of the discharge lamps halogen counterparts. However, both the light source uses a different technology. Thus the characteristic feature – is the complete lack of filament, because it uses a different principle.

What are the low beam light bulb H7 best on the "Duster"? Perhaps it is these, because they have a special working principle. Luminous flux is created through the illumination of the inert gas xenon, hence the name of the lamps themselves. In a glass bulb he is under pressure. Here is a small metal plate, which heats the inert environment. Due to the absence of the filament of such lamps is not afraid of vibration, as evidenced by many tests. Compared to conventional halogen analogue, the light from the xenon three times brighter. This is especially important when driving inevening time and at high speed.

what low beam light bulb h7 best on the Ford focus 2

Among the other advantages is the following:

  • Low power consumption – 35 W;
  • Service life estimated is 2800-4000 hours;
  • Illumination brightness-3000 lumens;
  • Luminous flux as close as possible to sunlight.

Because of the nature of xenon lighting question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best for "Viburnum", should not even arise. The driver is well seen almost all of the objects on the road and roadside (including road signs) at a great distance. When traveling in a car in dense fog or heavy rain is not a so-called “wall of light”. Rays are able to penetrate this barrier, making it visible to the road, and not a drop of rain or mist.

Why then, with such compelling advantages, xenon is still not fully replaced the halogen counterparts on the market. It's all in the disadvantages. These lights working, they need additional ignition. For their start the required voltage of 25 kV, and in the process of operation they consume have less – 80 V. Another serious drawback-a high price. Moreover, to put such lamps is recommended only for those models of cars that are equipped with a corrector of headlights to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

Led alternative

In addressing the question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best on the "Nexia", "Ford" or any other car, many experts unanimously agree that the future lies in led. And it concerns not only the automotive industry but also in most other industries, where there is a need for high quality lighting.

These lamps are the most economical among all the other counterparts. In comparison with the elements of the filament power consumption below 10 times. And what about the lifespan, it is believed that LEDs can operate up to 100 thousand hours. Also, they endure vibration and shock, and the light beam corresponds to many requirements. Due to the absence of mercury, these lamps are fully harmless, so they can safely be disposed of. Only there is one important detail – their use requires special optics. The characteristics of the LEDs can't Shine the dot, which imposes certain difficulties, since conventional optics does not allow to adjust the luminous flux.

what low beam light bulb h7 best on the guelder-rose

What are the low beam light bulb H7 best in the rain? The choice fell on the led, but you should know about a number of shortcomings. The most important of these is the very high cost, due to which this market segment is not as common. Another important point – the time span refutes the practice. Is 11 years the manufacturer guarantees good performance in the next 3-5 years. This is due to a phenomenon that is referred to as the degradation of the LEDs. That is, the crystals gradually die off – first lose its brightness, and then «silent». Another disadvantage – it's unpleasant range. As the experts in the field of psychology, about 80 % of the respondents have a negative opinion regarding the use of such lamps.

Tough choices

A wide variety of lamps for dim lighting sometimes baffled when choosing a worthy product. However, it is necessary to highlight the important criteria and strictly adhere to them:

  • Brightness of the light flux;
  • As far as lighting is comfortable for eyes;
  • Lifetime;
  • Energy consumption
  • Price.

what low beam light bulb h7 best duster

At the same time, solving the question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best, it is not necessary to be guided only by cost and purchase models that are not credible due to the low prices. On the correct choice depends on the personal safety of the driver and his passengers. Of the total number of manufacturers you can select multiple companies that offer products of decent quality:

  • Osram;
  • Philips;
  • Bosch;
  • Narva.

Giving preference to a particular brand, it is worth wondering what his reputation is. Although there are pleasant exceptions when the product from a little-known company the quality is not inferior to the world leaders.


Is a leading manufacturer of lighting equipment with a worldwide reputation, which was founded just over a hundred years ago-in 1906 in the city of Munich (Germany). Osram products are widely distributed to most car manufacturers, including Renault. High reputation once and for all close the question of what the low beam light bulb H7 best for "Ford Focus 2". Produced bulbs have standard power and there are models that have increased luminous efficiency. Getting the light sources to dim headlights marked with Osram, you can be sure of durable and high-quality work.


The least-known worldwide company specializiruetsya in the production of a wide range of products, including halogen and discharge lamps. Few people know, but this is the manufacturer involved in the production of energy-saving lamps, which is currentlyvery popular.

what low beam light bulb h7 best on the Nexia

In the automotive industry, Philips – it is the main supplier of light sources and optics to the Assembly lines of many factories. In addition, the company delivers its products on the secondary market, significantly extending its range of halogen, xenon and led lamps.


Another company from Germany, which in addition to lighting is necessary for production of other car components. Don't know what the low beam light bulb H7 is the best? In relation to this brand are the two words in German – Bosch Bosch ist. Which translated into Russian language means "BOSH" – Bosch.


Among the candidates this is the youngest, but it doesn't mean that the company produces substandard products. Mass production of halogen light sources manufacturer began in 1969. Since then, the brand Narva has become quite popular and recognizable in the world, largely due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. Real German quality – such turnover is fashionable to hear from the lips of many motorists, both among professionals and beginners.

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