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Pies quick cooking is a great option when you suddenly come visit, and time to create culinary masterpieces absolutely no. The great thing is, having in your Arsenal a few recipes, you can be always on top and not be afraid of surprises. Fillings for cakes and quick cooking, there are both sweet and savory. We offer you a choice of several different options. They do not require much time to prepare, but turn out extremely tender and tasty.

cabbage Pie

List products

You can refer to the recipes quick cooking if your kitchen has the necessary ingredients. What products have to be in the house to be able to please their loved ones delicious and hearty dish?

For pies quick cooking will need the following ingredients:

  1. Wheat flour. If the product you have in the kitchen, you will be able not only to cook pies, but also for crepes, pancakes, muffins and more.
  2. Sugar.
  3. Salt.
  4. Eggs.
  5. Baking Soda or baking powder.
  6. Milk or yogurt.
  7. Margarine or butter.

These products can be found in the kitchen almost any, even the most inexperienced housewife. And filling can provide a variety of products: canned fish, meat, liver, any fruit, jam and more. As we have seen, everything we have, we can proceed to the main action.

fish Pie

The Dough for pies quick cooking

We All want to spend in the kitchen as little time as possible. It is therefore necessary to adopt recipes for quick and delicious dishes. Pies fast food - this is a great option for the holiday table or family dinner. Hold the dough.


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If we have time, we can sift a Cup of flour. The dough we're going to do filler, since cakes are prepared very quickly. And the taste of the pastries is amazing!

  • For the test we will need two eggs, they must beat well.
  • If we do sweet cake, sugar can take a glass, otherwise it is not necessary to add.
  • Into the flour put a teaspoon of baking powder.
  • A Glass of milk or yogurt mix with eggs, add a little soda.
  • Gradually pour the flour and stir everything very well until a homogeneous mass.

The Dough is ready. The time we spent very little, which is undoubtedly only on hand all the Housewives. Further, we offer you several options for delicious baking that can be done on the basis of the drainage test.

Pie quick cooking of cabbage

We Offer you to pamper their Pets and unexpected visitors are very gentle and nourishing cakes. For the crust you can take the dough, which was discussed above. Or a recipe to change. All in order:

  • First make the filling. To do this, take half a medium cabbage head, remove the upper leaves, finely Nachinaem a little remembering her hands.
  • Take a baking pan and grease with butter.
  • Put the cabbage and spread with it.
  • Half a pack of margarine, melt over medium heat.
  • Hot mass pour evenly into the cabbage.
  • For the test we will need: half a Cup of flour, two or three eggs, three tablespoons sour cream and mayonnaise, a teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt. All ingredients must be mixed. Beat eggs with a mixer with salt, to the flour add baking powder. Combine them and stir thoroughly.
  • The batter, pour the cabbage and place in pre-heated oven.

You Can do other things, and after 30-35 minutes insanely delicious pie of cabbage quick cooking for the lazy to be ready. For the filling you can also use any ground meat, mushrooms, canned fish.

Pie quick cooking with cheese

Cottage cheese

To make a cake we need:

  • Cheese 250-300 g;
  • Eggs - 1-2 pieces;
  • Yogurt - 250 grams;
  • Sugar - tablespoon;
  • Salt, baking powder half teaspoon:
  • Flour - three cups (or how many will take the dough).


  1. Beat with a mixer eggs with sugar.
  2. Flour with added baking powder and stir well.
  3. Knead the dough that is slightly sticky. It needs to be put in a cold place for about twenty minutes.
  4. Stuffing can take any: potato puree, roasted mushrooms, chicken or ground beef, etc.
  5. Include an oven and given time to warm it up.
  6. Divide the Dough into two halves. Take a pan, grease it with butter. Spread part of the test, it is the filling (very tasty it turns out with mashed potatoes). On top lay the rest of the test, which you must roll.
  7. Suscipiam the edge of the cake and bake it in the oven. On top you can brush with egg or butter.

After 35-40 minutes the delicious cake is ready. Bon appetit!

cheese Cake


For dessert, you can make a fragrant and sweet cake. We will need:

  • 2 or 3 apples;
  • 0.5 litre of kefir;
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons sugar;
  • 2 tbsp sunflower oil;
  • 2 cups flour;
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder;
  • Vanilla and cinnamon to taste;
  • Salt.

Knead the dough. Egg whisk with sugar, add yogurt, baking powder, butter, salt and vanilla and cinnamon. Gradually add flour. The dough will be liquid.

Apples are cut into slices, removed the seeds and core. Part of the test results in the form, then laid out the stuffing, and top with the rest of the test. Put in oven for 40-45 minutes.

Apple pie

The Hosts note

Suggest you use a few recommendations that will help make your cakes especially delicate and tasty:

  • In the filler dough, you can add a few tablespoons of sour cream and mayonnaise.
  • Salt and soda it is best to add to the eggs and then beat with a mixer.
  • Flour added to the dough last. Try all carefully stir to avoid any lump.
  • It is best to prepare the filler dough to use yogurt, but you can also do with milk.

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