Three-band and two-lane acoustics: features, advantages, differences


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In the modern market of speaker system is represented in a fairly large range. This equipment differs from each other in scope (instrumental, concert, Studio, etc.), according to the specifications, the form of the body and many other qualities.a two-lane acousticsThe Most important parameter to consider in the first place, is the number of “bands” in the system. According to this criterion, there one-, three -, and two-way speakers. Than they differ from each other and which system is better, we will try to answer in this article.


Human hearing is able to recognize sounds with frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz.three-band acousticsSo the quality of music depends on the ability of the equipment to create sound waves in this range. To this end, in the part of the speaker systems include speakers that reproduce extremely low (20-150 Hz), mid (100-7000 Hz) and high (5-20 Hz THD) frequency. In connection with this appeared:

  1. Single-sideband systems where the entire frequency range creates a single speaker.
  2. Two-lane acoustics, which has two speakers: one for playing music at low to medium frequencies, the second – only on high.
  3. Tri-band equipment – for playing sound in each band handled by a separate “column”.

There is equipment with a large number of bands, where each speaker plays the sound in a certain frequency range. The most popular have two - and three-lane system – they are the most accessible and provide a great quality sound.


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The benefits of a two-lane acoustics

Two-way speakers are most popular among drivers.filter two-lane acousticsThey provide optimal sound quality, have affordable price. Because of technology development two-lane three-lane acoustics actively displaced equipment, however it's still widespread because of its advantages:

  1. Simple design, which simplifies installation and configuration.
  2. High degree of consistency between the speakers, which improves the sound quality.
  3. Most natural, “live” sound.

In dogpilecom equipment there are only two dynamics-bass and treble. NCH column reproduces the sounds in the low and middle ranges, and RF – only in high. Thanks for the system required a simple crossover filters.

Features three-band equipment

Three-band acoustics differs from the already described systems the best sound. Equipment in such systems doukomplektovat midrange driver, which has the so-called “space” information, creates surround sound. Additionally, the division of responsibilities, equipment has become more compact.what is the difference phonics from a two-lane three-laneA Negative quality of the three systems is the high price. It is two to three times higher than two-way speakers. Moreover, three-band acoustics involves the installation of the crossovers - complex filters frequencies. To configure such equipment, you must have excellent hearing, or to achieve consistency from the speakers will not work.

Differences between speaker systems

Any speaker system consists of speakers (midrange, bass and treble), filter equipment, signal amplifiers, audio cables and the input terminal. The filtering device responsible for dividing the audio signal into several bands. The two-lane acoustics filter splits the frequencies into two “plot” up to 5-6 thousand Hz and above 6 kHz. Three-way device, usually equipped with crossovers-adjustable filter frequencies that divide the sound range into three parts.

All the acoustic equipment can be active or passive. In the first case, each speaker is equipped with a separate signal booster. This solution facilitates coordination of the emitters, reduces the overall cost of the system. However, increasing the complexity of maintenance, installation and setup. Separate amplifiers often complement a set of three devices.

Coaxial and component speakers

That will sound like a three - or two-lane acoustics in the car largely depends on the type of speakers that are coaxial and component. The first is a single monolithic structure, in which the emitters of the high, medium and low frequencies. This decision makes the sound focused. That is why such devices are used as a Supplement and mainly for small cars.acoustics in a two-lane autoComponent speakers are the transducers that can be placed in different places. This manages to achieve surround sound, but complicated hardware installation process. In addition, if the improper installation of the sound stage is very heterogeneous. Component systems are installed in cars with a spacious interior.

Issue price

As noted earlier, two-lane acousticsmuch cheaper than installing three-band equipment. This is for two reasons:

  • Fewer equipment – requires only two loudspeakers, a maximum of two amplifiers and one filter;
  • Simple installation – to assemble such a system on their own, possessing basic knowledge in the field of electricity.

The three systems include more sophisticated equipment, the cost of which significantly exceeds the price of conventional devices. In addition, if you decide to install this speaker system, you will have to seek the help of professionals – without special measuring devices, and thin ear mounted system will sound the same as PA speakers. This is the main answer to the question about what is different from two-lane three-lane acoustics.

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