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They Say that talented people around to show their extraordinary abilities. And Denis Maydanov, biography which will be today's topic for consideration, that such a person is. Because he is a songwriter, composer, and performer, actor and music producer. Biography of Denis Maidanov already interested in the crowds of his admirers, despite the fact that it made itself felt not long ago. A large part of Russia learned about it only in 2009.biography of Denis maidanova

Biography Maidanov Denis: the beginning of a creative way

Saw the light of the future artist in the city of Balakovo (Saratov region) on 17 February 1976. Began to write in childhood. Graduated from the faculty of directing at the Moscow State University of culture and arts. One of the main objects for which the Maidan was to draw attention to, were “Acting”. Therefore, Denis is not only a talented musician, but also manifests itself quite successfully as an actor. He played roles in such films as "backwater”, “Alexander garden-2”, “Brothers” series “Track”. Also in many movies and television series on Russian television sound soundtracks written by Denis Maidanova (“Shift”, “movers and Shakers”, “Angelica”, “Revenge”, “Area”).

Biography Maidanov Denis: one of the best hitmakers RussiaDenis Maidanov biography

In 2000, the Studio “Union” was released on the album "HB" (sounds like “al-b"), producer and songwriter which was the Maidan. In the world of dance music, he became a real breakthrough. Then, in 2001, the future artist moved to the capital to conquer new musical heights. Began work first as an author and composer of songs. His works are performed by such Russian pop stars as Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Marshall, Joseph Kobzon, Philip Kirkorov, Boris Moiseev, Marina Khlebnikov, Katya LEL, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alexander Buinov, Natalia Vetlitskaya, Jasmine, Mar, group, "White eagle". For ten years Dennis has been created a lot of good songs that are loved by the audience and become hits.


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Biography of Denis maidanova: solo career beginnings

Despite all of his achievements in the music world, Denis the little who knew, he always remained behind the scenes. In 2002, the festival «song of the year” Maidan became the winner, thanks to the song ‘the fog", performed by singer Sasha. But often glory was given only to the performers. During the period of his artistic career, Denis had amassed a sufficient supply of their own songs “soul” that he could not give fulfillment to someone else. And in 2009, the artist decided to release his first solo album, ‘Everlasting love”. Maidanova the song immediately ranked first in the charts. In 2011, already loved by many performer released her second album.

Denis Maidanov biography wife

His songs are at times so simple and at the same time brilliant that it seems anyone can play guitar, sing in the warm company of friends and to get pleasure. Dennis sings with sincerity about the life and its essential values, for this and love his fans.

Denis Maydanov. Biography: wife, daughter, and happiness

In his personal life artist, too, found happiness. Beloved wife Natasha (2005), and the daughter of Vlad (born in 2008) — important people who all support him. Sport — Denis second passion since childhood. The actor plays for the team of Guild of actors of cinema of Russia “Series”, which often organizes charity matches.

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