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The Operating system "Android" has gained great popularity due to its simplicity and excellent developer support. However, the scheme of its distribution is such that each device maker needs to create its own version of the firmware. Moreover, under specific model of phone or tablet. In this article, we will discuss methods and proxyvalidate "Android" via your PC.

Some theory about what is firmware

You should First tell what is the firmware of any device. This is a set of software to perform basic functions and for the operating system. Since versions of "Android" are very common, and each device has its own set of hardware, and firmware versions there are plenty. Therefore, before you perform the change, then you could find it under your device.

flasher for Android

Aims and objectives of the flashing device

Why do you may need the firmware? This question has many different answers. For example, the unit began to fail and behave is unclear. Reset to factory settings did not help, and then, as an option, you can pereproshit. Doing this, if you just tired of the appearance of the menu and presented the current version of the functionality. But it can also happen that the manufacturer stopped supporting this device, and the current version of the "Android" more is not developing.

flasher Android via PC

The Firmware may be as an official representing the original images are installed by the manufacturer of the system, and “custom”, that is collected by Amateurs and enthusiasts. The latest installation is at your own risk, so you should carefully study the instructions.


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Overview of prosyanikov for "Android"

Now, let's talk more about what it is. The flasher for the "Android" — a special program or set of them that knows what's inside your smartphone or tablet, and know how to install software in the right partitions of memory. We will discuss some of these applications.

software flasher Android

SP Flash Tool - probably the most famous flasher for "Android". He focuses mainly on the installation of software on the device processor "MediaTek". Using the program you can paint the steps:

  1. Install the driver for the device on a personal computer. This is necessary in order to SP Flash Tool was able to see and correctly use the device.
  2. Find the desired firmware for its version of the phone. At this stage you should be very careful as many of them. And they can vary not only the date but also the audits of the smartphone or tablet.
  3. Once the firmware is found, it is necessary to unpack in a convenient place on your hard disk.
  4. Now you need to run the flasher "Android" via SP Flash Tool. Opens the main program window, which will be the action.
  5. In the right part of the window there is a button Scatter Loading. It allows you to load the Scatter file available in the archive with the firmware.
  6. Now press the toolbar button with an arrow and the words Download. And only at this stage to connect the device to the computer.
  7. To begin the flashing process, the progress of which can be seen on the yellow line from the bottom.
  8. When finished, the machine should be rebooted. The first run may take about 5-10 minutes.

 flasher for Android tablet

To Use this method and program-flasher "Android" SP Flash Tool very carefully as this is a universal method. And for each specific device has its own peculiarities and tricks.

Odin is a powerful tool for Samsung

Odin-flasher "Android" via computer for devices Samsung. Is a multifunction processor that is able not only to change the firmware on the unit, but to the developer, the kernel and more.

For normal work program need your Windows installation, drivers for the device "Samsung", and also a special set ADB Fastboot. Some tips and recommendations when working with Odin:

  • Before starting the firmware you need to make sure that the battery is charged at least 50%;
  • In order for the procedure to turn the device in “brick”, you should use a laptop or PC with uninterruptible power supply;
  • Use the original USB cord;
  • When you save the firmware file in transit should not be Russian characters.

Typically, the firmware will be found on the official website of the company "Samsung". If you need some custom, then it is necessary to go to any theme in the forum, for example, 4PDA.

Phoenix Suit

The flasher for Android have tablets and phones is focused on the processor Allwinner BoxChip. The functionality of the program is small, but sufficient to run the firmware on many models of devices on the platform Android. The process requires no special knowledge and efforts.

First install the driver for the device, then looks for the correct version of the software. Then on the Firmware tab to specify the downloaded firmware file and start the procedure. Upon completion of the program will reboot the device.


The network has a lot of programs to runthe firmware on the devices running "Android". Some have already ceased to be used and maintained, some are simply not needed in view of the more functional and simple solutions. The article describes current and popular today the types of prosyanikov.

flasher Android through computer

But if you are using any program it is worth remembering that the firmware is very demanding. To a non-working phone in the process — easy. Therefore it is necessary to explore in more detail how and what is the firmware of a phone and tablet. And to clarify under what version firmware is required.

You Need not forget about kickbacks. That is, you should create a backup of the production system. This will allow in case of error return to their seats.

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