Colorado cats. What are they?


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Colorado cats… No, not bugs, and that is adored by many furry Pets. Have you ever heard of such animals? In principle, this name is more popular, and experts attribute these mammals to a special subspecies of cat.

Section 1. Colorado cats. Group tabbyColorado catsThere are a huge number of these Pets, and each one is unique. But there are signs that they can be grouped. Agree, any of the British cat (top photo), in principle, will not leave anyone indifferent, but the color in which there is a pattern, unique and they belong to the group of tabby or tabby, as they are called.

The people of India in the XII century and brought to England silk that had cost a lot of money. They were shown the intricate pattern – "tabby's". It is believed that from it was formed the name "tabby".

In fact, every cat is a carrier of a particular pattern, and it turns out that originally all of them can be attributed to tabbycat. But this is not happening due to the presence of the factor "agouti". That it affects the appearance of the image in color. Capricious factor may not allow to reveal the figure, then the animal will have a solid color. Striking confirmation of this – maradie kittens. Initially their fur are clearly visible spots or stripes, which disappear as soon as the kids grow up. But the real tabby will succeed only if it would "agouti".

Section 2. Colorado cats: characteristics Tabakovcat breedsCats group tabby pattern can be distinguished according to several characteristics present in the painting. One of them is without ticking. This is when the guard hairs, which constitute the background of the picture, painted sable. And the rest of which directly formed and the drawing is colored in the foreground color.


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On the forehead of the animal needs to attend the sign of the scarab. On the surface, this pattern resembles the letter "M". And if the cat on the back surface of the ear distinctly discerned a light spot resembling a thumbprint, then you definitely tabby. Another symptom of patterned cat-eye rim or spout in the color of the main color.

Now about the pattern, if it is present. It must necessarily contain certain elements. On the chest you can see at least three closed strips, the so-called "necklace" and on legs and tail-rings. Belly certainly the presence of two rows of twin spots, and on her cheeks – curls. Clear rich picture needs contrast to stand out against the background of the main color. One condition – deep prokras, down to the hair roots.

Basically all patterned cats, orange, or Golden copper eye color. With the exception of silver tabiki having green eyes.

Step 3. Colorado cats: building the picturecat photoCats Have a tabby with a marble color pattern has a well defined shape. A continuous line that goes from the corners of the eyes, forming the cheeks of the figure. Stripes extending from the occiput to the shoulders, form the pattern of a butterfly, along the back are also parallel lines. On the neck and chest there are numerous necklaces and clutches - rings in the color of the main color. Hip-circles, and spots – on the stomach.

Brown tabby is characterized in that the pattern on his coat has a rich black color. And the chin and the lip of the animal is painted in copper-brown. The nose is often brick-red in color with black piping.

These breeds of cats thanks to its unusual color are popular both among Russians and residents, without exaggeration, the entire planet.

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