Proper storage of breast milk.


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One of the benefits of breastfeeding, in addition to its undoubted usefulness, is no need to cook and store food for the baby! “Product” is always with you, always has the right temperature and consistency, but its freshness and can not speak. But often enough from breast-feeding moms for one reason or another, there is a need to pump and store breast milk. And at the same time this need arises a lot of questions about how to store, how much stored breast milk, etc.

For Those who have never decanted and not seen expressed breast milk, its appearance may seem strange. The fact is that human milk differs from our traditional cow's milk not only in its composition and properties, but also appearance. Some time later, after pumping breast milk is divided into separate layers, fatty part floats forming the upper layer, and it may seem that the milk was gone. But if you mix it again becomes homogeneous. If storing breast milk is produced continuously, therefore, it is decanted at different times, and may also vary in appearance, as it has a different fat content. Milk, expressed breast before feeding or at the very beginning, seems to be more ‘low fat” compared to milk, which is decanted after feeding.

Storing breast milk in the freezer should be done in a sterile, tightly sealed container, better if it is glass, however, allowed to store breast milk in plastic food containers. Important as the container in which you are storing breast milk, is the ease and convenience of use. So, glass container suitable for boiling and steaming, but quickly beats and takes a lot of space in the fridge. Plastic containers are hard to break, they are lighter, but not boil.


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There are certain rules that must be followed, producing the storage of breast milk:

1. At temperatures up to +22 With the expressed milk can be stored for ten hours, avoiding direct sunlight.

2. In the refrigerator expressed breast milk can be stored up to two days in the freezer – up to three weeks in a freezer with a temperature below-about 18-20 With up to 3 months.

3. In order to avoid the absorption of milk odors it is recommended to store breast milk in special airtight containers or tightly sealed container.

4. When freezing the milk increases in volume, so you should not fill the freezer bags completely, to avoid their breakup.

5. Each container must be signed, indicating the date and time of pumping in order to avoid confusion.

6. Thawed breast milk is recommended in a water bath to preserve the integrity of its components, or after leaving it in the fridge for a few hours, and then heated in a container of warm water (max 37° C).

Proper storage of breast milk, personal hygiene and compliance with the rules – the key to the health of your child, so the milk that you plan to give the child in the next two days it is better not to freeze to keep the immune factors in milk. Thawed breast milk can not be re-frozen and stored. Before pumping milk breast pump be sure to treat and wash your hands with soap and water. Before use, all components of the breast pump, milk collection containers and containers for storage should be washed and sterilized. Remember that the breast pump is designed for individual use, we do not want to lend to other mothers.

Human milk is the ideal food for babies and no artificial mixture cannot replace. Only it contains all the substances necessary for the maturation of the nervous system and brain child, but it helps the development of all functional systems, protects baby from diseases and ensures the formation of a strong immune system, so you need to make every effort to preserve lactation.

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