Tatar dance conveys the full flavor of the people


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Each nation has its own dances that Express the character, the mentality and characteristics of the nation. Folk dances are primarily associated with the history and cultural traditions. Maybe with their help people are trying to perpetuate the memory of national heroes or to show your temperament.

Tatar DanceWhat interesting people - Tatars! It is remarkable that they get along perfectly in all corners of the globe, can easily adapt to new living conditions. But this does not mean that they forget their traditions and culture. Tatar dance is proof of this. Show me one Tatar who does not know at least one Tatar folk dance.

Features of Tatar choreography

What do you think, what dance Tatar dance? Of course, in national costumes. They have these people is very colorful. However, they are no less colorful than the dance itself. Tatar folk danceThe Peculiarity of the Tatar dance is the expression and the sharpness of the movements. This dance changed the course of history, people and its culture. In the beginning, this dance was considered to be shamanic, as his movements resembled the movements of a magician or a shaman. He was also associated with the cult of birds and animals. The movement of the hands resembled the flapping of the wings of birds.

Over time, Tatar dance changed and became more close to ordinary people as reflected their way of life, temperament and culture. The steps and priklopi already had nothing to do with the activities of the shaman, and starting with the twentieth century, the Tatar dances even took some movement from Russian folk dance. Borrowing often occurs from the neighboring peoples, culture can't develop in isolation, therefore, this exchange is completely normal. Importantly, Tatar dance is not lost your pronounced national identity.


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Incendiary Tatar dance will not leave indifferent who saw this spectacle. So much emotion, expression! They can be executed as a pair (man and woman) or separately. Tatar dance you can do solo, and even a mixed group. Women's dancing, for example, are femininity, elegance, and chastity. Tatar Tatar dance is full of tireless joie de vivre. He talks through the motions of life, culture of the people. Consider a single dance.

Several couples are on the court. The guy's right hand hugs the girl, and his left hand is holding her left hand and takes her aside. The girl's right hand supports a dress. Tatar dance is rich in various steps with their feet that clearly shows this example. First pair of three takes the basic step right at the line. Then the item, which has already been mentioned: a triple kick. Fulfill all, and the torso should be somewhat tilted forward. After a couple perform three times the basic step, overcoming the distance on a small circle counterclockwise. At the end of this stage the couple must return to her place. The guys are in the middle of the circle face to the girls and perform triple kick and the girls at the same time - a double.

Tatar danceHere it is, colorful Tatar folk dance! In colorful bright costumes his movements convey the temperament of this unique people.

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