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For many years the beautiful seaside city of Odessa in the people was called. It was called the Little Paris, the Pearl of the Black sea, the southern Palmyra. But the fact that he is a chief of thieves, the country's capital is firmly tied to this place by another name — Odessa-Mama. The actors, who starred in the TV series under the same name, showed us a difficult summer of 1969, and when there was the whole story.

Odessa Mama actors

Ah, Odessa ..

In 2012 on the channel «Russia» showed the new picture, filmed in Ukraine. It was a film about the famous city with the freedom-loving spirit, extraordinary colorful humor and a commercial vein that seems to have been born before Odessa. The authors of the script of steel and Andrey kureychik, and Alexander Kachan. Has long been noticed that the TV shows of recent years have become more qualitative and interesting. Mark Gorobets, Director of the painting “Odessa-Mama”, the actors who played quite clearly and very realistic, decided the filming process to move to Odessa, which was the subject of many films. The choice for the filming of this city to explain a very easy: beautiful landscapes, gorgeous weather, crystal clear sea and beautiful nature.

the cast of Odessa Mama


The Main hero of the picture is the Moscow Prosecutor's office investigator Andrey Chebanov. He was sent to Odessa to take the position of city attorney and in this position started a serious fight against criminal groups that control the area. In the slippery legs of the unfolding of criminal events are drawn randomly from ordinary people. Painting «Odessa-Mama" of the actors inWhich Told the whole story, show you the city, at the junction of the 60-70-ies of the twentieth century.


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The New Prosecutor Andrey Chebanov comes to the conclusion: there will be another wave of wars. These are the conflicts that arise over the division of spheres of influence in the city and are accompanied by human victims. And this can happen if not today, then tomorrow. Assistant chebanova in Odessa — Deputy city Prosecutor Irina Volskaya (actress Svetlana Ustinova) — struggling helps him to understand the situation. Together they try to find her the right exit.

Dato, Greek and other...

In 1969, in Odessa, was killed by the authority. In the criminal world is coming a serious war. To try to somehow smooth out the situation and, if possible, to avoid bloodshed, here comes David pachulia (nickname Dato), the thief in the law. He needs to appoint a new “looking” and to warn all the squabbles and skirmishes between bandits. There is a new group, headed by thieving reputation Greek. The cast of “Odessa-Mama” for the role of the leaders of the criminals were carefully chosen. And it is not only in appearance artists. The main thing was to understand who can feel the mood of the villains, to convey their demeanor.

actors of the film Odessa Mama

Parallel history

Another storyline revolves around three friends from school. This is Ivan (Pyotr Fyodorov), who recently was discharged from the army; Boris (Alexander Alyabiev), a student of the naval College; Leh (actor, well known for the TV series “Cops”, “Kitchen”, “Trap”, Mikhail Tarabukin), guy, recently released from prison. Criminal history of Odessa, the sea pearl is just “open” to them his arms.

Actors of the movie «Odessa-Mama” matched almost perfectly. Everyone played his character so authentically that it seems as if this is their real life. The guys are trapped in an unpleasant situation for them, and besides — involuntarily tightening them and their brides: Oksana (Olga Smirnova) and Svetlana (Agniya Kuznetsova). Mom girls Marina Antipova (actress, familiar to viewers of the TV series “Team” and its sequel, Ekaterina Guseva), who were friend of my youth the new Prosecutor chebanova, come to a balanced decision to use their only known her for Andrew. After all, he still feels for her tender feelings. The actors of the film «Odessa-Mama”, Dyuzhev and Gusev, not for the first time meet on the set. Therefore, they easily found common language and have created a close-knit tandem.

Odessa Mama actors and roles

Punishment or a promotion?

Let's Talk about the main character. For filming in the film «Odessa-Mama” the actors were selected with a certain twist. As can be understood from the foregoing, the main character is played by famous Russian actor Dmitry Dyuzhev. According to the script, his character — the capital Prosecutor — first, it was decided to demoted for some offense. But then Andrew cabanova increase and sent to his hometown for further fruitful work.

Now he has to administer justice in the settlement in which he was born. Of course, in the warm Odessa flashes again a little rusty, but has not abandoned his love to the most beautiful woman, as is usually the case, is it still available. Dyuzhev and Gusev - the cast of “Odessa-Mama”, shows these relations very nice and not Intrusive. All this is quite intriguing, especially because this story tied a lot of different characters, by and large, negative.

film Odessa Mama actors and roles

What is better: modern or retro-style?

The Audience for the last two decades have become accustomed to the fact that the screen appeared a lot of pictures about gangsters and cops. Therefore, trying to surprise and please the most viewers, the creators tried to make something incredibly new. This story is also to some extent about bandits, thieves and crooks, but it is filmed in an unusual manner of retro-style that is attractive. The film really draws its plot, its story is interesting, even the life story of the sixties of the last century.

So thought the TV series «Odessa-Mama”. The actors and the roles they executable, recreate the era of the Soviet time with a Maritime accent. After the release of the tape on the screens there were a lot of reviews about the plot, the acting. Some praised exactly matched the artistic composition and history itself. Others believed that the filmmaker is too clever by half with “sosaniem”. Others admired the speech of the old Jew pinkhus Srulevich Gurevich performed by the inimitable albert Filozova. Film «Odessa-Mama”, the actors and the role which the first series was loved by the audience of all ages, great shows of the late sixties and early seventies of the last century. Yes, it is easy to find a lot of mistakes and misgivings. But if you don't pay attention to them, to look at the picture you can in one breath.


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