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One of the most famous and large-scale projects "of all times and peoples” — the fantasy Saga "Star wars” — was created by American Director George Lucas in the early 1970s. To implement the conceived from it took a tremendous effort, which ensured the triumph of the first film, released in may 1977. Moreover, according to the testimony of those who participated in the creation of this epic, what happened in the process, it could be a subject for another exciting movie. So, where and how it was directed "Star wars”?

 how to make “Star wars”

A Few words about George Lucas

Before you start talking about how it was shot “Star wars”, you should pay a little attention to the Director's personality.

It is now George Lucas is one of the most wealthy representatives of their profession with a capital of $ 5 million, and at the time when he came up with the idea of the project, he was not yet 30 years old, and he had scored only two feature films. In fairness I must say that he's already filmed a movie in the genre of science fiction, but it was not a resounding success. The plot of this film, known as "THX 1138" is a story about a future world where mankind is forced to live under the earth, ruled by computers. The film is certainly inferior in entertainment “Star wars”, but his characters are still fighting for their right to be human and to make all the decisions.


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What was the basis of the script

At the time, George Lucas was very impressed by the film Akira Kurosawa's "Hidden fortress". As a result, he wrote the screenplay for 12 sheets with a long name that mentioned the Great Jedi.

In subsequent years, Lucas was busy working on ‘Apocalypse now”, but the picture was shot without him. However, many invented scenes were later used in the creation of “Zvezdnyh wars”.

The South Asian theme didn't let go of Lucas, and he rewrote his first script and decided to invite all role actors from Japan. However, at the final stage, the Director radically changed his opinion, and there was a story that fans of the Saga know by heart in every detail.

in what year was off by “Star wars”

Ralph Mcquarrie

After Completing a long and painstaking work on the script of the film, Lucas is going to present to potential investors and several film studios a thick book. It can accommodate all the events of the universe ‘Star wars" trilogy of modern times and a detailed description of hundreds of characters, with names and biographies.

Being a realist, George Lucas realized that in order to with great success to present his project to kinomescan, one of rave's story is not enough. He began to think how best to present “Star wars”. The film, as he conceived it, required a large investment, so the Director decided to order a few illustrations of the famous industrial designer Ralph Mcquarrie of the Boeing company. His choice was not accidental, as the artist at the time drew the famous image of landing Americans on the moon. The collaboration of Lucas and Mcquarrie proved fruitful, and he received a beautiful concept paintings for “Star wars”.

Colin Cantwell

Talking about how it was shot “Star wars”, not to mention the person who created the model space transport and infrastructure. The role of the co-author of the technical issues Lucas invited Colin Cantwell, who worked on the film “the Andromeda Strain” and “2010: a Space Odyssey" and kept in his house an extensive collection of models. Threesome with Mcquarrie they came up with the appearance and characteristics of the motion of the speeder, ships and stations "death Star".

why “Star wars” was filmed out of order

How to make “Star wars”: prehistory

Today, it's hard to believe but in the mid-70s to find someone willing to start production of the film was extremely difficult, and Lucas took about six months. In the end of the XX-th Century Fox agreed to start shooting, but put before the Director several terms, including the waiver of receipt of advance fees and publication of the book in the story of the fourth episode of the space Saga. The latter, in the opinion of management of the Studio, it was necessary to do in order to find out how the script of the film is able to interest the audience.

The collaboration on a fiction novel Lucas drew Alan foster, and soon all of America had read about the adventures of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

The book is the main reason why “Star wars” was filmed out of order. This tradition of throwing from end to end of the script continued in the future, as it created intrigue and fueled interest in the subsequent parts of the Saga. She was the reason for the confusion in the question about in what year was removed “Star wars”. After all, the first episode was presented to the audience only at the end of the twentieth century.

where removed “Star wars”

Where they filmed "Star wars" (the fourth episode)

Director George Lucas so long nurtured the idea of his film, that a clear idea of how to look like a particular character and what better way to realize the required effects.

As the venue for the creation of the world, where there had to be heroes of the Saga, chose Tunisia, and more precisely, the neighborhood of the city Tatooine. And his name became so popular among the participants of the shooting that it was used to refer to the planet, where were the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 sent for help in the fight against the forces of the Empire.

Within two months, the decorators have built in the desert city of Mos Astley. Besides, Tatooine was brought on 25 models, including RC, which was designed by Carlo Rambaldi.

 where removed “Star wars. The force awakens”

In any countries of the world visited the creative team of Lucas in the creation of the Saga "Star wars”

The film was shot in various parts of the Earth, for example:

  • Needle Skywalker also built in Tunisia, but on the dry salt lake of El JERID. Interestingly, after filming in 1977, the set was dismantled, but then it was re-built for the filming of “attack of the clones”.
  • Hotel in the Tunisian town of Matmata, which was rebuilt from an ancient Berber dwellings, is the platform, where they filmed "Star wars” when it was necessary to show the house of Skywalker.
  • Kind to the scenes unfolding on the planet Yavin, was selected in the Guatemalan ruins of Tikal Park.
  • The Scene at the Palace square in Tiede was filmed in Spain, in the territory, where in 1929 was held the Ibero-American exposition.

In addition, operators, actors and other team members directed by Lucas in the course of working on ‘Star wars” visited the Norwegian village of Finse, Phuket Thai, Chinese Guiliani and many other interesting places. Thus, they proved that our planet has such a diverse landscape and scenery that can become the backdrop for a Universe.

interesting facts about movies

Where the shooting took place far episode

Each part of the space Saga of George Lucas was more spectacular and perfect from the point of view of technical solutions and special effects. And changed the country, where he sought nature, and usually many times per picture. For example, the place where they filmed "Star wars. The force awakens”, — is:

  • Neighborhood of the capital of Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, where he created a market and Parking space of vehicles that are the subject of the picture are on the planet Duck;
  • Forest on the border of the English counties, Wales and Gloucestershire, where the film-makers have hidden from the enemies of the Grand master Yoda;
  • On the island of Skellig Michael in Ireland, where the ancient monastery, part of UNESCO world heritage;
  • The airfield in Newbury, which was flying the fighters of the Rebel Alliance;
  • The pavilion "Pinewood" in the suburbs of London.

By the Way, because the epic consists of 7 episodes, before answering the question, in what year was off by “Star wars”, you should find out about what they are talking about. It is also worth noting that “the force awakens” became the first film of the Saga, which was filmed by another Director — John. John. Abrams. While George Lucas, who gave Walt Disney company your work for the scenario of the seventh episode, later told reporters that the story presented to the audience has nothing to do with what was written for the trilogy sequel.

as shot "Star wars”

How many times...

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