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The vacation House is the ‘young life” is not far from Moscow (Dmitrovsky highway). Visitors relax after a tiring city bustle. Here you can enjoy the clean air and admire beautiful landscapes. While it is not necessary to abandon the usual comfort. It offers guests modern rooms located in the hotel business-class restaurants in which the chef offers gourmet cuisine and a festive show program.


Discovery holiday homes “young life” was held in 2009, it Is situated eight kilometers from Moscow, if you go along the Dmitrovskoe highway. Nearby airport «Sheremetyevo-2». From country club just five minutes away by car. Holiday home chosen a truly wonderful place on the Bank of the Klyazminsky reservoir.


The holiday House "juna life” opened recently. In this regard, he, unlike many Moscow establishments of similar type, has a modern organization of space and leisure. Guests “young life” and have the opportunity to combine an active and luxurious holiday. Visitors to the hotel SPA complex and swimming pools, a fitness club and a water Park, tennis courts and restaurant, Playground for mini-football and much more.young life

With Its comfort and modernity pleased with the room Fund of the institution. Offers apartments and townhouses, as well as double rooms. Any visitor can choose an acceptable option.

Another advantage of vacation homes is its compact size. This allows you to quickly reach the desired location in the territory “young life”, to get pleasure from the rest. All that is necessary, is nearby.


The hotel

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yuna life a WaterparkA Stay at this gorgeous vacation home can be booked in advance. To do this, simply visit the official website and leave your request. Country club “young life” prices offers potential visitors only direct. The website contains additional information concerning the holiday home (location map, address, contact numbers, room rates and photographs). There are also testimonials from those who have already visited this wonderful place.


“young life” is an architectural complex. It is made in a modern style, typical of Western Europe. On site is three residential buildings, which are connected with aquazone. The real zest of “young life”. The water Park offers many water rides for guests of all ages.

The Number of rooms

The Hotel «young life” offers spacious two-story townhouses. They are in the first building. Their area is from ninety to one hundred fifteen square meters. They are designed for stays of two to six people.

country club juna lifeIn the second case are one-storey apartments. Their area is from eighty-six to one hundred and thirteen square meters. To settle here from two to eight guests.

The Third building includes double rooms with an area of from twenty to forty square meters. Each of them is unique in its interior design, responding at the same time, standards that are provided for the category “Suite”.
All rooms have satellite TV, air conditioning and wireless Internet (Wi-Fi). It should be noted that all accommodation is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. The room Fund is a symbiosis of the amenities and advantages of resort living with the warmth and comfort of home space. Any of the residential premises complies with the nice expensive interior decent country house. It's anteroom, and a furnished living room and kitchen with various integrated appliances, bright and romantic bedroom, in which there are elements of Oriental decor and large size bathroom which has a shower with turbomaster or Jacuzzi. All this creates an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and incomparable aesthetic pattern.

From the rooms of the first and second housings are separate outputs on the territory of the holiday home. The landscape is made in the classic English style. Here you can admire the Alpine slides and neatly manicured lawns, a stone bridge that spans a natural stream, and use of sunbathing areas, summer terrace, to sit at an outdoor cosy lobby bar.


They are available in every building of the holiday home. However, their round-the-clock visiting hours for guests “young life” is absolutely free. In the Aqua zone has two indoor pools (one of them can be accessed directly from the room of the first building), bath and Wellness center (with Turkish bath and Finnish sauna), Jacuzzi and a water Park. Guests at leisure can take part in traditional bathing ceremonies, which are conducted by professionals of high class.

The Park

Visitors to holiday homes fall into an amazing place where there is opportunity to find any entertainment for everyone. Since April 2011 opened “young life”, the water Park (the customers).«Aqua JNA" (he is called) – three thousand square meters of sun, heat and good mood. Not only a child but any adult will always find here interesting entertainment.

hotel life yunaWater Park in Moscow (“young life”) is divided into two areas. The first of them presents a Playground for kids. Kids ready to splash in the water. The second zone is intended for adults who prefer an active holiday. Such visitors will surely enjoy the cool runnings water slides that the water Park nine. They all have different heights – from two to ten meters.

water Park yuna life reviews

The Rate of descent reaches fourteen meters per second. A water cannon, four pools, waterfalls and geysers – that is something that has a water Park “young life”. Reviews of its visitors attest to time well spent.
Birthdays and their accompanying guests in the Waterpark offers you a discount up to fifty percent. Entrance adult ticket for those wishing to spend the whole day in the water Park will cost 1500 rubles, and kids – 700.


Relatively recently, country club “young life” solved the problem of those who want to experience the feeling of fun and excitement from riding the waves. In the rest home installed the equipment, allowing to receive artificial wave. Now in Moscow there is where to surf. It is not necessary to plan expensive trips to the ocean and calculate the seasonality of the waves. The area of the Park where the artificial wave, is a great place not only for beginners but also for those who surf professionally.

water Park in Moscow yuna life

Country club offers everyone year-round training. On a surf simulator, a high (over a meter) artificial wave. Its width-10 m. Fans of Phineas also recommended the surf simulator. Here you can get a great opportunity to work the abdominal muscles and legs, buttocks and abdomen. When practicing on this simulator improves coordination. Fifteen minutes of exercise will need to pay a fee in the amount of 1000 rubles.

Sports complex

For Those who prefer healthy and active way of life, this country house offers classes in the fitness center. This is a large sports complex, which houses a gym, a field for mini-football Playground, table tennis, outdoor tennis courts, and much more. Guests at the country club have a unique opportunity for not only individual but also collective games and sports activities. Kids year-round to visit a children's tennis Academy.


Relax in the lap of nature near Moscow in itself allows you to find peace of mind, and therefore the health and beauty. However, “young life” proposes to improve the condition of the face and body in the SPA. This is a real resort, which has no equal anywhere in the suburbs. Equipment SPA are high-tech modern devices. The drugs belong to the category of tools of last generation. In addition, the procedures are conducted by highly qualified professionals.

The Main directions in which work SPA country house “young life”, is the correction and aesthetic cosmetology. To achieve the goal of a large number of procedures. They include stone therapy and massages, body wraps and much more. In addition to the healing and rejuvenating SPA treatments to the clients of the center offers a Solarium, hydromassage baths, large pool, and at the end of the session – drink herbal tea useful.

On the company website you can find a detailed list of procedures and prices. The cost of services is depending on the selected program type. So, for “Soft” will have to pay 2,000 rubles, and for the rejuvenation of face and body "Golden lady” – 5000 RUB.

Show programs

Those who enjoy a vivid nightlife will also receive a large portion of enjoyment when you visit the club «young life”.

yuna life Park on Dmitrovka

Here are some unforgettable parties, with the participation of leading DJs of the world and the stars of domestic and foreign music. Such programs usually take place during holidays and weekends.

What's included in the price?

Sauna and water Park, Jacuzzi and swimming pools, a gym and a Billiards, Breakfast and Wi-Fi – all of these guests at the country club can use without a surcharge. One day in the rest home is worth from five to seven thousand rubles. Good time!

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