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Natural Rubber is an amorphous body, having the ability to crystallize. Natural material (untreated) – carbon colorless or white. Natural rubber does not dissolve in alcohol, water, acetone and certain other liquids. In the aromatic and fatty hydrocarbons (ethers, benzene, gasoline and others), it swells and later dissolves. The result is the formation of colloidal solutions, which are widely used in engineering purposes.

Natural rubber has a homogeneous molecular structure. The material has high physical and technological characteristics, is easy to process on appropriate hardware.

natural rubberNatural rubber has a high elasticity (elasticity). The material is able to recover its original shape when it ceases to influence the forces that caused the deformation. It should be said that the elasticity is maintained in a sufficiently wide temperature range. However, prolonged storage provokes the hardening of the material.

Natural rubber at a temperature of minus one hundred and ninety-five degrees transparent and rigid, at a temperature of from zero to ten degrees – opaque and brittle when twenty-translucent, supple and soft. When heated above 50C, the material becomes plastic and sticky.

Its elasticity, it loses at a temperature of eighty degrees, one hundred and twenty degrees it goes into resinoid liquid state after curing to obtain the original product is impossible. With increasing temperature up to two hundred-two hundred and fifty degrees, natural rubber begins to decompose. The result is a number of liquid and gaseous substances.


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natural rubberNatural rubber is a good insulator. In addition, the material has a low gas - and water-resistant.

The Material is slowly oxidized by atmospheric oxygen. Faster the process occurs under the influence of the chemical oxidants.

In addition to all other properties, the rubber has flexibility. He is able to save the form, which is acquired under the influence of external factors. Plasticity, which manifests itself during machining or heating, is considered to be one of the distinguishing characteristics of the material. Due to the fact that rubber has elastic and plastic properties, it is also called material plasto-elastic. natural rubber formula

Natural rubber formula is – (C5H8)n, consists of molecules that contain many double bonds. Material quite easily enter into chemical reactions with many substances. High reactivity due to unsaturated chemical nature of the material. Best interaction happens in those solutions in which rubber molecules are represented by relatively large colloidal particles.

When stretching or cooling there is a transition material in a crystalline state from the amorphous (crystallization). This process occurs within a certain time, not instantly. Crystals have a small size, uncertain geometric shape, and their fuzzy faces.

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