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Beautifully decorated birthday cake can rightly be called a work of art. But to create such a masterpiece – a laborious and delicate work. Bake the cakes and prepare the cream – this is only the beginning. The most difficult part of this work is decoration. But, this process is very interesting and creative. Here, you can exercise your imagination and surprise the guests with an extraordinary culinary masterpiece.

Decorations for cakes you can make yourself or purchase ready-made, good their choice today is simply huge: it's colorful coconut, sugar colored beads of any size, decoration of coloured sweet paper, figurines made of marzipan and mastic, and much more.

Start decorating need with the application to cakes «basics» - glaze. But before proceeding directly to the process application, you need to wait until the freshly baked cakes to cool, otherwise the decoration can begin “melting” from high temperature. The most affordable and easy to use at home glaze – chocolate. For cooking just enough to melt regular chocolate bar in a water bath and cover the surface of her cake. Similarly, it is possible to cast out any figures, using a special candy molds. Chocolate can be used anywhere – and white and black and combine them to pieces in various patterns.

In the pastry shops you can also buy a ready-colored frosting. It is soft and plastic material which can be rolled out like play-DOH and then gently cover the entire cake. Her taste is neutral and therefore it is suitable for absolutely any type of cakes. And simple, and very beautifully-decorated so the cake is virtually indistinguishable from produced in the confectionery.


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Traditional decoration cakes – it's cream. What cake is complete without it? It attaches to the soft airiness of form, and elegantly conceals all the flaws of the lower layer. When applying cream, it is better not to rush and gently placing it layer by layer on the surface of the cake. Using a pastry syringe or a conventional plastic bag with the work done in this little hole, you can create any patterns: roses, hearts, various figures, to do any inscriptions. Do not forget to apply a layer of cream on the side of cake also for decorating them you can sprinkle coconut flakes or almond flakes.

Of Course, the decoration of the cake must be designed in the traditional style of celebrating the holiday, be it birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other event. And in each case has its own little nuances that must be considered.

The Best decoration of children's cakes – it is a bright figures from marzipan or caramel, sweet colored beads, stars, rings, sprinkles of coconut flakes. The rule here is the more colors, the more enthusiasm among the children. Also the kids will appreciate the colorful figures of edible paper or foil: butterflies, stars, flowers – all can be purchased at almost any cooking store. If you have a good mold, you can make your own out of colored fondant figurines favorite cartoon characters of the child. It is not necessary to decorate the cake inedible figurines, especially if the children are still small – they might try to swallow them. And don't forget about the little candy candle – the number of executable little birthday boy!

Decorating cakes on the occasion of the anniversary, usually performed in a not very bright but a bit pompous style. If the birthday girl is a beautiful lady, a birthday cake will certainly need to decorate with roses of cream pastes or marzipan. To position them better on the sides, so that they do not block the main decoration – numbers and congratulatory inscription. Hero of the day-men holiday treats kept in more strict style, without the bright colored elements. Frame cake cream pattern, small rosettes of white or cream flowers. And, of course, a symbol of the triumph – the spark, a number equal to the age of the birthday boy, who by tradition it needs before tasting the cake to blow out and make a wish.

No wedding, whether the celebration in the narrow family circle or the lush pompous ceremony is not complete without the traditional cake. And here too, there are nuances, which should not be forgotten. Decoration of cakes for weddings, as a rule, kept in soft and light colours: white, cream, pink. Traditionally, the flowers, figures of doves, angels, decorative bedding of hearts. The final festive touch for the cake will be figurines of the bride and groom, two crossed rings, and two white swans, placed at the top. They are sold in a large range and for every taste-from classic romantic to depicting some of the comic scene. If you have selected edible figures, traditionally they should eat the couple under the approving applause of all the wedding guests.

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