An important factor when choosing a car - engine capacity


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Every year the number of cars on our roads is steadily increasing. And this is not surprising. Road transport – the most practical and comfortable, if not to take into account the traffic. Someone changes cars as gloves. For people not interested in the features. Give them the prestige and glamour. And there are ordinary workers, who save up for a car for several years. Such people just have to understand the “stuffing” of the vehicle.

A car without a “engine”? It is the engine is the heart of any four-wheeled vehicle. The unit is characterized by its capacity. So, engine – is a collection of volumes of all cylinders. Before buying a car, you need to clearly understand what engine is under the hood. Depending on the fuel used, the engines are divided into petrol, diesel and hybrid.

In our country, motorists prefer the first type. Now the petrol engines come with the injector and distribution system of fuel injection. Carburetor instances of fading. Enthusiasts prefer diesel SUVs “engines”. These units give a higher torque, resulting in significantly higher power. Cars with diesel “engines” in our country, unpopular. There is a reason to take “engine” on diesel, if you get to 50, and even more thousands of kilometers.

As for hybrid systems, the ways their food is different. Basically an engine that operates on solar energy, electricity and hydrogen. Of course, the engine capacity of this car is small. However, fuel costs will be. Will have to fork out an installation that will recycle energy. Unfortunately, in Russia such machines are rare on the roads. The thing in the high cost and problems arising in the repair. Specialized technical service stations in the country.


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In Order to understand what is the engine size, you need simple words to explain the principle of operation. There is a combustion chamber. In this space is placed the fuel mixture and air. One of the walls of the chamber is a piston. It is movable. With spark ignition, the fuel ignites. Energy, which was formed in the explosion that drives the piston. The last makes moving the crankshaft. As a result, the vehicle speed increases. Of course, this explanation, let's say, “fingers”. But this is enough to understand that the volume of the engine, in fact, is the volume of the combustion chamber.

That's not all. You should know, what is the displacement of the engine. This is the sum of displacements of all of cylinders of a piston internal combustion engine. The number of cubic centimeters determines the capacity of the unit. Of course, the engine displacement – an important criterion that determines the power characteristics. On this basis, the vehicles are divided into small (up to 1.1 liters) BMW (1,3-1,7), sredneetazhnye (1,8-3,5) and krupnosortnyj (over 3.5 litres). This distribution-conditional, it applies to petrol “engines”. With diesel engines, the picture is slightly different.

At the moment is rapidly moving up the idea, which is based on variable displacement with an electronic system that can disable a couple of cylinders at low loads for fuel economy. A small part of the American SUV equipped with such a system. This resulted in a saving of 20% fuel. There is a design change of the stroke of the piston by mechanical means. However, further experiment this innovation has not reached. It is necessary to note the fact that progress does not stand still, and soon scientists will delight us by their useful inventions in the field of engineering. However, the engine size is a significant indicator of power at any stage of development.


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