Lesson plan in biology. Development of a biology class in accordance with the requirements of the GEF


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A Very important cycle of subjects in the school curriculum - science. After all, it gives an idea about nature and its phenomena, living beings, their relationship with man. Geography, biology, physics and chemistry - the Foundation that allows children to enter into life, to begin to understand the things happening around, navigate them and control them.

Biology is always introduced into the school curriculum from the 6th grade, but for the requirements of modern educational standards now this discipline is required to study with the fifth stage of training. Consider what are the requirements for the preparation of lesson there are now, what is the role of the teacher, should look like modern lesson plan in biology.

lesson plan in biology

Management of biology in the school curriculum

This discipline is the most ancient of all the known Sciences. Since the appearance of man he immediately was interested in everything that surrounds it. How to construct living organisms? Why there are certain phenomena? What is the structure of his own body? What is the diversity of the nature surrounding it?

To all these questions gives the answer a biology lesson. This form of training is basic as it allows for the allotted amount of time to absorb the maximum possible amount of information to students. At this point in time to study this subject is studied for seven years, from fifth to eleventh grade, inclusive. Naturally, during this time, the child receives the full range of science knowledge included in the subject and the object of biology.


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The Main criterion of the lesson

The Most important criterion for the success of the class is the variety of forms of work on it, competent and efficient construction of the structure. When these requirements are observed the most effective results. The main goal is to excite children's interest to the subject and to stimulate their desire to learn independently as much as possible.

That is why modern biology is a joint activity of teacher and student built on the principles of democracy. It does not matter whether it is students in the 5th grade or 11th-the goal and the essence of the lesson does not change. Active forms of work, various techniques and new methods should be used by the teacher at any stage of teaching this subject.

tests for biology

Biology: types

In order to more successfully implement the introduction of new standards to build lessons and to increase the effectiveness of training, use different kinds of biology lessons. All of them can distinguish 15 main:

  • Conversation;
  • Problem;
  • Combined lesson;
  • Tour;
  • Lecture;
  • Workshop;
  • Role playing game;
  • Competition;
  • Tenoroc;
  • A lesson using Internet resources;
  • Laboratory work;
  • The lesson;
  • Competition;
  • Control and checking lesson;
  • Conference.

However, there are other types that some teachers are created independently and successfully implemented. It all depends on the personality of the teacher and his creativity, drive for results, relationship to the object.

Obviously, with each stage of training needs to become more complex and the types of lessons. So, in fifth grade it is difficult to hold a lecture or conference, seminar. But roleplay or laboratory work, the tour will make children violent stir that will help to stimulate interest in the subject.

For the senior, opposite, better to choose a more Mature and serious forms of classes that will allow them to prepare for student lectures. However, about light should not be forgotten, otherwise there is a risk of losing the location and the interest to the subject.


Methods Used

Methods biology class is sometimes also called forms. They are quite diverse and are aimed at achieving a particular purpose. Consider what they are:

  1. The project Method is intended to work not only during the lesson, but possibly the entire school year. Work can be carried out both individual and group. The main goal is the study of any problem, the object of obtaining a specific result in the end.
  2. Front working method implies control of the whole class and simultaneous communication with all children (for example, in the explanation of the new theme or the disclosure of some concepts).
  3. Individual jobs are selected based on activity and personal characteristics of each student.
  4. Team work in a coordinated interaction of all members of the lesson: teacher - student - student. It can be done, for example, during excursions or laboratory work.
  5. Group form involves dividing students into separate "Islands", each of which deals with the study of a particular problem.
  6. The Use of ICT (information and communication technologies) is an important part of the methodology of the lesson of any modern master.
  7. Energy-Saving technology.

The lesson Plan biology for the GEF is composed with a combination of the aforementioned methods and types of work will necessarily be successful in the implementation.

Modern program in biology

Today, there are a few authors who are given preferencewhen selecting a biology textbook for a lesson. Among them are the following:

  • A. I. Nikishov;
  • Vladimir Pasechnik;
  • I. N. Ponomareva;
  • N. I. Sonin;
  • D. I. Tritak and N. D. Andreeva;
  • L. N. Sukhorukova, and others.

Each of the authors is not just a textbook, but a whole set of benefits to him. This:

  • Workbooks for students;
  • A diary of observations (not all);
  • Methodical manual for teachers;
  • Working program and lesson planning for the year.

What the author to select which line to develop, chosen by the teacher together with the school management. It is important that the selected program in biology was relevant for all levels of learning, not to disrupt the continuity and integrity of perception of the material.

biology class

Technological map of the lesson: preparation

Today accepted and actively put in the performance of the new FSES (Federal state educational standards). According to them the lesson plan in biology is a technological map in which to paint all milestones and progress of the class. How to make? This should build the table that will contain the following items:

  1. Theme class.
  2. The goal of the class.
  3. Intended outcome, which should explain the subject of the skills in one column and ECU (universal educational actions) in the other.
  4. Basic concepts of this topic.
  5. Organization of space, which includes three components (columns): interdisciplinary connections, work forms, and resources.
  6. Stages of a lesson, which clearly described the activities of teachers and students in three areas: cognitive, communicative and regulatory.

Lesson Plan for biology should include the following stages of construction of building classes:

  • Organizational matters, including the designation of the topic and its urgency;
  • Goal setting;
  • Primary learning and application of knowledge, understanding;
  • End of classes
  • Reflection;
  • Homework.

Exactly what the build is complete, reflecting all the activities of teachers and students, methods used and types of work, the volume of the material. Outline of the lesson on biology, prepared in accordance with the Federal educational standards implies the orientation on activity-based and learner-centered approach to learning.

plan a summary of the lesson in biology

Analysis of the results of the lesson

In order to understand and assess progress on the selected line in accordance with GEF, there is an analysis of a biology lesson. It allows you to identify advantages and disadvantages, weaknesses, strengths. In the result, it is possible to adjust lessons and improve their efficiency, improve the quality of teaching.

Forms of analysis may be different. For example:

  • Self-examination;
  • A comprehensive analysis;
  • Methodical analysis and other.

You should Choose depending on the purpose, which held the event.

Modern biology teacher

Large demands on all levels of study apply specifically to the teacher. From the point of view of the GEF, the current biology teacher needs to master professional competence. In addition, at a certain level have to be his personality.

The Psychological portrait of a teacher is also subject to consideration from the perspective of GEF. Let us consider what competencies and traits are part of personality of the teacher.

biology at school

Professional competence

There are 6 main:

  1. Communicative. The ability to communicate constructively, to find affordable methods of constructing a conversation with the students and apply them. To maintain fluent conversations with parents, colleagues, and management. The ability to communicate is an important element for a successful training process.
  2. Professional. Of course, the modern teacher needs to have knowledge in the subject, to possess a General broad-minded, to carry out interdisciplinary communication in the classroom.
  3. ICT competence. None of the open lesson in biology today is not complete without the use of information technology. And rightly so. Our children are growing up in an era when the norm for them - the constant presence of a computer in life. The teacher must be able to use it to achieve a good result in learning.
  4. Management, which will allow for exactly solving approach to learning.
  5. General pedagogical. Includes knowledge of the principles of psychology and pedagogy students.
  6. Reflective - the ability to clearly and competently evaluate their work, to do work on the bugs.

Personal qualities of the teacher

In Addition to the aforementioned professional competencies, there are requirements to the teacher as a person. It is believed that the high school biology should be taught by a person with:

  • Sense of humor
  • Emotional;
  • Expressive language;
  • Creative beginning;
  • Organizational sposobnostyami;
  • Distsiplinirovanny;
  • Neustoichivosti;
  • Tseleustremlennost.

Combined with professional criteria, get a portrait of a modern teacher, meets the requirements of the GEF.


Tests: nature and value

One of the main forms of control of knowledge which is applied everywhere on each lessontests in biology. And this is understandable. First, such a test saves time in class. Almost any lesson plan in biology includes this form of work. Second, it gives the opportunity to cover issues more the volume of the studied material. Thirdly, it allows to increase nanoplanet assessments. But the main reason is not that.

Form of exams GIA and the exam means the main part of it is in the form of a test. Therefore, it is important to prepare students in advance to such a form of validation. To make to the graduating class they are already fluent in the methodology of writing a similar work and considered it normal.

Tests for biology as for any other subject, the teacher is alone or uses ready-made forms from the manuals. In any case, it is desirable to include in those questions that appear in exam papers. The blank tests should be as close in design to that on the final examination.

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