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Honey pie - a perfect treat that can be prepared in haste. This simple dish can vary, each time adding different fillings. Honey pie has a nice porous, delicate structure, rich color and unforgettable aroma. And if you cook this dessert in a beautiful form and interesting to draw it, you get a real holiday cakes.


Usually for baking honey cake uses regular yeast or biscuit dough. Although in other countries it is customary to bake without yeast. Among home cooks recipe honey cake is extremely popular, it is often cooked our tea, and for the festive table. It can be baked and with sugar or without it. While the last option is more useful and even diet.

Soft honey cake on kefir

In the dough, you can add many different components to make the dessert more interesting. For example, it is highly unusual a pie with nuts, seeds, candied fruit, berries and dried fruits. Allowed all sorts of options in the decoration of Goodies - you can use to cover the pie hand-made icing or a sour cream that perfectly combined with a taste of honey cakes. In General, do not be afraid to experiment, and the result will exceed all your expectations.

Simple recipe for honey cake

In traditional design, this dessert is cooked in butter. However, no less tasty and different variations: for example, a pie made with kefir. However, if you first prepare this meal, make sure to try the most simple, classic recipe. So, to prepare honey cake in the oven you will need:


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  • 2 cups whole wheat flour;
  • 120 g of honey;
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream;
  • 130 g butter;
  • 2 eggs
  • Teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder.

As you can see, the ingredients are pretty simple and affordable. Usually, this set of products, you can easily find on any kitchen well, or at least in the nearest store. From such quantity of components you'll have approximately 10 servings of delicious, flavorful honey cake. By the way, this dessert is absolutely devoid of harmful sugar, making able to boast of useful properties. And for preparation you will need a maximum of an hour of free time.

Step-by-Step process

In one container, mix and melt the butter and bee product. To make it convenient or in the microwave, or in a water bath. To liquid mixture add the eggs, well-sifted flour and sour cream. Thoroughly mix all the components, you can use a mixer. Then extinguish with vinegar soda and also send it into the dough. The mass is made should be quite lush, smooth and, of course, homogeneous.

Stages of cooking of honey cake

Put the dough in a greased or covered with parchment the form and send to bake for 50-60 minutes at 180 degrees. With a toothpick or a match be sure to check the willingness of baking before removing it from the oven. Taking a dessert, wait 10 minutes, then place it on the prepared dish and do some design.

Taking as a basis the traditional recipe of honey cake in the oven, you can Supplement your pastries a variety of components. For example, well for this approach:

  • Dried cherries;
  • Chocolate;
  • Dried apricots;
  • Prunes
  • Sliced fresh fruit;
  • Raisins;
  • Ground ginger;
  • Cloves;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Vanilla;
  • Caramel;
  • Zest of citrus;
  • Walnuts and almonds.
step-by-Step recipe for honey cake

As you can see, the choice is huge, so pick up your favorite product and act. If you prefer dried fruit or chocolate before sending them to the dough, be sure to roll them in flour so that they are not settled to the bottom.

Recipe for honey cake on kefir

This cake is baked without difficulty and is extremely gentle and soft. To prepare honey dessert you'll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 120 g sugar;
  • Same amount of yogurt;
  • 80 g honey
  • Teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder;
  • 150 g flour;
  • Half a Cup of nuts, raisins or candied fruits;
  • A couple of spoons of icing sugar for decoration.
step by step cooking honey pie

It is Noteworthy that the yogurt you can substitute any other milk product. Instead of nuts you can take literally anything: chocolate, dried fruits, berries and fruit.


To start, whisk well the eggs with the sugar using a mixer. In a separate container melt the honey to a liquid state, then add it to egg mixture. As a result, he needs to dissolve completely. Carefully sift the flour, preferably several times and mix it with soda. Then add the eggs to the yogurt and stir. But after adding the flour, leave the dough aside for half an hour to sodaactivated mixture has risen.

Honey pie butter

After the allotted time, send in a lot of chopped nuts, dusted raisins or dried fruits. Finally, stir again the dough and put it in with either a greased form. Bake the pie for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. After cooking your dessert will be about double. The top of the baked cake decorate with icing sugar and the same nuts. As a result, you get a delicious dessert with a unique taste and pleasant aroma.


If you want to make your cake more tender and soft, add a layer of sour cream. For its preparation you will need: 150 g main ingredient and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar. To make sour cream very easy - you must simply beat the components until smooth. Baked sponge cake cut into two cake and miss the cooked mass. So your dessert will be even more delicate and juicier.

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