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Spain-a country of festivals. Probably nowhere else such a number of carnivals, traditional street processions and costumed parades. And with the same scope, the Spaniards celebrated secular and religious holidays. Here is the large number of restaurants and clubs in Europe. Clear Sunny weather in Spain all year round. People come here to relax people from around the world to plunge into the festive and cheerful atmosphere of sun, sea, smiles, Mediterranean cuisine, bullfighting and flamenco. Bright representative of this holiday is the small town of Calpe. This article provides a brief overview of holidays in Calpe (Spain), reviews and photos.

Torrevieja – Mediterranean gem of Spain

Torrevieja – one of the most respected and popular resorts on the Costa Blanca. With the invasion of tourists small fishing village became a fashionable resort with a population of over 30,000 people, in the season of tourists increase the number of people living on this stretch of coast, up to 200 000.

The History of Calpe has always been associated with the sea. The villagers from time immemorial were engaged in fishing and the cultivation of olive plantations. For several centuries the coast was subject to pirate raids. Those times showed the ruins of the fortress walls and watchtowers. On site Benidorm has always been home to various peoples.

Alicante Spain reviews of tourists

Interestingly, tradition has preserved: in the modern city the majority of residents come from other countries (mostly British and German retirees), the city continues to develop fisheries.


The hotel

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The Tourist centre of Calpe was near the middle of the twentieth century. At one time this place was very popular among literary Bohemia. Now here are fans of fresh seafood. The city's symbol is the mountain Ifach (322 m). It stands far out to sea, forming two charming bays. In Torrevieja for a relaxing holiday has it all: great hotels, beautiful beaches, restaurants, clubs, plenty of entertainment. Reading the reviews of tourists on Benidorm (Spain), I want to buy a plane ticket.


What to see and what attractions to visit, prompt reviews of tourists on holiday in Calpe in Spain. Recommended to mandatory visit the following interesting places.

  • National nature reserve, located on the slopes of the peñon de Ifach, at the foot of which is a fishing port. In the protected Park is home to hundreds of birds and rare plants grow. There is an observation deck which offers breathtaking views of the city and the sea.
  • Salt relict lake Les Salines is of historical value. Here was once mined salt for sale.
  • Archeological excavations at the mountain of Ifach.
  • The Roman baths “Royal bath”.
  • The Old Church is the only surviving building, built in the Moorish style.
  • Chapel of San Salvador and the Comet – the architectural monuments of the 18th century.
  • Windmill Torah-Mali del Morello, built in the 19th century.

Benidorm Spain reviews, travel and description

The Traditional architecture typical of small Spanish towns, is a subject of tourist interest. Walking through the Old city will leave a lot of positive impressions.

Accommodation and entertainment

In the reviews of tourists on Benidorm (Spain) contains a lot of enthusiastic feedback about the variety and number of hotels of this resort. Torrevieja offers hotels for every taste and possibilities. There are cheap hostels and affordable hotels. There are luxurious world-class hotels.

Benidorm Spain reviews, travel photos

Most of them are located along the coastline, but there are hotels in the city. From the Windows of almost any views of the mountain Ifach and the sea. All hotels in Denia are presented a full range of modern hotel services, including restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, spas, pools and fitness centers. A large popular apartment hotels, where you can rent a separate apartment. Among the local entertainment the first place is occupied by an active water activities: sailing, diving, surfing. If you wish to learn to sail.

Benidorm Spain reviews, travel with children

By the Way, off the coast of Calpe always moored a huge number of white yachts. You can also visit the Golf course, tennis courts, volleyball courts. Near the town is the famous amusement Park Terra Mitica. Clubs and bars, and hotels, many, huge number of restaurants with Michelin stars and the usual eateries. In total, the city is waiting for the guests about 200 institutions. Most of them are concentrated from the fish exchange. Calpe is very popular for foodies–the seafood lovers.

Festivals and carnivals

The emotional descriptions and reviews of tourists on Benidorm (Spain) devoted to the holidays, which in this country abound. In Barcelona the celebrations are traditionally held noisy, colorful and wide. For example, the feast of "Three Kings" – bright costume show. Or the festival of giant figures “LasFallas". In August hosts the annual Fiesta “Virgen de Las Nieves" with a carnival, fireworks and dancing.

holiday in Alicante Spain reviews of tourists

In the Fall of the Spanish townspeople celebrate a religious holiday called "Moros y Cristianos" which represents the historical costume reconstruction protect the city from the Moors. A holiday is no less bright than any social event.

Climate and weather

In this part of the world, as noted by tourists from Alicante in Spain, offers a mild subtropical climate. Here almost 300 days of sunshine a year. Warm in winter, the air is rarely cools below 5 degrees Celsius. In the summer the thermometer can rise up to 40 degrees. Water temperature in the middle of the season is +30 degrees Celsius. The wonderful climate and Sunny weather allow you to sunbathe on the resort, from spring to late autumn.


The Beaches of Calpe – some of the most beautiful in Spain. Conditionally they can be divided into three main groups.

Alicante Spain holiday reviews holiday

The First – sandy beaches, wide and spacious, the most popular of which are located in bays formed by the rock of Ifach. Beach Arenal-Bol stretches for 1500 meters. It is marked "Blue flag" for cleanliness and livability. The beach is very popular and provides guests service on the highest level.

Another melkopeschany La fossa beach, whose length is 950 meters, has a private sports grounds and children amusement Park. In addition to "Blue flag" awarded for quality by the Spanish Institute for tourism.

The Second group – is a small pebble beach, with its loyal fans: Puerto Blanco, Manzanera, Kabala. They are very well maintained and have great service.

The Third group of beaches – is a small, picturesque spots, which are best to get in the water. They were chosen by divers and fishermen.

Judging by the reviews on holiday in Calpe in Spain, the area is still a lot of great coastal spots to sunbathe and swim in the crystal clear water.

Travel with children

Family vacations can be very comfortable in Barcelona (Spain), tourists with children to confirm this. Almost all hotels provide Cribs for babies, baby high chairs and potties. At the beach for children and provides plenty of entertainment: from playgrounds to amusement. Some of the hotels have their own water parks and swimming pools with children's slides. To feed a child in any restaurant or cafe too is easy. In the end, the local supermarkets have everything, what can prompt imagination. Good transport links and high quality roads allow you to safely move with the children in all directions. In the review of CALP (Spain) you can often find the words about the very welcoming attitude of local people to families with children.


Reviews of tourists on holiday in Benidorm (Spain) you should learn about before you decide which hotel to choose and what excursion program make for himself.

reviews of tourists on holiday in Calpe Spain

From the reviews you can find a lot of useful information to take advantage of the advice and recommendations of seasoned travelers. In this case, will avoid surprises and problems. And smiling and returning from Sunny Spain to leave your detailed review to help the next travelers.

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