The movie "transformers: revenge of the fallen" (2009): actors and features


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Today we will discuss the film "transformers. Revenge of the fallen”. Actors and roles are listed below. Before us is a American science fiction action movie by Michael Bay. It is a continuation pattern. Was produced by don Murphy, Tom Desanto. The script was created by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

transformers revenge of the fallen movie 2009 actors


Discuss the plot of the film "transformers. Revenge of the fallen”. Actors and roles are presented in the following sections of this material. 17,000 years ago, seven Primes began the journey through the Galaxy to find suitable stars to create Energon.

Basic members

"Actors and the role of the film “transformers 2. Revenge of the fallen”" - this is the theme to begin consideration which should represent the protagonists. They are Sam and Mikaela. S. LaBeouf, M. Fox and embodied these images. We'll talk more about them.

Shia LaBeouf is an American actor, who played starring roles in the films “hook” and “Paranoia”. Awarded BAFTA award as “Rising star”. Also proved himself as an artist, actionism - preferred direction. The actor was born in Los Angeles. Comes from a Franco-Jewish family.

transformers revenge of the fallen actors and roles

Megan Fox in ‘teenage mutant ninja Turtles” played April O’Neal. Megan was born in the USA, in Tennessee. Her father was the warden for the release of criminals. When Megan was three years old, divorced her parents. The mother soon married again. Her partner moved to Port Saint Lucie and aspiring actress.

Other characters

Major William Lennox and Sergeant Robert Epps also apply to the main actors of the film "transformers. Revenge of the fallen" (2009). Actors D. Duhamel and Gibson moved these characters to the screen. We will focus on them.


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Josh Duhamel - actor, who also showed himself as a model. Known for roles in films: “safe Harbor”, “Life as it is”, “when in Rome", ‘Las Vegas”, “All my children”. Bonnie L. Kemper, his mother, worked as a massage therapist, Larry Duhamel, father was an advertising agent. Josh has Norwegian, German, English, Irish, French-canadian roots.

transformers revenge of the fallen movie 2009 actors and roles

Tyrese Gibson is an American actor, producer, VJ, singer-songwriter, rapper. Starred in such films as “rush”, “Flight of the Phoenix”. Tyrese was born in Los Angeles. Priscilla is the mother, which no father raised him and three brothers of the boy. Fourteen Tyreese won the talent show.

Seymour Simmons, Leo Spitz, is well remembered by viewers of the film "transformers. Revenge of the fallen" (2009). Actors Turturro and D. R. rodríguez appeared in these roles. They deserve the discussion.

John Turturro - American actor who is of Italian origin. Also realized himself as a film Director and screenwriter. Playing mainly nervous and restless character, he was among the favorite actors in the environment of fans of art-house movie. Collaborated with spike Lee. Participated in the films of this Director: “Hen”, “Do it right!”.

Ramon Rodriguez - American actor, who is of Puerto Rican origin. Most known for roles in television series “a New day” and “Wiretapping”. Grew up in Manhattan in the Lower East side. Played basketball. West Virginia was admitted to the University.

General Morshower and Ron Witwicky occupy an important place in the film “transformers: revenge of the fallen" (2009). Actors Glenn Morshower and Kevin Dunn turned into these characters. Say a few words about them.

Glenn Morshower best known for the role of agent Aaron Pierce from the TV series "24 hours". Morshower, was born in Dallas. Earlier divorced his parents. Harry Sidney Morchower, his stepfather, was the commander in chief of the Navy. The boy was raised in the Jewish religion. For your acting career, he changed the pronunciation of the names. Morshower undertook this activity in 12 years.

actors and the role of the film transformers 2 revenge of the fallen

Kevin Dunn was born in Chicago, Illinois. Trained at the University of Illinois. His father was a poet and musician. The mother, Margaret, became a nurse. Sister Nora is also an actress. Kevin played in the movie: “Marked for death”, “the Bonfire of the vanities”, “Hot heads", "Chaplin", "Beethoven 2”.

Galloway and Judy Witwicky are also found in the plot of the film "transformers. Revenge of the fallen" (2009). Actors John Benjamin Hickey, Julie white played specified roles. These people also talk. John Benjamin Hickey starred in the movie: “new”, “Good fight”, “Enemies”. Julie white was awarded the “Tony”.


Let's Give some information about the movie "transformers. Revenge of the fallen" (2009). Actors and the roles that you are already familiar with. The film received mostly negative criticism, but it gained very much popularity, as evidenced by significant cash charges. Five days of hire the tape has collected $ 200 million.

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