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A well-Known fact: fashion – lady capricious and windy, that is why it is so difficult to keep up with her. However, there are some things that are always and under all circumstances remain stylish and really popular.

knitted scarves knitting description French chic

One of these garments-knitted scarf, fashion it has been for many years. The only change over time size requirements of such a product, to figure it knit to wear.

What knitted knitting women's scarf today is at the peak of popularity? Of course, it is knitted item that has a direct relationship to the French fashion.

What is fashion in French

There are many areas of the fashion industry, and one of them bears the name of French fashion.

scarf knitting

In fact, in this case we are not talking about any particular fashion house, although the huge influence of the great Coco Chanel should not be forgotten, and a unique combination of classical elegance, charm and style that is inherent in all true Parisian fashionistas.

As a French lady achieved this effect, and they are almost unique chic can wear associated with needles women's scarves and berets?

The Secrets of French fashionistas

Such ease in the layout of different garments is achieved by using three simple tricks:

Opting for the usual things. No, we are not talking about what things have to be boring, and that most fashionistas from France for the compilation of his everyday image using the basic elements of wardrobe. For example, a white shirt, dark formal trousers and shoes on a low, stable heel.


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scarves French chic models

Grooming – everything. A Neat manicure, sudovy makeup and unobtrusive and light scent of perfume – these accompany the French women in everyday life.

Focus on the details and accessories. Of Course, themselves basic wardrobe items do not look very interesting. However, their dilution is unusual, even catchy accessories and leads in the trail of the true Parisian look with admiration all men without exception.

And to achieve this total of male attention just by using knitting scarves ‘French chic”, the description of which you can find below.

Varieties of scarves ‘French chic”

First and foremost, these accessories differ in the thickness of the yarn. That is, the right to life are as thin, air products, and associated with thick, even a little coarse threads.

It is Worth noting that the scheme for knitting scarves ‘French chic” will be identical.

scarves French chic patterns

In the second place all the same accessories differ from each other in terms of functionality. For example, it is permissible to wear wide and long knitted scarf as a Cape on his head. A light, almost weightless product as a laced collar.

And in the third place great part of the descriptions of knitting scarves ‘French chic” note that products differ in the amount of jewelry.

You can find scarves, complemented by crocheted flowers, beads or even snudy, with no beginning and no end.

Tips for beginners needlewomen

There is a perception that the most simple in execution knitted product is an ordinary scarf. And it really is – an indisputable fact, at least for the reason that this accessory has the same width over its entire length.

This means that an aspiring seamstress will not have to guess where you need to throw loops, and what to remove, which significantly speeds up the binding process.

scarves French chic scheme

To knitted scarf has turned the first time, you need to carefully prepare for the process of its creation.

  • Should buy, soft skin (acrylic, wool). The first time you should not choose a heavy knit for the yarn, as in this case, the risk to end up ugly scarf increases.
  • You Need to determine the size of the finished product (length and width). For example, often the scarves ‘French chic”, knitting, indicate the recommended child and adult length.
  • It is Necessary to associate a test sample. With so little of the product is easy to understand, do knitting, color yarn and the process.

The scheme of knitting

Once all stages of preparation are completed, you can start directly to create your own knitted masterpiece.

How to bind knitting scarf ‘French chic”, the spokes are not entangled? It's simple: hold the item firmly with both hands in the chest area and pull the thread to tight it fit. After all, the tighter the knit, the warmer the finished product.

In addition, the tightly bound scarf less susceptible to outside influence. This means that he is not afraid of machine washing.

It should be noted that there are several ways of knitting. The most famous – English and continental. Beginners to the needle at the stage of training you should try both to choose the most convenient.

original scarf knitting needlesFrench chic

So how creates knitted scarf ‘French chic”?

  • Dial on the needle as many loops as needed (average width of 40 units).
  • The first edge loop not promazyvaya.
  • Do Subsequent, alternately front and back.
  • The last edge loop, do the reverse.
  • Follow the matching of the pattern when turning the item to the other side.
  • After reaching the required length, then close all the loops.
  • Rate the finished product.
  • Optionally, decorate it, say, fringe or beads.

As becomes clear, there is nothing difficult in the process knit this scarf there. However, even in that case, if a ready-made accessory will look perfect should not get upset.

This product can dissolve and try to bind again, and can use it for other purposes.

For example, armed with threads, from long women scarf you can sew beautiful clothes for your short-haired little dog.

Where to buy

If a woman is friends with the spokes, then it definitely will not be difficult to fabricate yourself one, or a few days such a stylish, warm and cozy accessory.

And what about those ladies who are not familiar with the needlework? There are several options:

  • They can find the particular master that they will produce an amazing product and will create patterns on the scarf ‘French chic”.
  • They can buy this indispensable accessory in the store.

How to wear

After the girl or woman will finally become a happy owner of a warm, cozy and stylish scarf in front of her exactly the question arises how to wear it properly.

In fact, there are no strict rules on this account. Importantly, the accessory will be harmonious with the generated image and not discordant with the inner world of its owner.

how to knit knitting scarf knitting needles French chic

So, for example, romantic young ladies, who themselves have created, using the description, knitting needles knitted scarf ‘French chic”, can create the effect of air waves. For this purpose the product is put on the neck, then the ends are twisted and wrapped again around the neck. The remaining tips are hidden under the first layer of the scarf. And twisted the elements are slightly attenuated hands.

Strong lady can prefer the node is a dummy, which is created quite easily. To obtain it you will need the simplest model of scarf ‘French chic” and literally 30 seconds of free time. So, on one end of the accessory needed to tie a loose knot. Once the product is on the neck, the loose end will need to pass through this knot, which is tightened and straightened in accordance with personal wishes.

Well, the most common option is wearing knitted scarf – chaotic wrapping around the neck. The ends of the can as to hide under the first layer of the product, and to remain just freely hanging.


So, a thinly veiled femininity, self-restraint in manners and unshakable self-confidence – the distinctive features of this French.

How to become the most unique, luxurious and stylish lady, mentioned above. And original scarf ‘French chic”, with knitting needles or crochet knitted, will make a great addition to such an expensive and truly memorable style.

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