Gardnerellosis: symptoms, treatment and consequences


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The woman's vagina should always be good microflora. It is connected to the resistance of man to the different nature of the infections. This body is a vessel containing two types of microorganisms. Aerobic entities must be 10 times greater than anaerobic. As a rule, the first type is Lactobacillus. Thanks to them, do not breed harmful bacteria. Several factors can lead to the fact that the woman begins the development of a vaginal imbalance. It so happens that the substitute anaerobes lactic acid bacteria. The first must be present in a small amount, however as a result of this process, the microflora becomes problematic. From a medical point of view, the described disease is called gardnerellosis. This pathology is quite popular, it is diagnosed in 40% of patients. The risk of catching the pathology of high those who have discovered urogenital infections.

Description of the pathogen

Before you can understand what symptoms when gardnerellosis going to bother you, you need to know the process of action of the pathogen. For the first time this disease was identified in 1955. Then a bacterium called Haemophilus vaginal wand. This organism is a normal pill that has no nuclei. It is stationary, can the length be not more than 2 µm. The bacteria look like drumsticks, which have a small wall of cells. Certain representatives gardnerellas is the homogeneous structure of the membranes. These pathogens can multiply even in cases where they have no access to oxygen. This organism is able to produce acetic acid.


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If of Gardnerella at some point it becomes aggressive, it begins to proliferate actively. The changing microflora of the vagina, therefore there is a disease. In the inactive forms of the bacteria are able to live up to a year, and on exposed surfaces up to 6 hours. You get the disease described in various reservoirs, and also in public toilets. It should be noted that some healthy women have this bacteria in the vaginal flora, but it is in an inactive form, and therefore do not cause illness.


Gardnerellosis is one of the most popular diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Most often it affects women. This pathology occurs in 80% of cases in patients prone to inflammation of the genital organs. Often this disease is diagnosed a quarter of healthy women.


Methods of infection

The development of gardnerellosis, completely depends on the nature of sexual life. Women who do not suffer from vaginitis, it often happens that this pathology is not diagnosed. Therefore, the risk factors include the use of medical devices, in violation of hormonal balance, stress, problems with the ration, especially if a woman does not drink dairy products, do not use chlorine-containing antiseptics, not wearing synthetic underwear, it does not have various infections and menstrual disorders.

Depending on the causes of the woman of gardnerellosis, symptoms and treatment will differ. Infection can be transmitted not only sexually but also from mother to child if the birth canal is infected. Sometimes occurs and intrauterine infection. Therefore, this disease should be considered quite infectious. Especially noteworthy is the fact that there are often symptoms of gardnerellosis of women with ureaplasmosis. Treatment will then be aimed at addressing the primary disease.


Only certain representatives of the pathogen are able to produce acetic acid and amino acids, which greatly alter the microflora. Others produce formic connection. Sometimes doctors claim that the pathogen is not as serious as we thought. Due to the described factors before prescribing treatment it is necessary to identify the nature of the Gardnerella. Depend on it emerging symptoms and treatment.

Gardnerellosis in men is caused by contact with an infected woman, so you should be very careful. This pathogen can form “key” cages, which are typical manifestations. Therefore at treatment it is necessary to take smears.

It Should be noted that to date, the pathogenesis of this disease is 100% unclear. However, we can say: Gardnerella easily dissolve and destroy the phagocytes, and also damage the cells of the vagina.

Bacteria under a microscope


Symptoms of gardnerellosis in women vary depending on the form of the disease. Distinguish a certain classification, which implies a division by types.

  • Pathology caused by bacterial vaginosis and problems with the top sexual ways.
  • A Disease that affects pregnant women.
  • Two forms of pathology that cause problems with both male and female bile-excreting ways.

We Consider separately all types of the disease.

diagnosing the problem

Bacterial formvaginosis

The Most common form of the disease should be called it bacterial vaginosis. Therefore, quite relevant is the question of what are the symptoms and causes of gardnerellosis in women. The pathology treatment fully depends on them. It should be noted that in the vagina in the diagnosis of can be fixed and other pathogens that relate to anaerobic. However, this vaginosis is characterized in that it is often bacteria, sexually transmitted diseases, do not exist.

Half of the patients symptoms expressed by the fact that there is discharge that has the odor of rotten fish. In the second part, patients with no manifestations of the disease are asymptomatic. Doctors say that the unpleasant smell is a reaction to the metabolism of pathogens.

Illness in pregnant women

Causes and symptoms of gardnerellosis women who bear a child, as a rule, in all cases are the same. It should be noted that this disease is very common. It affects about 20% of pregnant women. Often, however, the infection is intrauterine, because in this period the immune system works actively. But it happens that the local protective functions fail. Therefore, reduced cell-mediated immunity.

Bacterial vaginosis Often provokes not only the problems during pregnancy, but also after it. Most women diagnosed with this disease, give birth prematurely, which entails the development of complications. Often the symptoms of gardnerellosis (photo women confronted with this disease presented in the article) are connected with the manifestations of purulent inflammation. Most often it allows you to properly identify pathology and time to resolve. In such cases, after the birth happens sepsis.

gardnerellosis pregnant

The Upper genital tract, bacteria affected

It Should be noted that, as a rule, because of this disease develop endometritis, and there are cases of blood infection by these agents. This leads to the fact that the person may cause shock.

Often described the pathology of assigned surgical intervention. Before surgery it is necessary to identify the causes and symptoms of gardnerellosis at the woman. Because if there is the chance of developing bacterial vaginosis, we need first to cure it. Otherwise, after the operation, complications can occur.

Problems with the urinary tract in women

This pathology occurs most often due to the lack of treatment of gardnerellosis. This leads to infection of the urethra. There is evidence that in healthy women in the urine may be the causative agent. However, in order to diagnose the disease, you need to find in a milliliter of urine more than 1 thousand SOME bacteria.

Problems with the male urinary tract

As already mentioned, this problem in men occurs much less frequently. Most often they occur inflammation of the anterior urethra. Therefore, among all the symptoms of gardnerellosis it may also cause urethritis. Diagnosing it is difficult, because clinical manifestations are minimal.

The Patient may complain that he appear discharge, but no pain or no discomfort. Complications of this disease in men is almost never. But there may be cystitis, pyelonephritis, or prostatitis. Therefore, if the disease has no manifestations, as a rule, it is frivolous.

Gardnerellosis men

Symptoms in women

As mentioned above, one of the symptoms of gardnerellosis women are allocation. They characteristic a bad smell can be a little foaming. This is due to the fact that the vagina reduced the acidity. Women often complain about the appearance of severe itching and burning. Often together with the above symptoms occurs hyperemia of the vagina, uterus and urethra.

If it is an acute form of the disease, the selection will be plentiful and thick. They are gray in color.

If the disease started and resulted in the infection of the uterus and fallopian tubes, you may develop a condition called salpingitis.

PAP Smear for the diagnosis

Symptoms in men

As a rule, the stronger sex the disease occurs only inflammation of the genital organs. If the urinary tract is healthy, the pathogen will be removed from the body after three days. In the case when the man lowered immunity or present a similar pathology, of Gardnerella will become aggressive. This will entail the inflammation of the urethra. Often in men the disease becomes hidden, that is, it does not appear. In this case, they become carriers of the bacteria.

In General, if to speak about possible symptoms of gardnerellosis, they are most similar to urethritis. Can cause burning, discomfort during urination and serous secretions.


Depending on the causes and symptoms of gardnerellosis in women, the treatment will have a strictly individual character. Often therapy is aimed at restoring the microflora of the vagina and bring it to the optimum internal environment. Local treatment does not last more than 10 days. Your doctor may prescribe treatment of the vagina with the help of special tools andpatients prescribed douching soda solution. You should drink the means of stimulating the immune system and reducing the amount of vitamins in the body.

If we talk about systemic treatment, the doctors prescribe drugs, which is composed of clindamycin. In the acute form is a special therapy aimed to withdraw the bacteria from the body. Thus it lasts not more than 2 weeks. For complete cure required to undergo 2-3 courses. In the treatment of this disease, the main problem is the fact that the microorganisms are considered opportunistic. This entails that if the pathogen becomes aggressive, it will multiply in large quantities. So before you start the treatment, you must do all the tests and take cultures. This will reveal which antibacterial drugs can be prescribed.

Tablet from gardnerellosis

Traditional methods

Well-established national treatment. In order to get rid of mild forms of this disease, you need to use different fees herbs. However, you need to understand that for a complete cure have to take these infusions at least six months (max a year). Often use Schizandra, aralia, and some other means. Doctors advise not to neglect the treatment, as this may lead to the development of not only complications, but chronic forms.


The article fully described the symptoms of gardnerellosis, its causes and treatment. If you neglect the treatment, women will develop vaginosis. It's pretty unpleasant disease, which is also hard to cure. In men, this infection leads to inflammation of the walls of the urethra. Therefore, if there are the primary symptoms of gardnerellosis, it is necessary to pay attention to them and go to the doctor. It's easier to prevent disease or to cure it at an early stage than to deal with complications. If you want to use the people's money, it is advisable to combine them with the main course of therapy after consulting with a doctor.

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