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More recently, the Belarusian hotel business almost completely absent of competition. Demand far exceeded supply, and often the question about the availability of the handset I heard the “Sorry”.

The Situation changed in 2014, when Minsk became the capital of the football world Cup. The city has built many hotels of different levels, has opened a new guest house and hostels. Today cheap hotels in Minsk for tourists can be found in any season and in any area of the city.hotel Turist Minsk

Their price range is also very diverse. It and beds in hostels for $ 15 a day, and the "presidential" rooms over 2 thousand dollars in five-star hotels. But, despite the fact that it is possible to find more modest hotel, with a budget price, the hotel “Tourist" (Minsk) is still loved by many for its has already become a regular visitor.

Where is a “Tourist”?

Despite the fact that the hotel is far enough from the city center, its location is very convenient. The guerrilla prospectus, which is a hotel “Tourist” (Minsk) is one of the main arteries of the city and is located on the route from National airport in the direction of the center. Close to metro station and public transport, allowing in a matter of minutes to get to any district of the Belarusian capital. And located close to pine Park is a great place for an evening promenade and offers guests the fresh forest air.hotel Turist Minsk


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How to reach

People, enjoy traveling, to get to the hotel will not be easy. From the train station straight to “Tourists” will take the bus No. 79, trolleybuses No. 3 and 16, as well as the city tram №7.

The metro Station «partisan” is just beside the hotel, however, is on the branch that is not connected to the train station. Choosing this route can expect not too easy to transfer in “Kupala” subway station. In the opinion of tourists, this route is the most inconvenient due to the presence of long, narrow transition between the stations.

The taxi Ride is perhaps the most convenient way to reach from train or Central bus station. The fare is quite reasonable, since the distance is only about 5 kilometers.

From the airport to the railway station frequent trains and buses, journey time is about an hour.

The Hotel “Tourist" (Minsk, Belarus) is taking all possible measures to make their guests ' stay in Minsk as comfortable as possible. The hotel offers a Shuttle service from the airport. The cost is about 35 euros per person. This method is not the cheapest, but allows you to save a considerable amount of time. And this is particularly relevant if the period of stay in Minsk is very short.

The Number of rooms

Fifteen-storey "Tourist" is the largest tourist complex in the capital of Belarus. For tourist accommodation are offered the rooms of different categories-from standard single and double to the luxurious apartments of the category “Suite”. Smoking capacity on designated floors.

Single standard

The Single standard is a single room with total area of 16 square meters. The room has a standard bed, a wardrobe, a TV and even a refrigerator-furnished enough to spend a few days. The bathroom has a shower, a Hairdryer. The price is around 50 euros per person.budget hotels in Minsk for tourists

Twin standard

This room is virtually indistinguishable from a single standard. Only sixteen metres managed to install two beds. Also available a refrigerator and cable TV. The bathroom offers fluffy towels and a Hairdryer for drying hair. The cost is about 65 euros per night.tourist hotel Minsk reviews

Twin comfort

Single superior room is not a large area. Hotel “Tourist" (Minsk) standard selects for his guests the same 16 meters. Furnished room modern, also in this room is the bed, large in size. The presence of air conditioning in summer is particularly pleasing. Price-55 euros.

Twin comfort double comfort

From the standard double room twin comfort differ only in the presence of air conditioning. As in other rooms, the furniture-modern, my selection of television channels – is enormous, and the refrigerator – is completely silent. The cost of this room is about 74 euros.hotel Turist Minsk jobs

The Double comfort differs from the above only by the presence of a double bed with a width of 1.4 metres. The price is 74 euros.

Based on the reviews of tourists who stayed in the same hotel, in the winter there is no difference, book a roomthe category of “comfort” or “standard”. On heating in the hotel did not save. But in the summer will not be superfluous air, the presence of which in some rooms the hotel provides a “Tourist”. Minsk is increasingly suffering from the sweltering heat in the summer months.

Twin comfort plus

This two-room Suite consists of two rooms-bedroom and living room, which occupies 23 square meters. The rooms have modern furniture, orthopedic mattress on a wide bed and pine aroma from a nearby Park will provide guest a healthy and sound sleep. The room has radio, TV, air conditioning. Cookware set allows you to organize dinners in the room. For accommodation in this price category you will need to pay about 60 Euro.hotel Turist Minsk


Two rooms consist of all the numbers “Suite”, which has a hotel“Tourist” (Minsk). Photo favorably show their comfort and luxury. The furniture in these rooms are selected only from natural materials. Tourists can prefer either a double bed or two single beds. The living room boasts high quality furniture of the best Belarusian manufacturers. All the creature comforts like a fridge, TV, air conditioning, etc., are available. Each room has its individual style and is decorated in natural colours. A day spent in the room category “Suite” are required to pay 85 euros.


The hotel accepts payment by cash or credit card. Be sure to take into account that on the territory of Belarus payment everywhere is made in Belarusian rubles.

To be able to avoid problems with payment, on the second floor was opened exchange office. Some guests complain that the exchange rate in hotels is not as profitable as in the city. However, this is completely untrue. As a rule, the difference of exchange rates in different banks is very slight.

Business center

If necessary, each hotel guest can use services of the business center. At the disposal of guests is a computer with printer and Fax. If necessary, you can copy or scan any documents.

At check in every guest in the hotel “Tourist" (Minsk, Belarus) presents a 3-hour card access to the Internet.

Restaurants, bars, casinos

The restaurant is pleased to offer its customers a variety of dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine and has the ability to serve 180 people. Working time from 7.00 to 24.00. Here, guests can enjoy Breakfast, which, incidentally, are not included in the room rate. And if about the morning menu at travelers reviews for the most part enthusiastic, Lunches and dinners often cause complaints.tourist hotel Minsk photo

In the bar you can play a few games of Billiards or pool, drinks and snacks for them.

Casino ‘Oasis” offers to tempt fate with a game of "black Jack", poker or roulette. It should be noted that gambling is attracted to the Belarusian capital a lot of players. Thanks to our own casino popularity among them have acquired the hotel “Tourist”. Minsk, feedback on the visit which are increasingly reduced to the description of the visits to entertainment establishments of this kind, often called Belarusian Las Vegas.hotel Turist Minsk

Every guest feels at home, thanks to wyszkolenia staff who can be proud of the hotel “Tourist” (Minsk). Jobs are rare, because every employee values his work and strives to make more meaningful contribution to the common cause, called the “Tourist”.

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