Park "Miskhor" - the exotic pearl of the Crimea


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Park "Miskhor" is a unique natural area on the South coast of the Crimean Peninsula. He is the perfect embodiment of landscape architecture, where clearings are replaced by dense thickets that hide old mansions, reminiscent of the castles of favorite fairy tales.

The Park is located near the city of Big Yalta. Total area of 21.3 hectares.

Park Miskhorsky

History and structure of the Park

Palm trees Miskhorsky Park were planted by Prince Naryshkin. This is a tropical area, one of the most famous on the Peninsula.

Park "Miskhor" was created thanks to the joint work of masters Park projects, botanists and F. K. Kebahom Marco. They managed to combine harmoniously unspoilt nature and architectural masterpieces of the 18th century. Part of this Park are the villas and manors of princes of Golitsynyh, Witt, Meshchersky, Dulber. Today they turned into sanatoria, boarding houses and hotels.

The Park runs along the sea coast and enchanting alley of pyramidal cypresses and centuries-old cedars, and near the fountain "Lily" has a unique Babylonian willow.


Park "Miskhor" is situated on flat terrain, but it has stone ledges, which are equipped with pergolas and viewing platforms. Due to the rocky islets of the Park has its own flavor of mountain.

Fountains and statues

The Park generously adorned with unique sculptural groups. Their stories are ancient Crimean tales and legends. The coast rests on a stone boulder mermaid with a baby in her arms. It is a symbol stolen by the Turks and sold into slavery girls crimcheck.


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big Yalta

Sculptural composition "the Girl Arzy and Ali Baba" tells the story of how the earth itself mourns for the poor captives. It's not just a sculpture, and a fountain, sparkles of beating up the jets, and quietly crying scanty drops, as if to make that Bracer dried up after the capture of the girl.

Miskhorsky Park (Crimea) and boasts a modern infrastructure. It includes a spacious dance floor, a musical fountain, a summer cinema. In a small cozy cafe you can eat, and numerous stalls to buy cold drinks, ice cream and Souvenirs with symbols of the Park and the whole of the Crimea.

Surrounding area

If you are planning a trip to the Park "Miskhor", be sure to pay attention to some sights that border with him. They can be visited in the same trip.

Definitely worth a visit Yusupov Palace, a mystery which is not solved today. To sign up for a tour right while walking through Miskhorsky Park - mission, excursion, located on site, are always welcome. The journey takes about quarter of an hour. This amazing Palace, nestling among the thickets and cliffs, is a living witness of the Crimean history.

Mishor Crimea

Alupka highway you can drive to Dulber Palace. This is one of the residences of Peter Romanov, Grand Duke. On the background of the Crimean architecture, Palace Dulber looks real Oriental treasure, because its design is solved in a classical Arabic style. The Palace grounds are lined with unique southern plants, many of which are found nowhere else in the Crimea. The journey to the Palace Dulber on the machine will not last more than an hour.

Excursion to AI-Petri

Be Sure to pay attention to another landmark, which is famous Mishor (Crimea) - for the cable car. Walking on it is unforgettable event, like a trip in the clouds. It originates in the sea and stretches over a high plateau. The cable car offers stunning views of the coast and mountains. Park "Miskhor" there is also visible, and its magnificent alleys certainly deserve to look at them from a bird's flight.

Miskhorsky Park Crimea

The Panorama at the top of AI-Petri is also quite unusual: exhibition of medieval instruments of torture, fur market, colourful souvenir stalls, observation deck, lots of attractions. The ticket price is one hundred and fifty rubles.

Where to stay

Think carefully about all the nuances of the travel, if you plan to visit Miskhorsky Park: how to reach, where to stay, what attractions to visit, where to eat on the road.

In Sochi the tourists are offered a variety of options for resettlement, ranging from beds in a cosy summer-houses, finishing the VIP-apartment in comfortable hotels. Plug prices ranges from half to two hundred to 2500 rubles per day. The best for many years are considered as pensions, hotels and hotel "Miskhor", "Victoria", "Vorontsovo", "Lily", "Dnepr", "Cottage Naryshkin", "alligator", "1000 and 1 night".

In addition, directly at the bus station in Miskhor you can easily find a realtor who will quickly pick up private accommodation - a room, apartment, house or cottage.

Miskhorsky Park how to get

How to reach

Now open the path via the ferry. Accessible by public transport and by private car. From Simferopol to the city of Big Yalta can be reached by bus or taxi, and in Yaltatake a local minibus that goes to Mishor (Crimea). The road in total will cost about a hundred rubles per person.

On a personal car to drive on the highway Yalta-Sevastopol, turn on the Mishor, and then just go down to Miskhorsky Park.

From Anapa and Krasnodar in Simferopol direct bus (via ferry). The cost of a ticket from Anapa will be 350 rubles, and from Krasnodar - 750.

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