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Know your future – an exciting prospect. For divination has long been used different ways, methods and means. The most proven method of divination are card hands. Contrary to popular belief, in order to know the future, can be used not only Tarot cards, but regular playing deck, it is important to know the value of cards in divination.

General information

Experts believe that playing cards – this is a simplified version of the Tarot deck. During divination the playing cards are able to describe and analyze any problem and even give the characteristic of a person. Values of playing cards in divination somewhat similar to the value of a Tarot deck. For example, the spades correspond to the element of Air (in the Tarot cards minor Arcana Swords), clubs relate to the world of Fire (in the Tarot deck is the Wands). The element of Water protects the worm and the Cups, and the Land – tambourine and Pentacles.

A Dual interpretation have only face cards-Queen, king, Jack. When divination cards can point to specific people and circumstances. Separately considered at guessing the value of the card ACE. It is neither the figure nor the numerical cards, so consider also need in two ways: first, as a description of a situation or place, secondly, as a temporary measure.

the value of playing cards in divination

The value of the card in divination 36 cards depends on the subject matter. If done the balance on the financial well-being, then dropped the cards will have a very different meaning than if they fell in order of love. The value of playing cards in divination can be quite varied, but they can briefly and concisely answer any question.


Perhaps, this map has the most diverse interpretation of the entire deck. When guessing the card value of ACE varies depending on the suit, but they all refer to the receipt of letters, parcels and news. Also, the aces represent the four seasons, but this interpretation is taken into account only in some scenario where the person wants to know when the specified event occurs. It is best if the balance falls the four aces, they promise good news and the fulfillment of cherished desires. When guessing on 36 playing cards meanings combinations play a key role. For example, if the aces fall four tens, a person expects full of joy. Now, in order should be considered aces.


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So, the ACE of spades. The main value of the card in divination – the good thing, the government house, the reciprocity in feelings. But if the ACE lies with the edge of the suit down, expected loss, anxiety and bad news. As for the time, the map is responsible for the winter night. In combination with other “participants” of a deck of value cards in divination 36 cards will be the following:

  • Long journey predicting six of any suit.
  • The receipt of an inheritance warns ten of spades.
  • Along with the ACE of clubs card tells about a strong disappointment.

ACE of clubs promises the gossip and disappointment in Finance. If in case the map fell up the sharp end suit, Gad expect bad news from relatives, the best financial investments and gifts. Also this card says best offer signifies evening and autumn. In combination with playing cards in divination 36 cards, the value is as follows:

  • Predicts the joyous occasion with a six of any suit.
  • With a six of clubs promises a date or an unexpected meeting.
  • Victory and success in your personal life predicts the combination with the seven of clubs.
  • Nine of spades tells about the disorders and in big trouble.
  • Nine of Hearts, on the contrary, mutual love and the good news.
  • But the king of clubs says that you need to beware of the treachery of the close person.

If an ACE falls next to the king the value of the card when divination will love to have this interpretation: the woman receives an offer of marriage soon, and from whom it will come, tell the card of the king.

The ACE of diamonds and promises of Gad news and the best deals. Responsible for the summer day, when divination 36 cards value cards in combination with other will be the following:

  • If you get together with any black card (excluding figure), Gad expect greater disappointment because of unfulfilled expectations.
  • With maps of diamonds suit this ACE will bring mutual love and inheritance.
  • Date, important conversations and the long-awaited clash is to be expected, if the ACE falls with the six of clubs.
  • Seven, nine or ten of hearts promise pleasant leisure and joyful news.
  • Peak nine warns about lies from other people, in some cases, portends a long trip.
  • Peak ten sad events and big changes.
  • Ten of Clubs predicts success in your personal life and best offer.
  • Ten of Diamonds tells of the imminent disappointment.
  • Ten of Hearts predicts a meeting with influential friends or the promises of a new relationship.
deck of cards - aces

ACE of Hearts speaks about the joyous news, offer or receive full satisfaction from life. Responsible for morning and spring, in combination with other cards may havefollowing values:

  • Six of Clubs talks about a useful meeting and a waste of money.
  • Peak nine Gad portends a pleasant leisure activities and meeting up with old friends.
  • Peak ten warns of health problems, sometimes, Bode bad news.
  • In combination with a Jack of clubs ACE heralds the reptile man meet useful people and business proposal.
  • If the ACE suddenly fall with maps-with figures of any suit, expect fun feast and a waste of money.
  • In tandem with the ACE of spades, man will quarrel with a loved one and unpleasant news.

When guessing on 36 playing cards value of the card ACE is largely dependent on its provisions. If it is near a map, which means reptile or someone guessing it was mostly the predictions are of an unpleasant character, but in tandem with other cards values are able to vary depending on the purpose of alignment.


When guessing on the cards the meaning and interpretation of symbols in the alignment are critical. But it is equally important to choose the right map that will represent the person guessing. The kings hands, usually means men. For dark-haired and dark-eyed representatives of the stronger sex decided to choose the king of clubs, blond and blue-eyed-heart. If in case it drops out at four kings, in the future men are waiting for profitable business, success and luck in all your endeavors.

King of spades means or official military. Also this card may indicate the presence of the enemy or opponent. In combination with the other cards of the deck, you obtain the following values:

  • If the king of spades falls with some other peak map, he soon fulfilled the most cherished dreams.
  • The Appearance of the king with tambourines foretells money worries and fun journey.
  • King of spades in tandem with the Queen and Jack of the same suit promises news from the Treasury of the house or meeting with a true friend.
  • Down with of clubs Queen and Jack, king heralds the good news that he initially did not believe it.
  • The Combination of the peak of the king with a “red” Queen and knave promises the illness of a relative or a love confession.

If the card is king of spades denotes the person lies near the peak of the group of seven, he faces frustration and minor annoyances. When in place the seven of hearts is the king, Gad can count on the support of a loved one.

King of clubs symbolizes a true friend and a fair person that will be able to provide protection for the reptile. When guessing on playing cards meaning and combination of the king of clubs with the other cards have a slightly different meaning than the predictions of the “peak”

  • In tandem with any of clubs card, the king promises great happiness.
  • If the king will fall with the group of eight (no matter what color) – this will portend treason, sadness and unreasonable expectations.
  • When there's nine of clubs with the king, a person expects favor from influential people.
  • ACE of clubs – about the rumor, a small profit, fulfillment of desires.

If the alignment of the king of clubs denotes a reptile and falls along with the Jack of the same suit, expect financial losses.

When divination 36 cards value cards in the scenario plays a crucial role, and this applies to the king of diamonds. It represents a young man, in loving hands, a bachelor or a prospective groom. Promises a romantic date or acquaintance with her future husband. In tandem with other cards takes the following value:

  • With any cards of the suit of hearts predicts a big change and a big success.
  • Dropping out with six diamonds, foretells the fulfillment of your dreams and fun way.
  • Support in the future from a new friend, and the love of money promises the king that fell in combination with a Jack of any suit and a ten of diamonds.

Also if in case it appears king of diamonds with a map that doesn't mean the figure of the reptile, then the person should prepare for success in financial matters.

interpretation of the cards - kings

When guessing on relationship value cards the king of hearts special. This figure denotes a fair-haired married man and also the person who can provide assistance in difficult life situations. Promises an unexpected acquaintance and favorable news.

In conjunction with the peak (not notched) cards foretells pleasant changes in your life and in the sphere of love promises a tough conversation. With diamonds not notched card portends good fortune in all spheres of human activity. Card of clubs from the king of hearts hold the promise of inheritance and empty troubles. Hearts cards in tandem with the king foreshadow guess getting love messages. But if this card will drop along with the ACE of spades, the person should pay attention to their health.


Ladies represent women and girls who are wondering. Unlike the kings, if the situation falls four ladies, their appearance is undesirable for women. When guessing on the deck of 36 cards, the value of the scenario, this kind of tells about the gossip that circulates close to the woman. If you are wondering for men and four ladies drops out, it says that he likes ladies ' society and are constantly surrounded by them. In the case of a love divination for men, if the lady had next to the map, which means guessing, which means that itprefer some married woman.

The Queen of spades is a symbol dark-haired and dark-eyed women. Usually means an old woman, widow or distressed woman. In guessing the value of the card the Queen of spades symbolizes the boredom, the empty troubles and quarrels with relatives. In combination with other cards it predicts the following:

  • If you have thrown together with a peak not face cards, then the fate of Gad will appear good-natured woman, or to assist him in important business.
  • Together with clubs lady heralds of tears and frustration.
  • With tambourines – a greedy and selfish woman that will let in love. Here is the meaning and combination of the cards in divination.
  • Along with the nine of hearts Queen of spades will bring good news from a loved one.
  • But if the Queen of spades is between the two curved card, the reptile will soon be embroiled in the dispute.

Interpretation of the meanings of the cards in divination 36 cards is impossible if at least one card will be overlooked. So moving on to the next card-the Queen of clubs. It means friend or opponent (depending on the topic of alignment). Also suggests that Gad will soon receive help from women.

Compatibility of clubs eight of clubs Queen of Gad predicts the help of women or a close relative. But if you drop out of clubs with a seven, expect a betrayal from a loved one. If clubs lady fell near the peak, which stands for reptile, he was waiting for bad news, trouble for the marriage, and proceedings.

Queen of Diamonds – fair-haired and blue-eyed young woman. Sometimes refers to the servant, mistress or his wife. This is the value of the card in divination 36 cards. In combination with other you can obtain the following prediction:

  • Together with a peak ten and Jack of diamonds promises the arrival of unpleasant guests.
  • Along with the nine of hearts foretells unexpected meeting women and financial problems men.
  • If it is near the card guessing, promises him success in financial matters.
game Queen

The Following – the Queen of hearts. The interpretation and value of the card in divination 36 cards of the following: honest and loyal woman who is ready to help any minute. Along with the other cards of Gad predicts such a fate:

  • Any card not his suit promises a great profit and success in your endeavors.
  • Together with the ten of hearts will bring a reptile meet a friend or a much-awaited date.
  • Wondering If the woman had the Queen of hearts along with the hearts of six and ten, then it's doomed.
  • Dropped along with Jack of clubs, it predicts an unexpected pleasure.
  • Wondering If the man (or men) the Queen of hearts dropped along with another pure card, mutual feelings.


Typically, when guessing on the deck of 36 cards, card value is the Jack in line with the intentions of the kings of the appropriate suits. That is, if the kings were marked men, the jacks will talk in detail about their intentions, actions, behavior, etc. In a love divination, if the situation came together the king and Jack of the same suit, and of hearts nine or ten, means the person designated king wants to meet with the reptile.

When the scenario appears the Jack on the heart with the first map, expect large troubles and urgent matters. Appeared four jacks denote the event that will happen soon. If one of the jacks fell to heart, I guess, this situation portends to care, but good or bad depends on what maps there was more in the balance – positive(red) or negative (black).

When guessing on the deck of 36 cards card value is the Jack of spades follows: a young man, with noble intentions – this is the main designation. Also the card can symbolize the wicked, rough person, who has broken expensive things. Promises, problems, bad news, reveals the true thoughts of the king of spades. Along with the other cards can prepare the most diverse future:

  • In tandem with any peak, not notch map, means a loyal friend and a strong friendship.
  • Eight of the same suit promises disappointment and big trouble in love Affairs.
  • If the Jack popped out with anyone, not figured, of clubs card, the person waiting for the betrayal, deceit and gossip.
  • Diamonds card Jack promises good news and a favorable outcome business call.
  • Red card in tandem with peak diamonds represent the loyal people, and pleasant care.
  • But if the Jack will fall out with the Queen of spades, the person waiting in the near future strife and trouble.

Best of all, if the Jack of spades falls next to the map, which represents Gad, then it will be a great success, good and faithful friends.

Here is the value of the scenario card. In divination, the interpretation of the card the Jack of clubs is also important. It signifies the native of a prosperous family or a young man in love. Is a symbol of friendship, strong friendship and intercession. But if the situation does not appear the ACE or king of any suit, the appearance of the Jack of clubs could spell big costs and hassle. If this card lies near the ladies, then, a man will meet a big success.

Jack of clubs with the seven of spades promises man the betrayal of a friend. Experts note that suchtandem is a rare, but if it fell, then the interpretation is unambiguous. If the Jack appears with the eight of clubs, a person waiting for happiness, inheritance, ten of diamonds-success in the financial sector.

If a Jack of clubs is in the balance between two other jacks, then the future with your loved one will remain stable. But if it falls only with the knave of hearts, we should be ready for a fight or deception. Appearing between the ladies, it promises a quarrel with a loved one.

value j

Jack of diamonds means a natural person, the bringer of news, a simple young man thought the king of diamonds. In combination with the other cards Jack of diamonds will have the following meanings:

  • With a six of clubs promises a quick and unexpected meeting.
  • Appearing at peak seven, portends a conversation with an influential person.
  • Tandem with the nine of diamonds says about the imminent attack of the enemy, treason and confusion.
  • Together with the lady of clubs promises misfortune.
  • Next to the map of Gad portends success in business.

The Jack of Hearts indicates a fair-haired young man. Usually this card represents a lover or an unpleasant guest. Also heralds the leisure activities in a fun and friendly company and good news. Along with the other cards of the deck interpretation of the situation is the following:

  • Red card heralds unexpected offer.
  • If the map will fall along with the four sevens in the scenario, in the family of Gad expect the Deposit.
  • Peak eight in tandem with Jack portend treason or the news of the illness of a relative.
  • Frustration and unpleasant conversation promises of clubs eight.
  • On the long-awaited meeting informs the eight of diamonds.
  • Eight of Hearts along with a Jack of the same suit portends good luck and a cheerful conversation.
  • Nine of Clubs brings tears because of the nasty gossip.
  • Nine of Diamonds says about the imminent acquisition of a large amount of money and a long journey.
  • If the Jack appeared together all four ladies, then the person expect a happy and useful meeting.
  • The Jack that fell in alignment with the king or Queen is not his suit, predicts gossip and a complete failure to date.
  • ACE of Hearts in tandem with Jack will bring good news or warn about the forthcoming wedding.


Dozens – maps of interest, the so-called business cards. If in case there is a large amount a dozen, then all started or the next case will be successful – the basic meaning of the cards. When divination for the future in 36 cards dropped four tens in one situation will bring good luck and good news.

The peak ten means family problems, big trouble and unfulfilled desires. If she fell off a seven of diamonds, then a man waiting troubles and change of plans. With seven of the same suit ten promises receive long-awaited news. In tandem with eight of his suit will bring a dozen health problems, as with any other eight – gossip.

Appearing together with a nine of clubs, the card failed promises in work and financial problems. Peak nine – loss and trouble, and ten of clubs would bring a speedy lead.

Dropping a Queen or king, ten speaks of mutual love. If the card appears with a peak figure of cards (Queen, king), will soon meet with each other and luck. Trouble and the state house will bring the tandem tens, the ACE of spades and the king. If you get a dozen with only the ACE of spades, and you'll joy and inheritance. The ACE of diamonds will bring bad news.

The Value of dozens of clubs more optimistic. The map promises a favorable change, success and winning. In combination with other cards you can receive such prophecies.

  • Winnings and big profits will bring a dozen, if you get along with any red card.
  • Long journey predicts a six of clubs.
  • Peak seven will bring loss and empty tears.
  • Seven of Clubs heralds good news and happy events.
  • Success and a big change will bring a dozen combined with the seven of clubs and six.
  • Eight of Clubs – inheritance, wealth, happiness, a lot of money.
  • From a peak of nine expect a big disaster.
  • Nine of Clubs foretells a joyful reunion and a pleasant surprise.
  • The lucky combination – ten of clubs with the nine, the eight and (or) seven. This heralds great good fortune.
  • Diamond dozen – financial well-being.
  • Ten of Hearts – the reciprocity of love and family well-being.
  • Together with the cards of another suit and not notched a dozen predicts anxiety and great danger.
  • Dropping out of clubs with Queen and king, heralds an interesting situation.
  • ACE of clubs foretells good fortune and favorable changes.

Ten of Diamonds means greater joy, gifts and success. Predicts financial well-being and changing places of work or residence. If you roll a six with a peak, there awaits a long road, with the diamonds – the execution of all desires. Along with seven of his suit will bring pleasant bustle and advancing in your career, and with the hearts seven portends good fortune.

Ten of diamonds with the same eight-ball says about the reward money and success in family life. Tandem with the nine of diamonds promises good news. The nine of hearts meansa pleasant encounter at work. Along with the ten of clubs, Jack of diamonds predicts a lucrative job and a quick business trip.

meaning of the cards in divination 36 cards

Ten of Hearts is also a positive value, it indicates the native place. Promises joy and happiness. Along with the other cards of the deck takes the following values:

  • Fun meal – the six of diamonds.
  • A Good date – six of hearts.
  • Best offer – four sevens with a Queen or Jack.
  • Fateful meeting – seven of hearts.
  • Date & ndash; eight of hearts.
  • New friends – nine of clubs.
  • Mutual love – nine of hearts.
  • Waste of money – ten of clubs.
  • Important or a love message – the ACE of diamonds.


When guessing on playing cards layouts and meanings can change dramatically nines, meaning the unexpected and sudden twists of fate. Nine promises the peak of the business in trouble, fight with friends and a long journey. But along with the other cards of the deck, its value is not so dark:

  • Inheritance and a great event – or of diamonds nine of clubs.
  • Unexpected news – the peak of a dozen.
  • A lot of love – the Queen of spades or the king.
  • A Strong passion from the opposite sex – Queen or king of any other suit.
  • Empty talk-ACE of spades.
  • Money problems – ACE of diamonds.

Nine of Clubs has a value no better than peak: theft, the frustration, the tears, the doubts. Kind of changes the situation a combination of cards:

  • Lack of understanding – any card diamonds suit.
  • Tough love – elsewhere in the map.
  • Career and success in love – of hearts nine or ten.
  • Loss of Finance – ten of spades.
  • All good Fortune – ten of clubs, eight and/or seven.

If this card appears next to the map-figure in a person's life will cause a big fight.

Nine of Diamonds means an independent life, luck and large amounts of money. Along with the other cards, the value can be changed:

  • The Path for the money, danger and disappointment – six of spades, standing on the right.
  • Inheritance and unexpected gifts – ten of diamonds.
  • Unwanted journey – the knave of hearts.
  • A Fun conversation and meeting with loved ones – four of the king.
  • Success in work and love – Queen of diamonds or the king.

Nine of Hearts means great mutual love and love messages. In combination with other cards, her prophecies can be the following:

  • Great mutual love – complete the suit of hearts in the balance.
  • The long-Awaited meeting – six of any suit.
  • Fateful date – eight of hearts or a seven.
  • The good news from a loved one – nine of clubs.
  • A marriage Proposal – Queen or king.
  • Good Luck in any case – the Queen of spades.


Experts say that a lot of eights and sevens in the balance means the tough times and lack of money. Eight mean the house and four in the case of the promise to shock and a big change.

meaning of the cards in divination 36 cards interpretation

Peak eight means failure and frustration, difficult conversations and disease. Along with the other cards may indicate:

  • Joy – four of the king.
  • The Betrayal of a loved one – seven of clubs.
  • The news of the death or illness – the knave of hearts.
  • No need to start any business, if the contract fell seven spades along with eight.

Eight of Clubs means trouble and annoyance. But next to the seven of clubs or the ACE of hearts promises a successful marriage, and a ten of clubs – a serious cash investment. Good news promises eight in tandem with the Jack of clubs and king of clubs will bring bad news.

Eight of Diamonds in some cases, means hatred, but in General predicts conversations about money and acquisition of wealth. Along with the other cards predicts:

  • Money worries – the knave of any suit of diamonds or the eight.
  • The Bad news and the great misfortune – eight of clubs and six of hearts.
  • Betrayal – seven of diamonds.
  • Career growth – ten of diamonds.

Eight of Hearts means a huge success, fun conversations, fun and long journey. Only in tandem with the knave of hearts, the card promises to gossip.


In General, sevens are not predicting major changes in a person's life, but in combination with other cards can seriously change the situation. Dropped four sevens mean intrigue and gossip. Peak seven promises trouble, controversy, lies and unpleasant surprises. Along with the other cards portend:

  • Independence and security – red card.
  • Meetings & ndash; eight.
  • A Shame and big trouble – Jack, king, Queen of any suit.
  • Conflicts in the family – the six of diamonds.
  • Health Problems – peak nine.
  • Bad news – the peak of a dozen.
  • Mountain – Jack of clubs.

Seven of Clubs means a great success and the recent journey. With other cards will have such an interpretation:

  • Secure life – seven of diamonds.
  • Treason (for men) – eight of spades.
  • The Bad news – eight of clubs.
  • Success in business –ACE of clubs.

Seven of Diamonds promises joy, good news and nice gifts in the form of jewelry. Very rarely refers to infidelity, but in General predicts happy events, success in financial Affairs and the best deals. Seven of hearts promises a change for the better: new friends, romantic meetings and happy events.

the value of playing cards in divination 36 cards


In General, all six foreshadow the way the reptile, depending on the suit to determine whether it will be a journey and when it will take place. Six of spades promises a trip at night, it can be dangerous and useless. Night heralds the six of diamonds, evening – clubs and six of hearts speaks about the upcoming evening walk. If the balance fell all four sixes, so I guess will be cherished wish.

The Value of Tarot cards with divination on relationship, work and other spheres of life can tell so much more, but it is correct to interpret them can only professionals. Fans can also use regular playing cards, where briefly and clearly the characteristic of the immediate future.

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