The best movies about the gods and the titans: a list, survey, plot, and interesting facts


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Nothing can cause the fan mythology more interesting than movies about gods and titans. List them in the cinema not so much, because the subject is narrow. But decent pictures have started to appear since the late twentieth century. To reconsider their stands for the sake of a fantastic story, adaptations of the myths of Ancient Greece and beautiful special effects.

First picture

At the end of the last century and the beginning of the new screens came the first movies about the gods and the titans. The list was opened by the painting “Jason and the Argonauts". It tells the story of the young king, whose deception deprived of the legitimate throne. Did the native uncle, and he sent a young soldier to certain death in search of the Golden Fleece. The Pelias told Jason that in the extraction of the artifact will return him to the throne. Because hero called all the best fighters under his banner and went on a deadly hike.

films about gods and titans list

The Second film, released a little earlier called “Ulysses”. The story tells of the eponymous hero, who with his team was returning to his native Ithaca after the conquest of Troy. Man became proud of their skills and cunning so that challenged the gods themselves. For this, Poseidon decided to punish the insolent and doomed him to years of travel by water with all kinds of difficulties, struggles and troubles. At this time her husband is waiting for a faithful wife Penelope with her son Telemachus, and hopes for his return.

Painting of Hercules

In 2014 released film “Hercules”, which immediately entered the category ‘Best movies about the gods and the titans”. The list of exploits of this character known to all lovers of mythology. Here the story had a very different interpretation on the part of scriptwriters and Directors. Hercules – the great hero, who after the loss of a loved one was not interested in anything except the constant bloody battles. Around the man had some of the same skilled fighters, eager to be constantly in mortal danger.

films about the gods of Olympus titans list

One of the Thracian king Cotys invited the group to themselves and offered a deal. For a good amount he asked me to train their fighters, and the heroes agreed. Except that they did not know the real purposes of a cunning ruler. The victims of his raids and conquests became innocent citizens of neighbouring countries. Seeing this, Hercules decided to stop king Cotys to conquer the world and to look at the Olympus. At this point begins the real struggle for justice. Do not confuse this painting with another piece about a character that came out this year. It tells a very different story. The film received many negative reviews and therefore not included in the category ‘Best movies about the gods and the titans”. The list will continue to tape that bind the Titanomachy and the heroic epic.


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“clash of the Titans”

The First part of the Saga about battles of Perseus called the “clash of the Titans” was a perfect complement to the category ‘Best movies about gods and demigods". A list of heroic acts of the character here is beautifully interwoven with the fictional events of the Hades fight against Zeus. His revenge on the God of the underworld began with the people, and to calm him down, it was decided to sacrifice Andromeda – beloved of Perseus and daughter of one of the kings of Ancient Greece.

the best movies about gods and demigods

To save the girl and humanity, the hero accepts the offer of his father Zeus about the rescue campaign. After the team started the trek to the gates of Tartarus. Meet the brave souls of Hades sends the Gorgon, which turns all living things to stone with one look in his eyes. Perseus wants her head, because the God of the underworld is going to release the main monster Kraken to destroy the earthly world.

“wrath of the Titans”

After the fight with the Kraken, Perseus has settled together with his wife in a small village where they decided to start a quiet life. The hero suddenly finds out that the wily Hades this time teamed up with Ares, and together they decided to take Zeus captured. The picture of the “wrath of the Titans” continues the story of hero and complements the category “a film about the gods of Olympus" (titans). The list of characters who came to new rescue team, will impress any lover of myths. On the side of Perseus was made by the God Hephaestus, son of Poseidon Agenor and beloved wife Andromeda. Together they must thwart the plans of Ares and Hades.

films about gods a list of top

Traitors planned to liberate the only worthy opponent for the thunder – Titan Kronos. Him during Titanomachy dropped and captured in Tartarus, but now the chain can be opened. If this happens, mankind will be under threat of extinction as the gods of Olympus. Perseus will have to show your skills and win in an unequal battle.

The Saga of Percy Jackson

Two of the film “Percy Jackson-the lightning thief” and “Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters" presented to the audience a mix of modernity and ancient mythology. These pictures showed how much fun can be movies about gods. List of best replenished them after many good reviews from critics and audiences. The story tells that Percy Jackson – this is actually the son of Poseidon, not just a normal student. The ancient gods still exist and continueto fight among themselves. The first part describes the adventures of hero with friends in the modern world, which is really crowded with fantastic creatures. They will find stolen Zeus's lightning in order to return to the Thunderer his power. His friends always knew about his power and just waited for the moment when it will be possible to discover the truth and main character.

a list of movies about gods titans and demigods

Resist the young demigods will be Medusa, Hydra, Sirens, and other creatures. The plot of the second part will force Percy to go to the rescue friend, Grover, who was captivated on your the island of Cyclops Polyphemus. To get on its territory, will undergo almost the same path where Odysseus returns home.


List of movies about gods, titans and demigods in 2011 was supplemented with a painting called “Immortals”. In the story of king Hyperion is trying to take over the world and rule alone, without the rulers on Olympus. To realize his goal, he decides to release the titans, who after the Titanomachy was a captive in the underworld Tartarus. With the Epirus bow of the war God Ares, it frees them from prison, and now the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of the young hero Theseus. Together with his associates and by the gods he comes to the fight against the titans to save the world and not allow the Hyperion to achieve their greedy objectives.

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