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Effect of the drug for external use “When” postroeno on the interaction of three main elements: betamethasone, clotrimazole and gentamicin. The use of “Triderm» acne in the opinions of many shoppers is justified, but the presence of the hormone glucocorticosteroid does not relate to safe medication means taken for cosmetic purposes uncontrollably.

In the classic version of using “When” prescribe how local antifungal, antihistamine and antibacterial remedy for dermatitis and some types of allergic irritations.

triderm for acne reviews

Release Form

A Vacation from the pharmacy of the drug “When” takes two forms – in the form of creams and ointments, sealed in tubes of aluminum, 15 g and 30 g and Packed in cardboard boxes with applied color pattern and attachment instructions.

The External characteristics of the substance in the tube:

  • The pain can vary from transparent white to transparent, with a yellowish tinge, color, without the presence of mottled pigments and abrasives. When you RUB it detects the consistency of a homogeneous gel;
  • Cream white color without transparency, soft, non-melting, does not contain particles that violate the uniformity.

Both substances have the same composition with the same concentration of the leading components and differ only by color, transparency, substance and support elements responsible for the concentration of funds.


Active-active ingredients in any form of release of the drug remain the three basic elements listed below, in an amount based on 1 g of finished pharmaceutical product:

  • The Betamethasone (643 mg) – artificial hormone of a series of corticosteroids, responsible for the long-lasting effect in terms of relieving painful following skin manifestations: itching, swelling, local inflammation, caused by an allergic reaction or dermatitis. Substance suppresses the immune response of the body to infectious, fungal and other pathogens adverse reaction, to treat the consequences of their activities visible on the skin.
  • Clotrimazole (10 mg) – substance that Deplete the cellular body of the fungi, damaging the smooth areas of the epidermis and the skin of the feet. To him also sensitive fungi, causing candidiasis.
  • Gentamicin (1 mg) – a broad-spectrum antibiotic that inhibits the bacterial pathogens that trigger skin reaction.

In addition to the main components in the composition of ointment contains: white cosmetic vaseline and paraffin. The saturation of the auxiliary components of the cream higher. Allocate, in addition to the mentioned paraffin and petrolatum: phosphoric acid, a dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate and sodium hydroxide, macrogol, spirits – propylene glycol, benzyl, cetostearyl.


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triderm ointment reviews acne

Hormones in the drug “When”

The Only danger existing in the composition of the substance hormone a group of corticosteroids (betamethasone) that long-term use of this synthetic element, the body produces addictive. This explains the negative comments pharmacologists and dermatologists regarding the use of “Triderm” against acne. Specialists ' opinions on this point clear: ointment or cream can be removed only by the sharp points of a skin disease. When immoderate use of hormones of this type, even a minor skin lesion, which arose initially, can be reborn in perioral dermatitis, symptoms of which are significantly heavier than most of known dermatological diseases.

It is reasonable to include the drug for acne “When” in the complex treatment, where the effect of the hormone will be supported by Immunostimulants and antibiotics.

Special conditions

At the surface using any of the external products containing gentamicin and betamethasone, the absorption of these substances and their concentration in the blood is equal to what it had been in oral administration. For this reason, apply the cream or ointment people who are allergic to one of these elements is contraindicated.

The large area covered by the application “When”, the more antibiotic and glucocorticosteroid penetrates into the circulatory system. The same effect is achieved with long-term bandaging. The greatest concentration of these substances is obtained by an application of cream on open wounds.

triderm for acne on face reviews


Despite the fact that the cream “When” from acne (the doctors at the end of the article) available, you can buy it and start to apply the self-appointed should not be. The dermatologist will prescribe a remedy after the test, and when test results will confirm the necessity of the use of such complex multi-component substances. Initially described scheme implies, usually, 1-2 weeks of applying the ointment locally, on the location of skin lesions.

It is Necessary to constantly monitor the dynamics of the spread or decline of the inflammation, as the use of “When” against pimples on the face. Specialists ' opinions clearly limit the maximum time for which the drug has to prove itself – 21 days with a weak or moderate disease and 30 days with a severe skin lesion. If by the end of this time the situation is a painful condition of the epidermis does not improve, the drug should be discontinued, but it should be done gradually, as a sharp decline in the concentration of the substance in the blood leads to increased exposure.

triderm for acne reviews

Method of application

The Tool is distributed on the problematic area with a thin layer, be sure to capture a clean, intact epidermis to avoid the spread of the affected area. In the case when we are talking about a single subcutaneous pimples or acne ointment treat severely inflammation.

Acne or dermatitis, characterized by a rash, the substance spread over the entire surface of the skin where there is a spread of pimples. Does “When” in irregular, one-time use? The answer – no. As a hormone and antibiotic, will have to comply with not only the duration of the course for days, but the time intervals between coats. The only deviation that is considered acceptable is the postponement the morning of the procedure for 2-3 hours later. But in this case, and formal applications to be held later.

triderm cream for acne reviews


The Drug is banned for use in children under 2 years of age, in addition to individual testimony, in which the doctor takes responsibility for the possible negative consequences. In this case, the ointment is imposed in the minimum doses and duration of treatment is limited to one week. Also, only under the responsibility of the dermatologist and accompanied by a regulatory analysis, cream “When” from acne (read more reviews) is assigned to women at any stage of pregnancy.

It is Strictly forbidden to drug treatment in the case of confirmation of these conditions:

  • Syphilis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Herpes infection, regardless of the location;
  • To deprive;
  • Chickenpox;
  • Potpisivanja reaction in the form of irritation;
  • Individual intolerance of one component.

The Penetration of active substances into the milk of lactating mothers are still not confirmed, but as and official denials of this fact, no drug I try not to prescribe during lactation.

Side effects

Receding from the user, which does not reglamentary the use of this drug as a means of pimples, consider the unwanted effects from the real reviews. Cream “When” from acne on face, uncontrolled intake or application of medication over the stipulated period may cause the following negative symptoms:

  • Itching, increased dryness and flaking of the skin;
  • Perioral dermatitis;
  • Hair growth;
  • Formation of acne and comedones;
  • Stretch;
  • White depigmented spots on the epidermis;
  • Hyperhidrosis and plotnichnye rash;
  • Individual intolerance of the drug components.

The Last point is, according to competent reviews, “When” from acne triggers rarely, as the hormone present in the drug that relieves symptoms of Allergy.

triderm cream for acne on face reviews

Effects of overdose and Troubleshooting

The Most frequent negative effects, faced abuse ointment patients dermatitis for perioral type – it is also "merit" of the glucocorticosteroid. Addictive, which is formed when excessive long-term intake means forms a closed reaction manifested as severe itching and flaking of the skin whenever a patient attempts to abruptly abandon the drug.

Eliminates a side effect associated with overdose, only a gradual abandonment of the cream at spotsto...

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