Sun Club 3* (Djerba, Tunisia): hotel description, services, testimonials


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Tunisia is a magical resort with turquoise sea, Golden sand, palm trees and in the air the charming atmosphere of mystery and luxury. In this place there is a huge amount of modern hotel complexes that cater to any taste and budget. One of the decent places for a comfortable stay is hotel Sun Club 3* (Djerba, Tunisia).


sun club Djerba Tunisia 3

This hotel is recognized as the best place for a family vacation in Tunisia. A variety of entertainment here are at the highest level. There are diving and surfing, and Windsurfing, and a variety of activities for fans of extreme sports. Very close, a few steps away from this wonderful complex, is a famous Tunisian water Park with different slides, fountains and a Jacuzzi for both small children and adults alike. The hotel grounds are securely protected by fencing, and the hotel itself is small but very cozy resort of Djerba. The neighborhood is clean and well maintained beach with comfortable lounge chairs, a gently sloping beach and crystal clear water. Within walking distance are attractions such as the national Museum of Bardo, the ancient mosque and the Cathedral. Vincent de Paul.

At the Sun Club 3* (Djerba, Tunisia) successfully practiced the guided tours through the most picturesque places of Tunisia. In the immediate vicinity of the place of accommodation of tourists is the harbour where the ships come in.

This comfortable and very cosy hotel has 385 rooms of different degree of comfort.


djerba sun club 3
Around the property planted a lovely garden with a variety of shapes of landscape design, shrubs and exotic flowers and strange trees. Exchange volute allows to make recalculation of the delivered amount at the local rate. The complex also offers a gym with a variety of equipment, pools, restaurants and cafes. On the territory of the hotel Sun Club 3* regularly organize various activities for which equipped bar. After sport activity any vacationer can easily take a shower in a special cabin.


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For fans of Italian cuisine at the hotel door widely opens a pizzeria, where by experienced culinary masters prepare this dish at the original recipes. Wishing in a quiet environment to watch your favorite show are encouraged to visit a special room with comfortable furniture and a plasma TV.

djerba sun club 3 reviews

The structure of number Fund of the hotel complex Djerba Sun Club 3* (Tunisia) consists of 385 apartments, each with a telephone, bathroom with all accessories and steam shower, washing machine, TV, satellite TV, writing table, dressing table, wireless Internet connection is available for an additional charge of 5 euros per day. Children under the age of 2 years are free of charge in bed with parents. For teenagers, there accommodation will cost approximately 70% of the price of the permit of the adult vacationer. For children there is a special play room with an experienced babysitter and also club for older children.

The Contents of the hotel Pets strictly prohibited by the rules, therefore it is better to choose another hotel if you want to take on a vacation animal. When booking in the price is automatically included Breakfast, which is always prepared from fresh produce. Dining options at hotel Sun Club 3* (Djerba, Tunisia) each camper can enjoy a dish of local or international dishes and enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.

For lovers of free time, not tied to one specific place, the hotel offers to rent a comfortable car or a luxurious high-speed bikes.

By contrast, those who prefer a permanent presence in the complex and can choose aerobic gymnastics, aerobics, Golf, horse riding, dance at the many outdoor parties by the pool. Gamblers can also try archery, engage in Darts or fitness, get a lot of fun going on the kayaks or banana.

The Hotel is very convenient in terms of location, as the path train station is just a few minutes, which can be reached by Shuttle. The best criterion hotel Djerba Sun Club 3* – reviews of guests.

What you say rest?

hotel sun club 3
judging from reviews of guests, the hotel is quite respectable and can compete with similar establishments, which in Djerba a lot. The staff is pretty good in Russian, which greatly facilitates the process of communication. Check-in is possible around the clock, Luggage when you make small additional payments directly to the room to deliver the room service. Campers are fed on a special card, which is issued at registration, which is very convenient.

The Rooms are very nice looking and comfortable. If any of the broken equipment or the room for some reason was not satisfied that the issue can be immediately addressedafter moving to another room. Repair equipment according to the request very quickly, it is only necessary to warn the staff at the front Desk.

The Condition of the rooms is relatively good, inside the furniture although already old, but given. The sewer system in the room is not very well established, as washing water for a long time out. No safe Deposit box, which is a bit upsetting. The bathroom has a WC and basin in the room stool, pair of bedside tables, wardrobe, bed and Desk. Refrigerator in rooms, power outlets for equipment connection a little, if necessary, is to take the tee with him. The location of outlets is not convenient: everything is high.

Hot and cold water is served in the hotel Djerba Sun Club 3* (Tunisia) is uninterrupted, which is good news. Water to drink is free, arriving at the bar in front of the administrative building. The hotel's balconies offer a wonderful view. The negative side is the poor protection from noise and extraneous sounds.

The hotel Sun Club 3* (Djerba, Tunisia) in a clean and tidy place. Shrubs are very numerous, which gives an indescribable flavor to each room. Throughout the hotel arranged the trash cans, because in the vicinity of absolutely no debris.

Tunisia hotel sun club 3

All the shops and restaurants down to the ground floor. Sometimes local merchants bring to the hotel a variety of confections to pamper the guests. On the ground floor in spices, jewelry, costume jewelry, toys and branded clothing. The downside is that the prices here are severely overpriced when compared with outlets in the surrounding area.


Room Service is happy tact. Optionally and for a small fee. twisted figure, and the bed could be showered with flower petals. Towels old but clean. Linen is changed regularly.

The Staff treats guests very friendly, if clients have little monetary gratitude. The restaurant feeds vacationers fruit, which can be sold for a small fee chilled.


The Audience of the international hotel, mainly dominated by the Arabs, followed by the French, followed by the people of England and Germany. Travelers from Russia, too, more than enough. The audience is very noisy, the Arabs and the French are constantly screaming and laughing and disturbing the others sleep.

The Problems with access to a worldwide network practically does not occur. Go to the Internet in the lobby and in each room. Speed is enough for checking e-mail or to share impressions of the rest in social networks, posting photos and posts.


djerba sun club round 3

The food on site is just perfect. Food is issued on a special card, which at the first visit to the restaurant are given to the Manager assigned to the client private waiter. Breakfast is made and chosen by the guests themselves, and lunch and dinner are served refreshing drinks and delicious natural ice cream with fruit flavors.

The restaurant is huge, so go there to eat, guests of the hotel. The situation is quite clean, but the fault is always happening. Spirits and cocktails is practically not diluted, which is good news. The menu has all sorts of vegetables and hearty salads, coffee, hot chocolate and lots of main dishes of fish, meat and seafood. Fruit is always melons, watermelons and bananas.

Beach holidays

Despite its impressive dimensions, the beach is often dirty, lots of garbage and cigarette butts, and all the beds are occupied and they hear the crazy cries of foreign and Russian children. Jellyfish sting very often, but in a bar burns give something cold.

As for health bath treatment, very few people are delighted. Of course, the first time it seems a Paradise, but seasoned travelers suggest to pass by, because everything is much poorer than described by the travel agencies.


hotel sun club djerba Tunisia 3

If desired, guests can splash in one of three pools, each of which is heated and equipped with fountains. Near water areas there is an animation that will satisfy both adults and kids. From the animation, a disco, a variety of outdoor pursuits, games and programs. The only disadvantage of this area – an abundance of chlorine, which raises allergic reactions.

Overall impression

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Tunisia. Hotel Sun Club 3* – a worthy place for accommodation at this resort. The hotel has a few advantages. We should also mention the great service in the restaurant and kitchen. Meals are almost never repeated. All very tasty and satisfying. Visitors also noted the excellent work of animators. These people are professional dancers and actors.

The Hotel offers a decent stay and for the younger guests. In the pool, there are special slides and a games room.

You Can save a little by choosing a hotel Djerba Sun Club 3*. The tour, designed with the operator in this complex is much cheaper than self-booking.

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