BMW E28 and everything about it: performance, tuning, photos


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BMW E28 – world-renowned German car manufacturer, which was replaced by a model, who enjoyed at that time very popular, and it was the body E12. But, I must say, and this was no less sought after and purchased.



So begins the story of the BMW E28 in 1981 year. At that time the manufacturer offered to potential buyers four engine variant. By the way, at the same time appeared the first in the history of the diesel engine.

The Most attractive in terms of specifications, the cars appeared in 1985-m to year. One of the most famous machines was the model М535і – she's got the engine that was BMW series six and seven. Plus you should add a sport suspension and comfortable Recaro seats. Another, not less significant model was a sports engine S38. Its distinctive features steel camshaft, 24-valve, and, of course, the power – as much as 286 horsepower. Plus modified brake system. Nice car, so do not be surprised why they have become actively interested in.

BMW engine E28

Technical features

Now I should say a few words about what may surprise machine in terms of its technical equipment. You should start with ABS. It was set from the start of production for models such as 524 td, 525i, and 528i. Since 1985, the year she appeared on other cars. Another innovation, which decided to implement producers – the so-called differential with a limited slip. It should be noted the factor – the figure is 25%. Yet all models that were produced after the 518, have power steering.


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The Vast majority of cars have five-speed manual transmission. Although it all began with the three-step. Gradually the production BMW E28 improved – added the mirrors, set the system to maintain a certain temperature in the cabin and other details.

Engines and their features

What about the engine, BMW E28 is to talk separately. This row "six", which for its time was considered one of the best motors. Standard capacity was 277 horsepower, but specifically for European buyers, this figure had increased to 286. М88/3 – here is what mark had this motor. By the way, a version created for customers in North America, a little less – motor power reduced to 256 HP.

What else can I say about BMW E28? The fact that this car has great handling and stability. And all thanks to the redesigned chassis and reinforced levers. Plus, the experts group decided to install the shortened springs with the so-called variable stiffness. And, of course, the goals would not have been able to achieve, if not enhanced stabilizer bars.

 BMW E28 tuning


BMW E28 – a good car, a fact confirmed by many fans of the Bavarian concern. However, some people are continually perfecting your car. No exception in this regard and BMW E28.

Tuning – that is what it is. This model has been very successful for works of this kind. Some decide to change his appearance, underestimating fit or cutting off the roof. Improve other salon, and others undertake the work that will help make their car better in technical terms. And tuning Studio under the name Alpina has released even a few new and luxury cars, the basis for which was, of course, described to us BMW E28.

One of the most notable is the model Alpina B9. The company's experts decided to replace the 2.8-liter engine to a 3.5-liter, to expand the inlet channels to make a more aggressive camshaft and increasing the compression ratio.

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