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If you are a resident of the cultural capital of Russia, you probably heard about "Yaroslavl bath", and if not, then you have to meet them. It is a modern, comfortable place to rest and recuperation. Come here to relax, to keep the overall tone of the body. Let's explore this place in more detail.

St. Petersburg: baths

Modern places to stay – it's a comfortable environment, reasonable prices and, of course, diversity. In St. Petersburg you can visit the "Yaroslavl baths" on the unit, which was built in the thirties. And just a few years ago, there was successfully carried out repair work due to which this place got a new life.

Yaroslavl Bani

Let's take a closer look at what is here offered to the visitors.

  • First, it is a quality and beautiful renovation, new comfortable furniture and special equipment that will be useful to every person who comes to the bath.
  • Second, you will appreciate the private rooms. Do not always have the desire to be in such a helpless form before the eyes of strangers. You can really relax alone or with friends.
  • Third, there are several public offices. If you are not limited to feelings of embarrassment and you are interested in communicating with people, just here to find new friends, share their experiences, "bath" days, to learn something new.

Today "Yaroslavl baths" offer visitors women's section of luxury. For men the choice is somewhat broader. There is a branch of the first level and luxury. Each of them has its advantages.


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Let us Dwell on each option. In the men's Department the first category of visitors will have a pleasant and quite cozy atmosphere. Bright room with benches and shower. Here you can relax in the Finnish sauna or relax in the Russian sauna. After that you can cool off in the pool with running water or use a special oblivnye buckets.

The Second – the men's section of luxury. Here is a great opportunity to relax in the company of friends, choosing a comfortable room, designed for two, three or four people. The spacious and bright hall with TV, benches and tables. Also available DVD players and karaoke. Relax in the Finnish or Russian bath, Turkish Hamam. One of the favorite places of tourists – heated pool and attractions: waterfall, hydromassage and geyser. There is also a baptismal font with running water and oblivnye bucket.

Yaroslavl baths on a specific

No less quality services are provided "Yaroslavl baths" and for women. In office Suite beautiful half also expect two kinds of steam rooms, a Hammam and a swimming pool. In addition, you will offer an infrared sauna, a bar and massage services. And to discuss women's secrets and mystery in an intimate setting, you can choose a booth for two to four campers. The total duration of the session in both offices is two hours.

Steam and sauna

As you can see, "Yaroslavl bath" in Specific – it is a comfortable and pleasant place to stay. If you are going to visit a place like that, you should get acquainted with the services provided.

Steam room – birch brooms and happy cries of tourists. Here you can change humidity and temperature. Brooms have special meaning. First, they clean the skin, and secondly, increase blood circulation, which has a positive result on overall health. Products made from birch are especially popular because they can relieve fatigue, ache and increase ventilation of the upper respiratory tract.

 Yaroslavl baths mode

A Finnish sauna in our understanding of – this is the "dry steam". Although the Finns completely deny such invention. A visit to this type of bath has its own characteristics. There established a custom of terms for the human body. First –the minimum moisture content in the air, second – high temperature. So to be in a steam room a long time is not advised, especially if you came for the first time.

Turkish bath (Hamam) – this is a great place to relax and cleanse the body. The warming of the body occurs gradually, and the humidity can reach one hundred percent.

To ensure high quality and reliable vacation once personally visit "Yaroslavl bath", photos of which you can see in the article.

Stay in the company up to six people

In addition to the public baths, "Yaroslavl baths", the address of which we will mention below, provide a separate room. If you want to relax in the company up to six people, it offers a large apartment. This is a spacious bright room, the walls and floor wooden style of this Russian baths. Rest is not limited to a visit to the steam rooms, then you can plunge into the pool with warm water.

Yaroslavl baths address

Offers a versatile sauna, relaxation room and lounge. In addition, there is a pool table with all the attendant gear for games, TV, music centre and karaoke facilities.

Stay in the company to fourpeople

The Second option is private rooms, which provide "Yaroslavl bath", slightly less. It is calculated a maximum on four. But the conditions are not inferior to the bigger rival. There is also a lounge and recreation room, pool, sauna and steam room.

Address and operation mode

This place Is located in Saint Petersburg, near the metro station "Specific": Yaroslavsky Prospekt, 16. To clarify the details and make the advance reservation, you can contact the managers by phone: (812) 553-19-58; +7 921 401-15-90.

Yaroslavl baths mode:

  • Large, small and individual numbers & ndash; the clock.
  • Men's and women's Department – daily from 10:00 to 23:00.

Yaroslavl bath photoIt is Worth noting that access to the bath is not only in the company of adults, but also children. Thus, it is possible to attach them to the rules of hygiene and how to care for their own health. Kids up to seven years free of charge, and children up to fourteen discounted by 50 percent. In any case, here everyone will love.

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