How to draw a house in perspective and linear perspective


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Very often there is this question: "How to draw a house?" The easiest method, which is used by toddlers and their parents – this is a planar image. That is, draw a square or rectangle, the front wall facing the observer, above it – triangle roof, Windows, pipes. But this so-called “children's version”. How to paint a house, to make it look more real? It should be acquainted with a few scientific to draw a house

How to draw a house in isometric projection?

For the First time we encounter this method in the study of trigonometry, as well as on the lessons of drawing. Tracing and drawing a cube in TRIG class, we obtained visually almost real its kind in the three-dimensional image. Moreover, all parties retain equal his size, and the front even has right angles. The way the images of objects in isometric projection is used in engineering when drawing details on the drawings in computer aided design and in computer games. how to draw house pencilAnd how to draw a house in perspective by algorithm draw a cube, and you need to start with a square, or a rectangle it all depends on what the front wall of the depicted object. Next you should draw the back wall, identical to the front, placing it a little above the anterior wall and sliding to the right or to the left. The third step is the connection of corners of squares or rectangles. Now we should remove unnecessary construction lines with the eraser. The roof also needs to be done in isometric projection. This particular difficulty will not be for those who have already faced the algorithm of such constructions. Thus, the question of how to draw house pencil can be considered solved. But still, something about the resulting picture is not quite so!how to paint a house

How to draw a house?

The Answer to this question is found in the fifteenth-century architect of Italy Brunelleschi. He drew attention to the fact that distant objects like visually reduced. If you compare tree, standing a meter away from the observer, with the same tree at a distance of twenty meters, the difference will be very noticeable. And the rails? Here they are under our feet, like in parallel spaced relation to each other. But if you look into the distance, we can see that the distance between them decreases and decreases. In the end, is the mystical transformation: the parallel rails of the "flock" at one point! This point is called the “vanishing point”: it is connected with all the parallel lines. Having determined depth of projection, that is, the location of the vanishing points relative to the direct image object, the artist builds a model of the future picture. Interesting is the fact that the vanishing point may be located far outside of the canvas on which you will painting. Then spend the (perhaps mentally) all direct. They should converge at this point. Thus, the rear wall of the house is shorter the front. But the image turns out more realistic than the method of drawing based on the isometric projection.

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