Redness and itching on hands and feet: treatment


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I'm Sure many people ever in your life bothered by redness and itching on the hands and feet. It should be noted that this is not the most pleasant phenomenon. Constant scratching leads to scratching, delivering significant cosmetic discomfort.redness and itching on hands

What to do if the patient is constantly worried about redness and itching on hands? The treatment of this disease will be presented below. Also we will tell you about the reasons why such a thing occurs.

Basic information

No need to be an experienced dermatologist to understand that the redness and itching on the hands is accompanied by a rather unpleasant sensation, but also contributes to the significant inconvenience.

In some cases, this condition can disturb the person for a certain time, and then fade. However, there are such situations when the redness and itching on the hands is marked and permanent. In this case, the patient immediately seek help of a dermatologist.


Why is there redness and itching on hands? The reasons for this pathological condition should seek only an experienced doctor. After all, an ordinary person without special education it is fairly difficult to guess why his hands and feet are constantly tingling and itchy.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Consider the features of each in more detail.

redness and itching on the hands and feet

Skin diseases

Redness and itching on the hands and feet is characteristic of many diseases of the skin. These include ulcers, leprosy, tuberculosis, lice, lice, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, etc.

It Should immediately be noted that for each of these diseases is characterized by its own peculiarities. In some cases, patients present particular redness and itching on the hands. And after a certain period of time this area begins to grumeti, becomes rough and covered with small tubercles.


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Treatment of skin diseases

How to treat such a condition? Often with a skin diseases doctors prescribe

  • Antibiotic funds;
  • Vitamin complexes;
  • Anti-inflammatory or antiviral ointment.

How else can you eliminate redness and itching on hands and feet? Treatment of diseases of the skin provides balanced nutrition and improve the immunity.

redness and itching on hands and feet treatment

Allergic reactions

If a patient concerned seasonal redness and itching in the bend area, and other parts of the body, then most likely it is caused by allergies. As a rule, people are prone to such reactions, I know why and why they occur.

For skin allergies is not only local redness and intense itching, but blisters.

The Most common allergic disease that occurs in many modern people, is contact dermatitis. Most often this disease manifests itself in the wrist area. This is due to the fact that this area of the body are the place of greatest contact with the allergen.

Allergy Treatment

How to treat redness and itching on the hands (photo in this article), which was caused by the allergies? In the event of such abnormal condition should immediately contact an allergist. If you do not take any action, the patient's condition may significantly worsen.

As a rule, for the treatment of allergic reactions, doctors prescribe antihistamines. To acquire the most effective of them is not a difficulty, such as medicines there is a great variety.redness and itching on the hands photos

Also, to eliminate redness and itching on the skin should completely eliminate the exposure to the allergen. For example, if you have an Allergy to the cream, it must be replaced if animal, then you need to stop with them any contact, and so on.

Other causes and treatment

Now you know why your hands and feet may redden and itch. To resolve this unpleasant phenomenon, you should consult a dermatologist or another specialist.

It Should be particularly noted that, in addition to these reasons, the redness and itching of the skin may occur due to the occurrence of urticaria. The hallmark of this disease is swelling of the lesion. In most cases, urticaria occurs in the abdomen, in the area of large joints and on the back of the hands. To treat this condition using different creams and ointments. However, it should be noted that urticaria – a disease that manifests itself on the skin for a short period of time. As practice shows, the symptoms of this disease alone disappear during the day.

Also, very often the itching and redness of the skin occur because of the emergence of fungal infections. This is a more serious and unpleasant disease that can last for a very long time. By the way, fungus-contagious disease. Therefore, the person with this problem be sure to observe the rules of personal hygiene (use only your towel, wearing only your shoes, Slippers, etc.).redness and itching on hands causes

With the developmentfungal diseases on the skin of the patient start to lose your hair and there is a strong itching. Also suppuration of the skin. They gradually redden and peel pretty badly.

When observing such symptoms you should immediately contact the doctor. Most often for the treatment of fungus doctors recommend the use of oral antifungal agents and drugs for external application. At observance of all recommendations of the doctor, this disease is completely eliminated.

Who to contact?

Why in some people there is a constant redness and itching on hands? How to treat this unpleasant condition?

Most Often, the described phenomenon has no relation to skin diseases, and allergic reactions, hives, fungi and so on. However, to avoid this state you still want to contact an experienced doctor. After all, only a specialist will be able to rule out serious pathology and identify the true cause of this disease. For this we recommend to visit: the allergist, gastroenterology, trichologist, dermatologist, venereologist.redness and itching on hands treatment

Simple reason

Not to mention that regardless of the reasons, which caused on your skin itching and redness, these effects may significantly amplify the following factors:

  • Regular contact with synthetic and chemical substances. These products include: household chemicals, various lubricants, cosmetic preparations, personal hygiene products etc. Must say that itching on the human skin can significantly increase even in those cases, if he has no allergic reaction to these compounds. To restore its normal state, doctors recommend to refuse the use of certain products (replaced).
  • Low humidity in the room in which the patient (less than 30%). As you know, dry air can affect human skin. They become excessively dry, causing intolerable itching, which is amplified and causes a nasty peeling and redness.
  • Excessive loss of fluid. This condition may occur due to dehydration of the human body caused by severe vomiting and diarrhea, and prolonged exposure to a high ambient temperature and restricted consumption of drinking water. For the treatment of dry skin in that case you need to fill the shortage of fluid or taking a drug that will contribute to the delay (eg, vomiting or diarrhea).
  • Wearing wool or synthetic tight clothing. Dresses, shirts, pants, etc. made of poor material, and often cause itching and redness on the feet and hands. This situation is significantly exacerbated if the clothes are too tight and worn in the hot summer weather.
  • Excessively long (over an hour) and frequent intake of a sit-bath, as well as too hot water significantly enhanced the redness on the skin. By the way, a long water treatment, and increased water temperatures contribute to a strong vasodilation. This phenomenon not only leads to redness of the skin, but also to increased itching.
  • Some medications, excessive alcohol consumption and drug use also contribute to the development of these pathological conditions. In addition, redness on the skin and itching can occur as a result of food intoxication. It should be noted that this phenomena contributes to a variety of dyes and additives. Therefore, before purchasing any product you should always familiarize yourself with the contents. If it has too much “E”, it is better to give him. Otherwise, skin problems you can not avoid.redness and itching in the bend area

Not to mention that the itching and redness of the skin very often contributes to prolonged emotional stress. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to avoid unpleasant situations and carefully monitor their mental state (if required, see a shrink).

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