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Coffee shop — is one of the varieties of establishments, which provides a stable and high profit with a minimum investment to start a business. So many aspiring entrepreneurs thinking about starting a cafe, but don't know where to start. How to open a coffee shop from scratch, and will be discussed next.

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First steps

The Opening of any business starts with performing all of the calculations and strategic planning. You can do this yourself or use the services of professionals. Today, there are a huge number of organizations willing to assist in the promotion of business. When the business plan of a coffee shop, you're ready to proceed to business registration. You can carry out the activity as an individual entrepreneur or register an LLC.

After that, you'll need to determine the taxation system. In the early stages of activities it is better to give preference to the imputed income, because you'll be able to obtain benefits and reduce their taxes. If the opportunity to work on this system no, in this case the ideal solution would be STS.

Types of food

Cafeteria & ndash; it is a very versatile way of doing business in the field of catering. It can be accessed in several formats. To date, the coffee shop, a photo of which you can see in our material is of the following types:

  • Street family cafe — a very common format in European countries, which is gaining a lot of popularity in our state. A distinctive feature of this facility is amazing, warm and relaxed atmosphere and good quality food at an affordable price.
  • Network formats. Many entrepreneurs prefer to open a coffee shop is not alone, and for the franchise. It's a little more expensive, however, buying a franchise, you not only get the right to use the brand, but also standardized methods of business management, menus, suppliers of products and help you open and run the project that minimize any possible risks.

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  • Children's café — this is another very popular form of catering that focuses on children. A feature of this institution is the original menu, as well as the presence of toys and rides that can without any restrictions to play. Statistics show that these cafes are very popular, so they can be a win-win option for entrepreneurs who do not have much experience of doing such business.
  • Themed coffee shop — is a revolutionary format of food service establishments in the domestic market. These cafes have a certain theme, such as music, sports or literary, and attract loyal customers who provide a stable income.

The choice of the format of a cafe should be approached very seriously, because it is one of the key factors determining the fate of the business. Remember, customers should always feel comfortable.

Where to get money to open a coffee shop?

The opening of the coffee shop is rather large financial expenses. If you have the requisite amount, then no problems will not arise, but if you own capital, you have to attract it. This can be done in various ways, among which the most common is a Bank loan. However, the Bank issues money at a fairly high interest rates, so loan is not an optimal solution. In addition, to obtain a large loan in financial institutions is not so simple.

business shopIf you have a business plan, then you can try to attract Finance from investors who are always ready to invest in a profitable business, coffee shop and other interesting projects.

Also do not forget about friends and relatives who can lend the necessary money or become a co-founder of your business.

Location the cafeteria

Location of the shop or its location — this is the second important thing to consider when starting a catering facility. It depends on 70 percent of the success of the future of the institution. It is best to open a café suitable for public places with high traffic of people, which will create a constant flow of visitors and allow you to set the price of food at a higher level that have a positive impact on profitability.

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The Cafeteria is the place associated with cooking and service users, so the room under it must comply with certain standards and requirements. For example, if the café is open in a residential building, it should not cause inconvenience to anyone of the tenants.

Most of the stores has 50 seats, so look for a room with a minimum area of 100 square meters. In addition, it must meet all sanitary and fire regulations, which are agreed with the relevant authorities. The walls of the kitchen should be decorated with special material, resistant to fire. The kitchen and hall should be equipped with good ventilation system.


For the normal functioning café, you need the following equipment:

  • Coffee equipment
  • Refrigerators and freezers;
  • Food processor;
  • MWF;
  • Cooking surface;
  • The oven;
  • Worktop
  • Windows.

If you are planning to serve a large number of visitors daily, it is not necessary to save on the purchase of equipment and the design of the interior design of the hall. Guests must be comfortable in a cafe, and they need to see that their service at a high level.

how to open a coffee shop

Personnel issues

When you find the suitable premises for a cafe, repair and purchase equipment, you will need to address staffing issues. The level of expertise of employees determines the quality of services and satisfaction of visitors. If the bartender served tasteless coffee the waitress would take too long to receive and give orders or no time to remove the tables, the success of the cafeteria at a very high risk.

For the full operation of food service establishments are required to hire the following employees:

  • Manager;
  • Two chefs;
  • Four waiters;
  • One of the bartender;
  • Two cleaners.

To improve the efficiency and quality of performance, it is possible to introduce a system bonusirovaniya and bonus, regular training sessions and workshops, as well as to make a convenient schedule for staff.

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Regardless of the format, in the range of any cafe should be selling coffee, milk and chocolate shakes, ice cream, beer and different snacks. In addition, the menu can include a variety of pastries and desserts that will certainly buy women and children. As for the main menu, you can make it from the first and second dishes that is perfect for a quick and inexpensive lunch.


So, you already know how to open a coffee shop, so it's time to talk about his advertising and promotion. This is a very important step when starting a business, because, however good your cafe, if you don't know about it, and profit it will not bring. When properly carried out marketing campaign can significantly reduce the payback period and increase margins.

Advertising options are available through the dissemination of paper flyers, social media, local Newspapers or on the radio. Approximate cost is in the initial stage of opening of the café approximately 100 thousand rubles.

Associated costs

When you open a cafe you have to buy the equipment for storing and preparing food, tables and chairs, tableware, household chemicals and much more. These needs will require approximately one and a half million rubles, but this amount may vary depending on the kind of catering establishments.

a coffee shop from scratchIn Addition, in the process, you will have associated costs, such as rent, costs for the purchase of products, pay employees, utilities and other. All of these costs should be accounted for in the business plan in the appropriate section, so you can have a clear idea of how much money you need to invest, and how long you will be able to return them.


Now you know about what are the stages of opening a cafe. This is a difficult process and fraught with plenty of difficulties, but if you can cope, stable and profitable business provided to you. Most importantly, approach the matter seriously and make it happen.


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