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A Detergent intended for washing of products from different tissues, as well as for industrial and sanitary purposes. In early years it helped to cope with infections, head lice and other hygiene problems. What makes soap today? What is its composition, the requirements for quality and safety?

GOST 30266-95 — international standard, developed by Russian specialists and acting on the territory of several CIS countries: Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The standard defines the scope of the regulatory document and establishes the technical requirements, acceptance rules, test methods, safety requirements, storage conditions and transportation, as well as manufacturer's warranty on the product, called “soap”. The composition of the detergent depends on the formulation, which is characterized by a content of fatty acids. Products are divided into three groups. Soap in each group is issued with its product name.

All recipes, determine the qualitative composition and content of ingredients, necessarily coordinated with the authorities of Gosavianadzora. In addition, the GOST 30266-95, paragraph 4.3 sets out the requirements for initial raw materials and materials (the section contains the name and technical specifications of products that can be applied in production), from which produce soap. Its composition remains unchanged and compliance with the quality guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 12 months from the date of manufacture. Requirements of the standard must be adhered to in the manufacture, use, and implementation.


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In the form of a solid rectangular bars produced soap. The composition of the finished product on the content of fatty acids varies from 64 to 72%.

for the first group – from 70.5% and 72 %;

- for the second group – 69 %;

for the third group-in 64 %.

The Main raw materials are various fatty acids (technical, animal or synthetic), for example, of fatty acids of vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean or cotton). Permitted as raw material for making soap the first and second group of fatty acids of palm oil, the titer of which ranges from 44 to 48°C, fatty acids, edible animal fat PCT USSR 1866-89. There are other fatty acids, the application of which for each group of detergent allows the GOST 30266-95. The main material used for the saponification of fatty acids, technical is sodium hydroxide according to GOST 2263-79.

Universal detergent and cleaning agent is soap. The composition of the feedstock and production technology provide good removing dirt from any surface. The tool is characterized by a high (pH 11 to 12) alkaline balance. Soap has excellent antibacterial properties. So it is used to fight infectious diseases. When infection soap solution grease the outer part of the nasal passages, clean the teeth, treat the affected areas of the skin, and breastfeeding mothers, doctors recommend to wash the Breasts before feeding babies. Found that this detergent than modern famous and popular trademarks has several advantages: it is absolutely harmless to the skin and does not cause any allergic reactions, even in children.

Environmentally friendly product is soap. The composition of it and the security is guaranteed by the acceptance of the finished product. Acceptance rules (section 6 GOST and GOST 30266-95 790-89) set the volume control test methods and the need for mandatory certification, which monitors the safety performance of detergents, having a fatty base. Before shipment each batch is tested on the compliance of organoleptic characteristics (color, odor, consistency), measure the mass fraction of fatty acids and free alkali, and other qualitative characteristics. Laundry soap is available for sale subject to compliance with the requirements of the standard.

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