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In this article we will tell you about the work that was created by Corneille. "Led", a summary of which is described below, was written in 1636. In addition to retelling, you will find in this text an analysis of the work, the history of its creation, criticism. So, we begin to describe the drama that was created by Corneille ("Led"). A brief summary will introduce you to the basic events, and then will analyze the works.

Kornel led summaries

Early action

Elvira, the teacher, brings pleasant news doña Jimena: the girl's father, count Gormaz, wants to have a son-in-law of don Rodrigo, not don Sancho. It is in love with him Jimena.

This gentleman is also the subject sighs Urraca, daughter of the Castilian king, girlfriend girls. However, she is a slave of his position: only equal at birth tells the Urraca to make your spouse debt. Infanta, wanting to end your suffering, doing everything to ensure that Rodrigo married Jimena. She is waiting for the wedding that was supposed to put an end to her hopes and sufferings.

Kornel led a brief summary on action

Count Gormas and don Diego, the father of Jimena and Rodrigo, loyal subjects of the king. Count - a reliable support of the throne and now, and Diego in the time of achievements is already behind us. He cannot in his later years, led against the infidels of the Christian shelves, as before.

Duel of the count of Gormas and don Diego

Describe the following events of the drama, which was created by P. Corneille ("Led"). A brief summary talks about the fact that Ferdinand, the king decided to choose a tutor to his son don Diego, what was put to the test long-standing friendship of these two nobles. Gormaz thought the choice unfair. Arguments about the merits of each move in a fight. Count in the end slaps don Diego, and he pulls out the sword that knocks the opponent off him. But Gormaz cannot continue the match, because to kill the old man it would be a shame for him.


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Don Diego decides to send into battle son

Only blood can wash away the insult of don Diego. So he tells his son to cause the enemy to fight. In the confusion of Rodrigo - he would have to raise a hand against a parent of his beloved. In his soul fighting two debts, and FILIAL wins, that shows us the Corneille ("Led").

Short content continues. Pragnaan Ferdinand act of Gormaz. He tells him to apologize to Diego. The nobleman refuses to obey. Not afraid of him no threat, as he was sure that the king will not hold the scepter without the invincible sword of Gormaz.

Jimena laments the vanity of their fathers. None of the possible variants of development of events does not promise a girl goodness. Perish Rodrigo dies and her happiness, and if he wins, it will be impossible for her Alliance with the murderer of his own father. Even if the duel does not take place, will be disgraced and Rodrigo will not be able to be called more noble.

To comfort her doña Urraca offers to Rodrigo was with her, and there, perhaps things will settle through the king fathers. But it was too late Infanta - duelists already went to the place of the match.

Described the circumstances called to mind Urraki mixed feelings. Grieving, she secretly rejoiced in her heart once again settled hope. Mentally it is Rodrigo who won the Kingdom and became thereby her equal.

Rodrigo kills Gormas

Pierre Corneille led summaries

The King orders to take into custody disobedient Gormaz. But by the time he's already smitten by the hand of Rodrigo. Before Ferdinand appears Jimena, praying for death for murderers. The king decides to judge Rodrigo.

He cometh to the house of Gormaz, to appear before the Ximena. Elvira, teacher girl, frightened, having met him, because Jimena could be not one, and if Rodrigo will see the house she falls a shadow on the honor of the girl. The hero is hiding.

Jimena comes along with don Sancho offers to become an instrument of retribution. The girl agrees to his proposal, relying on the Royal court.

Recognition Jimena

Jimena confesses to the teacher that she loves Rodrigo, therefore, condemning him to the penalty, it will go to die. Hears these words of Rodrigo and comes out of hiding. He prays to trial, handing a girl a sword. But Jimena blows away Rodrigo.

Glad don Diego, the son of the meaning of stigma with it. About Jimena he says that lovers are changing. But Rodrigo loves her and calls only death.

Rodrigo wins the Moors

p Corneille led summaries

Don Diego is a son to repel the army of the Moors, standing at the head of a squad of brave men. Sally brings a brilliant victory of the Castilians - two Moorish kings are captured. All praise Rodrigo, Ximena just wants revenge.

Kornel led a brief content of the chapters

Infanta persuades the girl to abandon revenge. After all, Rodrigo, shield, and Bastion of Castile, must continue to serve the Emperor. But Ximena insists on the duty. However, she hoped in vain at the court of king Ferdinand fascinated Rodrigo. He decides to follow the example of the kings of the Moors, who called this character led in conversations with the king. Led is a Lord, sir. From now on it will be called.

Jimena, despite the honors given to Rodrigo, he prays to the king of vengeance. Ferdinand, seeing that the girllove this hero, decides to test her feelings. It reports that Rodrigo died from his wounds. Jimena is deadly pale, but on hearing that it's a lie that justifies his reaction to the fact that, perish Led the hands of the Moors, it's not would wash away the shame with her, she would be deprived of the opportunity of revenge.

The king

Jimena announces that defeated Rodrigo would become her husband. Called to fight him don Sancho. It's not like the king, but he agrees to permit the duel, while putting forward the condition that the hand of Jimena will go to someone who will come out of it a winner.

Rodrigo Is to say goodbye to Jimena. She is perplexed, because Sancho is not strong. But the young man said that the penalty is sent, not to fight. Not wishing his death, she says that you are the hero to die at the hands of Sancho, because it will hurt his fame, but Jimena's happier to know that her father was killed by one of the greatest knights. But in the end, the heroine asks to win Rodrigo to her not to marry the unloved.

Confusion reigns in the soul Jimena. She doesn't want Rodrigo had died, and the other scenario does not bring relief to the girl. Before it is presented Sancho with the sword, talks about the match. But she doesn't listen to him, hastens to the king, asking him not to force her to marry the winner. She is ready to give all as he, but she had to leave the monastery.

What really ended the fight?

But it turns out that Rodrigo was knocked out of the hands of the enemy sword, but did not want to kill him. King says that the match has washed away the stain of shame with Jimena, and gives the girl a hand to Rodrigo. But she cannot become the wife of the man who killed her father. Then Ferdinand decided to wait - he is moving the wedding for a year. During this time, the girl will forgive Rodrigo, and he will perform many feats for the glory of the king and of Castile.

So ends the "CID" of Corneille.

History of art

led Corneille

The Tragedy of this, the author defined the word "tragicomedy", thus emphasizing the happy ending of the tragedy impossible. "CID" of Corneille was written in 1636, when the author was in Rouen. Rodrigo díaz, hero of the Reconquista in Spain, became the main character of this play. He was known by the name of Sid Campeador. Corneille was used as literary material drama "Young Sid" of Guillen de Castro and Spanish romances. He borrowed from the above pieces 72 of the verse. In the epoch of classicism of such borrowing was not an exception. In the Theatre Mare hosted the first staging of this work in 1636, in December (according to some sources, it was made in the following year, in January).

Conflict in a work and the image of the heroes (Pierre Corneille, "Led")

Analysis of the product shows that the conflict is brought before us in this drama, is very characteristic of drama from the classical period. In classical tradition worked in this author. The conflict between personal and universal values holds in the play by Pierre Corneille. "Sid," the brief contents of which we have considered, represents these values as different. Many times are the characters in the play are faced with a choice, every motivation and action are different. It is this situation of choice interested in this author, as Corneille ("Led"). Brief contents by Chapter shows that such scenes in the play very much.

In the 17th century there was the idea that a personal insult can be passed to the relative of the offended, so the fight goes Rodrigo.

"Led" is the first in French literature, the play, which was shown mental anguish of the hero, making the choice between love and duty. The conflict between personal happiness and honour the author allows, introducing the product idea of debt is still higher than the generic name to the monarch, before the country. He interpreted in a "side" as the only genuine. The national hero, Rodrigo makes the performance of this duty. Over it are not imperious feudal ethical norms, because they replace the public need.

The Image of the heroes in "side" is also characteristic of classicism. They cause reverence and admiration for the heroic integrity. This style of image, one color (either entirely positive or entirely negative), is typical of the work of this author.

The drama that is created using the Alexandria verse, which is a French shestistopny poem written with rhyme pair.

Critique of the "CID"

Despite the fact that "side" had met the basic requirements of classicism, Corneille redefined them, and the result is the first theater piece in the style. For example, the principle of "unity Palace" was interpreted as "unity city", and the duration was 30 hours, instead of days. Such departures have become the occasion for criticism of this drama, which was also blamed for "immodest" behavior Jimena, side line of the Infanta, in love with Rodrigo, and lots of events as implausible.

Pierre Corneille led the analysis

The Attacks, however, lay in policy, not art. The Spaniards as heroes, show a noble and courageous people, cardinal Richelieu was inappropriate. He fought against Spain for influence in Europe, so didn't want to see a play showing the opponents in a positive way. Troubled and rebellious character Rodrigo. In addition, Corneille wasaccused of plagiarism. However, the audience received the work enthusiastically so that even an expression of "perfectly as "Led"". But Corneille this tragicomedy was the last. After this he did already in compliance with the accepted canons and in the re-release of 1648 called the tragedy of Corneille's "Sid".

Summary action, the analysis of works were represented by several superficially. After reviewing the original, you will understand why there is the phrase "perfectly as "Led"". The piece is written brilliantly. Still admired drama, which was created by Pierre Corneille ("Led"). Analysis conducted by many researchers. It should be pointed out N. P. Kabanov, who created a wonderful article devoted to this work. "CID" of Corneille in the compendium, of course, greatly inferior to the original of this drama.

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